#ZoeComic: Mischievous Bunnies

5:08:00 PM

You know what they say, when you have your firstborn you tend to overdo everything, photo taking included. And I'm normally not a trend follower (seriously not into saying hipster hence the word-twists wtf), but I have to admit that I enjoy snapping pics of Zoe Star (her latest nickname, since I got bored to singing her fave song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and start changing its words for variety. It's currently "twinkle twinkle Zoe Star, how Mama wonder what you are", how's that for creativity?! LOL).

And I have to admit I love all the likes and loves I'm getting when I post her pics (on Instagram and Facebook) - to me it means that lots of people love my baby. One of my affirmations is for her to be loved (or at least liked) by everyone that meets her, so all the likes and loves are just multiplications of my affirmation, hence the more photo taking. It's a devil's circle, really LOL.

However, it's taking a toll on my iPhone's memory LOL. A few days ago I couldn't record a video because it's basically full fml. So, in order not to waste my iPhonography (as per #Pink, it's a real legit talent LOL) and creativity, I'm starting a series called #ZoeComic (totally a ripoff from Dash Comic that Xiaxue did - yes, I love her!!). Let's see how long I can keep this up though, I'm not known for my consistency -____-

I have done several before as accessory to my posts, check here here and here.

Anyhow, this has been a long enough series of words to appease #Pink. Photos next!!
Here's how you properly nom your thumb, guys. Mama doesn't approve, but if you do it discreetly, she won't notice!
I noticed alright, Zoe!! Stop teaching your bunnies how to misbehave! 

Oh my, she's on to us!!!


And oh btw we have christened her bunnies.

The brown one from Auntie Holly is Benny The Bunny.
The white one is Monique.

Names courtesy of the nanny.

We all like to be creative in The Nugrahas household.



PS: Zoe had her first stuffy nose last night (it was 31 May 2016) - putting it here for memory sake. Poor baby kept crying because she couldn't breathe from her nose when sucking on her thumb (and she has to suck on her thumb to drift to sleepyland). Here's to hoping that it's her first and last stuffy nose - at least until she can blow her nose so Mama doesn't have to slurp all the nose goo for her!

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