Event Report : Hair Beauty Dating with Natur

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Haeee guys!!!

Loads of event report coming your way *LOL*.  As you should already know if you follow my Instagram (@MGirl83), Surabaya Beauty Blogger had been attending quite a few numbers of events lately. And today is all about Natur Hair Beauty Dating!
With my fellow SBB. Yep, Claresta is now officially a member too #finally haha.
Somehow events that clumps together seems to have similar dresscodes, even though they're totally not related! It's puzzling but it's true! If last time the dresscode was pink, pink and pink, lately it has shifted to black, white and gold!
So the event was held last Saturday at 1903 by Natur hair care, if you're Indonesian then you'd be very familiar with this brand already! It's one of the most famous hair care brand locally.
MC of the day (Mr. Febri, if i remember correctly) who's totally hilarious
Natur products
Natur hair shampoo, hair tonic, hair conditioner and hair serum. They also have hair masks in sachet forms that aren't present here
So i remember how Natur products used to have a very strong, jamu (herb concoction) scent-which i am not a fan of. BUT, they now have revamp their products and they all have very pleasant smell! Plus they are also evolving and adding new, hipper products to their line.
I am most excited about the hair serum! I always use hair serum after washing my hair to make my hair easier to comb through and protect them from heat and other distress i might put on my hair when styling them
#OOTD, white, black a touch of gold. I take dress codes very seriously, if that's not apparent yet
With Angel ^^
The MC dubbed Claresta as his co-host of the day *LOLOLOL*
Ms. Ayu from Natur
She also brings our very own Jess Ie and Shelvi up to share about their hair problems
A better angle, stolen borrowed from Nindy's IG
Ms. Ayu shared with us that the root of a healthy hair is a strong root (like their tagline!), so whatever your hair problem is... You need to tackle your root problem first before you can easily take care of the secondary problem. 

Natur has a complete hair care range needed for a healthy root, starting from shampoo (ofc), conditioner, hair tonic (the only thing missing from my hair routine) and serum.

Other than the sharing session, they also held a few games like the boomerang challenge, etc. We also had a pretty nice lunch session before wrapping up the event.

Thank you Natur for having us, can't wait to try out the full range that we receive in our goodie back!

The complete attendants ^^ taken from Natur's Instagram

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