Lip-Talk 19 : Cathy Doll Petit Tint in #2 Orangi Orange

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Hello peeps ^^.

Yes yes, i have another Cathy Doll product to review, it's a totally different type than the last two so i hope nobody's getting bored! Btw you can read my review of the best skin whitening (pemutih kulit terbaik) Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Creme here and Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pack here

So i personally knew Cathy Doll for their skin care, but they actually also has some makeup products in their collection. One of them is this product i'm about to review today, my favorite-a lippie!
Cathy Doll Petit Tint in #2 Orangi Orange (7.5gr)
We all know how lip tints has a very important place in Korean makeup scene-and as a Korean cosmetic brand (kosmetik Korea) of course Cathy Doll gotta have them. I actually receive this product from a swap i did sometime ago with Winda. I was already eyeing this tiny (hence the name) and cute lip tint for a while, so i was totally excited when i saw it in the package.

I was looking for this lip tint in their official Indonesian website and couldn't find it-after snooping around the net for a bit, i finally realized that they have another name for it in Indonesia :  Juicy Tint. I'm not sure why they change the name for Indonesian market (i checked Karmart's website and they have both products listed so worry not, both are their genuine products). 
They originally had three colors and added a new one called Grape Juice-and it looks so good!
Now, let's take a moment to marvel at the cuteness of the packaging-shall we?
Cathy Doll Petit tint (or Juicy Tint-for that matter) comes with a clear mica packaging (not quite a box)
With a cardboard back (which you slide off to get the product out) which contains information and ingredient list 
The actual Petit Tint is housed in a tiny (much smaller than any lipgloss or liquid lippie tube that i own) clear squeeze tube with simple design. Some people mentioned how the tininess of the lip tint makes it looks like sample size/travel size, i personally don't see it as a bad thing. I prefer my lippies smaller coz i'd rather get them in all colors-and i really can't finish a lippie anyway, even tiny ones like this one.
The shade that i got is Orangi Orange (i like how Cathy Doll's people are not too lazy to come up with cute names for their products!). If i am honest with you, i'm not much of an orange color kind of girl, i prefer pink, red or purple. But since this is not a shade that i would choose for myself, it's a very welcome addition to my collection hehe. Can't remember if i have any other orange lip tint... I don't think i do
The applicator is slanted-it helps application to my lips-but i don't think it's effective to try to blend the lip tint on your lips directly from the tube, or maybe it's my techique. I add the lip tint from the tube then blend with my finger
Be careful not to squeeze too much of the product out! I like to use a little product at a time, you can always add more!
The lip tint looks like gel in the tube, but once you get it in contact with your skin, it becomes totally runny like any other lip tints that i tried before (FYI, i did not try a lot. I'm usually a lipstick kind of girl). The best way to wear this lip tint is after scrubbing your lips to make sure all the dry flakes you might be having are off because wearing lip balms under it doesn't really work. When i wear lip balms before using this, the lip tint sort of sits there and won't dry for a longer time than normal. Then it would pool into my lower lips and the inner part of my upper lips. I don't understand why but my upper lip makes it super hard for lip tints to work. This doesn't only happen with this lip tint, but with all lip tints!

If you're conscious about your lips getting dry, you can add the lip balm AFTER the tint. I did this and it works well, the color didn't shift or anything as long as you let it dry off first. Oh, and the lip tints doesn't transfer when you wear it on its own, but with lip balms/gloss, it does.

So... I forgot to snap my bare lips beforehand so i'm borrowing another pic from previous lip post.
Please note that those dry flakes are not there when i used this lip tint
With Cathy Doll Petit Tint in #2 Orangi Orange. You can tell that my lower lip is a lot more tinted (especially in the inner part) and my upper one not very much so, i really don't know why this happens >.<. It's like my upper lip actually rejects lip tints *LOL*
How it looks worn lightly all over my lips
And how it looks when i really pack it in. I really do love how it looks, sometimes i forgot how pretty lip tints can be coz i'm too busy with my lipstick collection. Lip tints are the perfect choice when you're always on the go and have a very active lifestyle (wouldn't want those lipsticks transferring everywhere!)
I actually quite love this lip tint, it doesn't have any strange scent (in fact i don't really smell anything from it), it doesn't dry out my lips even when i don't wear lip balms beforehand (it feels almost like i don't wear anything on my lips), the staying power is pretty good especially on its own (it doesn't survive meals tho (not completely gone, only the inner part would go patchy), but i don't mind re-applying . The texture also makes it easy to re-apply, no product built-up or clumps whatsoever), and the color is pretty too. I especially love to wear it in ombre style, makes my lips looks like i just ate an orange popsicle. So pwetty!

According to Cathy Doll, this tint is a multifunction product (i think it can also be used a blush on. I haven't try it as a blush on yet, but i saw reviews on bloggers  using it as cheek tint and it seems to work well too) with fruit extract contents and various natural ingredients for healthy lips such a Vitamin C, Q10 and collagen to give nutrients and hydrate.

I personally don't find it too moisturizing or anything, but it defintely doesn't dry out my lips (i've been wearing it nonstop in Jakarta-so for about 10 days already. My lips are healthier than ever haha). I do like glossy lips so i prefer to add lip balm/gloss  on top of it.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for affordable, travel friendly, non-drying lip tint. Not recommending it for people with super dry and flaky lips coz the tint will definitely cling to those dry patches-you can't really wear it with lip balms and get the full experience either. I would recommend tinted lip balms for you instead!

Would i repurchase? I actually have the urge to collect all four colors especially the Grape Juice >.<!

If you're interested in trying out this lip tint (or any other products from Cathy Doll), make sure you purchase them from their authorized distributor PT Tirta Tunggal Makmur Jaya to prevent getting fake products! 

I still have their lip crayon to review, don't get bored!

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  1. Yep bener banget ci,
    Gw mulai jarang pake lipstik liquid-matte untuk keluar sekarang, prefer yang lip stain balm kek WNW Balmsatin, itu lembab dan awet beud.
    Dulu sekalinya punya lip tint malah cuman 1 biji, karna gak abis-abis.
    Mau beli lagi, tapi mau tanggung jawab habisin yang ada dulu lah XD

    1. Iya nih kalo seharian keluar n misalnya maen gini, ngga comfortable kayaknya pake yg matte2 tebel2 hehehehe. Gue jg nih Rif, lipstain ngga abis2 pdhal kalo uda d pake ya suka hasilnya hahaa

  2. mantap ulasannya nih keren abis