Basic-O-Base 06 : Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pack in 21 Aura White

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Hey guys!

After posting Cathy Doll's L-Glutathione Magic Cream which i personally think as the best whitening  skin whitening (pemutih kulit terbaik), i remembered that i actually own quite a few Cathy Doll products that i mainly won from giveaway/get from swaps that i haven't give a try yet (coz i'm a hoarder and all that). One of the products is this compact powder (which as usual, Cathy Doll has their own unique way of naming) :
Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pact (mine is in shade 21 Aura White, there's also another shade 23 Natural White, which is darker), it has UVA and UVB Protection SPF 59+++ and contains 9.5 gr of product
I actually bought this product myself (with my own money, in case you think i'm only saying good things because i am sponsored-which i'm not) when i won a voucher from a giveaway, i went through their products and fell head over heel in love with the UBER KAWAII packaging. I mean, look at the round pink pact with the white polkadots and especially the cute cartoon girl!!! If you know me then you'd know that i am usually a drugstore kind of girl, and this pact (sold for IDR 188.000) is quite pricey for my liking, but still i couldn't resist the cuteness (even though i got a voucher, i still have to top up with money okay, it's not like i got it for free)-and let me tell you this, i am so so glad i didn't resort to my usual stinginess for once! Coz i loveeee itttt...

But i'm jumping the gun here. Simply gotta let you know in advance *LOL*.
Okay let's start from the packaging as usual...
Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pack comes in a pink transparent mica box with some Thai and Korean words on it. If you forgot, Cathy Doll is a Korean cosmetic (kosmetik Korea) brand which biggest market is Thailand!
Ingredient list. Make sure you only purchase Cathy Doll products through their authorized distributor PT. Tirta Tunggal Makmur Jaya to prevent getting fake products!
The pact itself is round and utterly adorableeeee >.<! Made from high quality material that feels sturdy, not flimsy or fragile
The information on the back
It has a generous sized mirror for easy touch up
And a soft, airy puff. I must comment on this puff! Usually the puff/sponge that comes with compact powders' quality are not the best, they can be quite harsh on my skin-but not this one! I was very surprised at how soft and lovely this puff is! It also picks up the right amount of product for application, no excess products flying around or whatever! I also love the Cathy Doll written on the pink ribbon where you can slip your fingers into for extra control while applying the pact
And there's Cathy Doll name also embossed in their signature font on the actual pact. So lovely i felt bad for ruining it by using it (i've been using it everyday since i arrived in Jakarta so the words are completely gone by now!)
Now, before anyone make any comment on the video of me applying the product below, i must mention that i have VERY PALE skin. I do find it hard to find shades that matches my skin perfectly, most powders turns out to be at least a shade darker than my skin. And unfortunately, this is also the case with this Magic Gluta Pact. It is one shade too dark for me :( although it's already the lighter shade they have. You can see it clearly on the video where my skin tone looks super different on areas where i already apply the product on and the ones where i haven't. BUT. Although it looks very dark upon application, i find after a few minutes, it actually started to adjust and turn lighter. It's still a bit darker than my natural skin color, but not as bad as it looks initially. I can wear it out without people noticing that it's actually too dark for me-and you can see it in the pictures below!
According to them, Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pact is a light powder for everyday use. It conceals and perfect facial skin as well as taking care of it with its L-Glutathione content. SPF 59 PA+++ protects skin from UV ray dangers. You do not need to worry about your pores getting clogged or facial skin getting tired from too much makeup since Magic Gluta Pact takes care of your skin at the same time as perfecting your makeup.
What do I think? Well, let's see the before and after first :
I already applied a light BB Cream and concealer under my eyes here
My skin is in quite a good condition aside from a few redness and some whiteheads. Those bumps are moles, not zits btw >.<
And this is after setting it with Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pact, i'm not sure if you can see it but it's gets slightly darker
Totally smoothes out my complexion!
This Magic Gluta Pact has no scent-which i love (some powders can have super nasty smell, so even though they perform well, i would dread applying them because of the smell!). It is very light, very smooth and buttery. I know from the picture of the pact, you might think that it's very powdery-but it's actually not (some powders are so powdery that you can see powders flying around when you pat your puff on your face. No such problem here!). It's totally lovely and blends into my skin (despite the color problem) easily. 
Upon application, it does look matte (which i also love. I have very oily skin so i prefer a very matte beginning coz i'd be dewy in no time due to my natural sebum anyway), it gives light to medium coverage-i don't think using it on its own would be enough if you have imperfections you'd like to conceal-but it works well with light BB Cream in my case. I can feel how light it is on my skin, i don't feel like my skin is suffocated at all! I also notice how it can set my undereye concealer nicely without getting cracked-i have not found many powders that can do this!
How it looks upon fresh application. You can see how my fingers are lighter than my facial skin because of the pact's shade :p
After an hour or two, this is when the magic truly happens! Upon application, the powder looks decent-nothing special, but after a few hours and my natural sebum started to appear-instead of getting cakey or oily looking-Magic Gluta Pact makes my skin super pretty in the highlighted kind of way! Seriously, i was so pleasantly surprised when i check out my face in the mirror the first day i was using it! I definitely think this is the kind of powder that makes your skin looks better and better throughout the day-that's totally rare!

FYI, i put this product on a heavy duty since day 1. This is the only powder that i packed to Jakarta and on Day 1 i used it for a full day in Dunia Fantasy, i wore it for about 7 hours in total (it still look immaculate at the end of the day. Some powders shifted and get patchy after i blot my face using oil blotter-this pact stays put!)-and it was a hot, humid day! 
This is about 2 or 3 hours after application, i haven't blot it yet (it has great oil control too! I can leave my skin alone longer without blotting!) and yet instead of looking greasy, my skin just glows!
This is after about 6 hours has passed and blotted once, still perfect!
In case you're wondering if it's the BB Cream that was so good, i already used this BB Cream with various compact powders before. While the initial result might be similar, most compact powders turns super cakey (and even cracked in some parts) after a few hours-but not Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pact! I think it's obvious that i'm totally in love with this pact...

So : Brighter skin?  Not for me coz the shade it a bit too dark for me-it does makes my skin looks glowy and pretty after sometime! Pore coverage? Yes, you do need to use some base tho (BB Cream, tinted moisturizer). Oil control? Yes, i only need to blot my skin once instead of three times with other powders! 

I would definitely recommend this product to people with similar skin type as me who are looking for light but lovely everyday compact powder. I would not recommend this product for dry skinned-fellows since it's so matte upon application and needs natural sebum to turn magical.

Repurchase? YES! Although i do wish they sell the refills because throwing out such a pretty pact feels like such a waste... Oh, i also wish they'd come up with more shades, a lighter one to match my skin!

So what do you think of this Magic Gluta Pact? Does this review gives you the urge to give them a try (i sure hope so)? Hehe...

This product is currently sold out on their website but you can pre-order it!

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Btw, i am wearing Cathy Doll's orange lip tint in all of the photos in this blog post, i will be blogging about it next!


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