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Hello everybody ^^!

I don't know if it's normal, but weirdly (for me) although i'm already in my early 30s (soon imma have to say that i'm in mid-30s OMG T.T) one of my main concerns for my skin is definitely (hormonal) acne and not wrinkles! To be fair, i'm not actually acne prone. I probably get full blown, filled with puss kind of zits once in a few months, for the most part i deal with white heads (i suspect that's from my over-active oil glands!). But when i do get those zits (mainly when i'm PMS-ing), i'd be so stressed out because zits leave red marks on my skin that takes forever to fade!

Because of that, i always stock on acne-clearing/preventing skin cares (i prefer my facial wash to have anti-acne purposes coz we can never be too cautious, no?). I am also always excited to try out new (as in something that i've never tried before) acne care products, always looking for the perfect one that i will keep on stocking for. And i might just found the one, thanks to Kawaii Beauty Japan!

These are my new loves :
Skin Life Face Lotion and Skin Life Facial Foam
If you don't know yet, Skin Life is one of Cow Style's products (i've reviewed quite a few of their products and can safely say that i love them all! I am not biased okay, although i do love everything that is produced by Japanese *LOL*!) and especially caters to oily, acne-prone skin.

Now, a good skin starts from a CLEAN skin. So a good cleanser is a must. Let's talk about the facial foam first!

Skin Life Facial Foam promises to preserve skin's moisture with their solid and smooth foam. It makes your skin clean, soft and keeps it moisturized, improves your skin texture, makes your pores smaller, and most importantly-free from acne. The facial foam removes dead skin from around clogged pores and make the skin brighter. It is also oil free allergy tested (disclaimer : Although it has passed the non-comedogenic and allergy test, some people might still have a chance to get acne and allergy problems. We all know that no product in this world can be suitable for everybody!
Skin Life Facial Foam comes in a simple squeeze tube dominated with white and red color. I don't know what it is about Japanese that they still manage to make the super simple packaging cute with the sparkly illustration! It comes in two sizes, 110gr and 130gr, this is the packaging of the 110gr.
You can find all information about the product at the back of the tube. All Cow Style products are made in Japan so they add a sticker with the translated information in Indonesian
Skin Life has been around in Japan for more than 50 years!! You can also check the ingredient list here
The texture is very thick and creamy, white in color. It contains fruit acid and lemon extract that are known to be excellent for oil control. It has a pleasant perfumed scent, they call it a fresh citrus floral scent-but while i do find it to smell refreshing, i don't pick a lot of the citrusy scent (or of the floral). Or maybe my nose is just weird *LOL*
How to use
Due to the super creamy texture, it turnes pasty when i mix it with water. The foam is very dense, creamy and lovely to use!
I absolutely loveee it ^^!!! I have very oily skin and while most facial foam gets rid of my extra oil upon use, it will creep up super fast back on! It's not the case with this facial foam, i actually feel it preventing my skin from producing a lot of oil! While it makes my skin feel ssuper clean, it doesn't make it feel stretched or dry-but i definitely feel like i need to apply moisturizer afterwards. I believe this is formulated for people with oily skin-so i wouldn't recommend this for people with dry skin.

I've been using Skin Life Facial Foam and Face Lotion ever since i got and my skin feels simply wonderful! I had some small active acne (PMS, you know the pain) when i started using it and the duo manage to dry them up super fast! 

Before we talk more about how wonderful they are when used together, let's take a closer look of the Face Lotion.
Skin Life Face Lotion (it's a toner, Japanese and Korean version that is) comes is a slightly transparent bottle also dominated with white and red color. It contains 150ml worth of product (which is aplenty for toner). A new product is sealed with clear plastic sheet with a Japanese girl sticker on it hehe
Like the facial foam, you can also find information about the product at the back
How the bottle looks once you remove the clear plastic
The Indonesian information sticker is actually attached to the plastic so once you remove it, you'll be left with the Hiragana
It has a flip top that closes securely without making it hard to open
Texture is runny and watery, almost like water
Skin Life Face Toner is the follow up product right after the facial foam and before you start applying your moisturizer. I use it like i use other toner, with some cotton pads. It's actually fragrance free, but the natural ingredients caused it to have a mild, pleasant scent and it feels simply refreshing to use. I find most acne clearing lotions/toners to be a bit harsh and can sting my skin, but i feel nothing but mildness with this one! It also contains fruit acid and lemon extract as well as hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin and leave the skin smooth and acne free. 

I don't really know about the price, but i do know that all Cow Brand products are very reasonably priced-they are both under IDR 100.000 for sure! You can find both the facial foam and face toner (also other products from this line like Foaming Facial Wash and Cleansing Foam) at  Century, Guardian, PAPAYA, Watson, Yogya Super, Setiabudi Super, Grand Lucky, Hypermart, AEON, Ranch Market, Food Mart or online at Sukamart, Nihonmart, Perfectbeauty.me, Tororo, Bilna .

If you have oily and acne prone skin, i would highly suggest you try out these products! I personally feel that they help me get rid of my hormonal acne much faster and makes my skin feels simply great! Not recommending them for people with dry skin (obvi). 

I would definitely buy them with my own money! In fact, i am already looking forward to stock them up (especially if they go on sale in Guardian-which is pretty often!)  

Have you every try Skin Life's product? Do you like them? 

Thank you for reading :D!

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