Yogya Trip 2015 Part 3 : House of Raminten

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Hey hey peeps!

After non-stop beauty posts on my part (which is still going to happen haha), i finally have some time to continue my Yogya Trip post. Like i said before, it's all about nom nom nom in Yogya, and the next destination is THE hip and happening eatery in Yogya : House of Raminten!
House of Raminten
 Jalan Faridan Muridan Noto No. 7, Gondo Kusuman, Kota Baru, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
 +62 274 547315

I honestly wouldn't know about this place if it weren't for my "cool places hunter" cousin L hahaha. She insisted on going there even though her party-pooper hubby kept on complaining *LOLOLOL*. The place is open 24 hours and we were planning to have late dinner there the night before-but it was crazy packed and the line was so long that you can see people loitering outside the gate. So we had dinner somewhere else and got back to House of Raminten during the day at odd hours.

Even at odd hour it was still super packed and you have to take queue number WTF. Truly is a hip and happening place. Raminten is a character the owner plays on local TV btw, we asked the staffs hehe.
The entrance
Get your number here
The waiting area. With multiple rows of seat, somewhat makes me feel like i was in a doctor's office hahahaha
Selfie while waiting
House of Raminten is very traditionally decorated, it's an open air kind of place so there's obviously no air conditioner (something that L's hubby wouldn't stop complaining about mainly HAHAHA). Mostly made from wood. I got a bad allergic reaction (i think it's a bug bite and it got crazier because i'm so allergic-prone), the others suspected there might be a mite in the seat T.T i can't say for sure because i only notice the horrible allergic the next day and i think it'd come up sooner if i got bitten there.

Anyway, it's supposedly quite dark and creepy, with incense burning and all-i guess if you want to experience that then you'd need to come after dark. It was around 11 AM when we went there, super bright so no creepy feeling whatsoever. 

Unfortunately, the first floor (where most of the detailed decorations are) was totally full so we had to settle for the second floor-where nothing much was happening haha.
Little O is totally attached to his tablet on his spare times. Which is all the time during holidays WTF. We suspect he's gonna need a glasses soon, dunno if it's inevitable since both hunny and i have such high degree of myopia
Family shot
Unnecessary selfie hahahaha
L's family
House of Raminten's niche is very affordable dishes with high class serving style in a very unsual way. I was quite surprised at how cheap their menus are!
Well, yeah, that's Mrs. Raminten of course
Their most famous menu is definitely the Sego Kucing. Direct translation would be Cat Rice but don't worry, no cat was harmed for these dishes *LOL*. The word "cat" actually refers to the size (if i'm not mistaken) of the dish, tiny. Like a cat's portion. So tiny that one serving would be just two mouthfull
Everything is extremely affordable
They also have the knack of giving their drinks and food funny names
House of Raminten's drinks comes in various unique glasses :
Like this dawet in a fish bowl. The portion is NO JOKE i tell you. If you plan to order the jumbo dawet, make sure you have around 5 or more people to share with you so you wouldn't be diabetic!
And so was the es degan (coconut drink with syrup)
The most unique one is definitely the boob-shaped mug! The white one's ours, we bought it at the souvenir shop they have in the waiting area
And the black one's theirs, housing the ginger-milk thingy hunny ordered (if i'm not mistaken, the correct name of the drink is Bajigur. Although they had a much more interesting name for it hahaha)
Unfortunately (or fortunately? This place is all about the ambience and experience, not really the food. At least that's what i gathered from various reviews i could find on Google), we were still very full from breakfast. We did try the Sego Kucing :
It was okay, nothing special haha
Then when i went to the bathroom on the first floor at the back, we found a stable!
The place's totally unique and unusual (more mystical during the night, so if you can stand the crowd and long queue, it's recommended to go there at night) so if you ever travel to Yogya, i would definitely recommend you to give this place a visit at least once. Just don't expect mind-blowingly good food or whatever, the food is okay but nothing special (at least what i've tasted), but the experience is definitely worth the (very light) bill.

Have you ever heard of this place? Do you want to give it a visit now?


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  1. terkenal banget ya house of raminten ini. emang lucu ya tempatnya... sayang makanannya biasa aja ya.. tapi at least bukan gak enak ya...

    1. Iya terkenal tyt ya, aq nya aja yg kudet ngga pernah dgr sebelumnya hoahahaha. Engga smp ngga bisa d makan sih tp jg ga ada gimana2nya hahaha

  2. Mindy jalan-jalan mulu ih, *iri* ayo sekalian jalan-jalan di realisasikan kado adek buat Owen *evilgrin*

    The Journey

    1. Errrr ada spiral yang meghalangi jalannya hoahahahaa

  3. Yogyakarta always in my mind dech ;)

    salam dari tehokti.com

  4. House of Raminten, ikon yang unik dan lucu juga. Konsepnya cocok untuk wilayah Jogja.

    Salam kenal ya, Mbak :)

    1. Salam kenal juga, terima kasih udah mampir ^^