Event Report : Cosmopolitan Office 2 Office Roadshow with Emeron Shampoo

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I have a very backdated event report for ya >.<, it's Cosmopolitan magazine's Office 2 Office Roadshow with Emeron Shampoo!
We (bloggers and vloggers) invaded the stage after the event was done hahaha. The photo was edited by Devita ^^
So we all in that photo were invited by our friend Devita from Castle in de Air blog (thank you Dep!), i came pretty early with Cynthian and we waited for a bit for Devita to arrive so we can enter the venue (it was held in 1903 restaurant) together.
FYI, the tickets are sold for IDR 75.000 for public, but thanks to Devita we got the invitation for free
Emeron shampoo's booth
There's a photo booth that unfortunately was not well lit and very narrow
And this is the best pic we got *LOL*. Btw i was actually very sick that night, i was coughing and fighting with runny nose the whole night *LOL*, please excuse my pillow face (i really missed my pillow at that moment), i was also very high on medication WTF
The event included dinner so after we set our things in our table, we went to get some food
You can sit here to eat-closer to al the food in case you want to go for seconds (or thirds hahaha)  but i was very glad to know that we could eat in our table instead. I find eating without tables to be a total nuisance >.<
LOL epic faces
My dinner. Which i couldn't really taste thanks to my numb palate
Nom nom nom
After waiting for quite a while (hunny was waiting for me at the cafe next door so i was starting to panic when i realize that the event would be longer than usual *LOL*. Poor hunny), the MC finally opened the event.
To be completely honest with you, i didn't really know what the event was going to be about-only then i realized that it's all about first jobbers (you know, how to best present yourself, how to tackle interviews, and also self-help/motivations like how to get to know-understand-and love yourself, etc), i totally felt that i was way too old to be there *LOL*. In fact, when the MC asked if anyone in the audience's married, i almost hoped that the floor would swallow me. I think i was the only one (other than some aunts that i'm sure were taking their daughters) and nope,  i didn't raise my hand -___-
The first session is the most fun one thanks to the lively and animated speaker, Ms. Bunga Mega (founder of www.cewequat.com) and her session was all about how to love and accept yourself, to stop comparing yourselves to other, empower yourself, etc. At the end of the session she asked us to make a short term goal and action plan to grow ourselves and later on picked a winner based on it
There were quite a lot of participants that night
The room was packed. And all the participants were quite active and engaging too
Freshen meself up with a cup of coffee. Not a very good idea because i had back to back events the next day starting pretty early and i ended up not being able to sleep because i had strong coffee so late in the day!
Second session is all about hairrr talk show with celebrity hair stylist Ms. Stella Tjia and rep from Emeron Shampoo
As usual, Devita became the willing victim model for the demo, hair demo this time round hehe
I felt bad because she just washed her hair and now she had to get her hair washed again (and later that night she had her third hair wash of the day to take all the hairspray off!!!)
Stella gave Devita hair makeover, i remember it was a ponytail?
I think i missed something because she ended up with an up hairdo!
Looks pretty good on her because she's so skinny, would be pretty horrid if it's me with my full moon face hahahaha
Last session was the recruitment talkshow to help first jobbers (or any job seekers) handle interview and score that dream job with Mr. Oke Hastiawan. I don't know what happened but i can't find the pic in this draft, i already uploaded the photos before but only have time to blog now (in Jakarta). All the photos are in my PC back home >.< so i'll just add the photo later okay (only have one pic of him doing a role play with an audience anyway). Totally useful for the audience of course, but not to me since i have no plan to ever apply for any job *LOL*. Eh wait, i do need the tips because sometimes i do get (Skype) interviews with future clients/projects with brands, still similar right although it's not for a permanent job!!

And as the last session ended, that marked the end of the event too. It was a pretty fun, educational and useful event especially for young girls just starting on their career ^^.
Goodie bag. Even the bag is so pretty and can be used to hangout. Useful products inside like the   little towel and flowery umbrella! Unfortunately i (randomly) got the black variant of Emeron Shampoo for black hair, i obviously can't use it so i passed it to my dad hahaha
We even got a certificate. Tots reminds me of my (long passed) uni days when i scrambled to join seminars for credit points *LOL*


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  1. di Bandung juga ada acara serupa tapi bloggernya ga diundang sama sekali, kadang aku sedih karena blogger bandung ga dianggap :( sepertinya acaranya seru hehehee

    The Journey

    1. Ini dpt undangan jg ngga lsg dr Emeron/Cosmopolitannya kok win, tp dr tmn blogger yg kenal sm salah 1 organizer nya...

  2. Woa, the event seems so much fun yaaa, also the hair stylist did Devita's hair so well <3 . Ohya, mind to follow each other's blog Mindy ? I've followed yours on GFC! :)



  3. Semoga di Bali juga ada nih,hopefully