Body-Tale 10 : Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream

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Hellooo hellooo ^^!

Been a while since my last body care type of post yeah! This time around i'd like to review this product from a Korean brand (but better known in Thailand!) called Cathy Doll which has a very catchy name since they call it Magic Cream!
Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream
What's so magical about it, you might ask? Well, other than the fact that it's a powerful sunscreen, it can also instantly whiten your skin up!

First of all, i'd like to clarify that i personally believe that a person doesn't have to be light skinned to be beautiful, i'm a firm believer than every skin color is beautiful. Having said that, it cannot be denied that every culture has their own standard of beauty. While Westerners favors tanned skin, Asian do tend to desire lighter skin tone. And in order to achieve that coveted whiter skin (everybody has their own right to want a certain thing for themselves, i think it shouldn't even be an argument), it is very crucial to use a SAFE and trusted product. Cathy Doll's products are all already registered in BPOM so you can use all of their products without any worry. 

Other than that, i also always see whitening products (the safe ones, of course) to give more of a brightening effect (which we can all appreciate, no matter what our skin tone is)-making your skin looks more even and healthier, so those who are too scared of the word "whitening", maybe you can give it a try and see what i mean for yourself!

Okay let's talk about the product now!
Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream comes with a rectangular cardboard box dominated with sweet pink color and white polkadots. One of the main thing i always remember about Cathy Doll is, like most Korean cosmetics (kosmetik Korea), is their cute packaging. Cathy Doll has these cartoon girls with bubble heads in most of their packaging (shielded by the sticker in this pic, you can see it in the next pic), cute MAX! The box is wrapped in clear plastic and there's this sticker of the guy and the girl's pic-i have no idea who they are, Thai actors i suppose :D
This is how the box looks like once i removed the clear plastics. Well hello, cute girls!
Back side
Product description and direction to use
Ingredient list
They are quite thorough with the direction although it's actually very straighforward, you use it like any other sun screen/body lotion ^^!
Like i mentioned before in Cathy Doll's event report, Cathy Doll is a Korean brand and all of their products are made in Korea but their biggest market is Thailand therefore you can find Thai writings in their packaging
The Magic Cream itself is housed in a squeeze tube also dominated with pink and white polkadot. Makes me feel happy just seeing it in my dresser *LOL*. The tube is pretty tall compared to most sunscreen in the market and contains 138ml worth of product
Tube's back side
I always appreciate professional brand's effort to make sure the product's hygiene's protected and ensure its newness by sealing the packaging
Like the name blatantly stated, this magic cream contains L-Glutathione which is a safe ingredient for whitening effect
The L-Glutathione Magic Cream is opaque white in color (it is a sunscreen afterall!), but the texture is very light and runny. It is the lightest, most comfortable sunscreen i've ever used! It has a soft, pleasant perfumed scent that's quite subtle and non-offensive. I have a pretty sensitive nose and i find this cream's scent to be soothing and calming
Due to its light, runny texture, you need to be careful (especially when your Magic Cream is brand new and still full!) because the cream can ooze out easily when you tip the tube! Clumsy me managed to get it everywhere >.<!
Although it is very light, you do need to rub it in fast because it dries out fast and if you don't blend well, you can see obvious patches of white on your skin. This is where the magic happens, skin really turns whiter right after application! And it's not just cosmetics as well, even after your wipe the product off, your skin would remain lighter than before!
As i am very very pale already, it's a bit hard to see the difference. But i think you can see how the front arm is smoother and lighter than the one behind???
Well, if you can't see it, it's okay! I made a short video and asked my cousin L (who has VERY tanned skin) to be my model. The difference is starking!
Can you see the magic now? Cathy Doll is not joking when they say they are the best skin whitening (pemutih kulit terbaik) brand!

So their claim to give instant whitening effect is totally based, how about the non-greasy formula? Two for two, my friend! It dries off almost instantly as well, without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling (which most sunscreen tend to have) behind-AT ALL. Skin feels super soft, smooth and velvety instead! It has a cooling sensation, which is totally welcomed in our hot weather! And although it doesn't leave any greasiness behind, it doesn't mean that it's gonna leave you skin dry. On the contrary, it keeps my skin lovely moisturized. Soft, velvety, smooth skin without any stickiness? YES PLEASE!

One thing that i noticed about this product is how it gives a slightly veiled, almost stocking-ed look. It makes my skin looks more even (heaven sent for my legs because i have the horrible bug bites/allergic reaction marks that is still fading). On dark skin, it does tend to make them look a bit grayish, but not badly so. My cousin L thinks this product is lovely too and she told me she would probably purchase one! Fell in love at the first application, it seems hahaha!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a whiter, lighter, brighter and more even skin tone. Would not recommend this for... Those who doesn't want any of those things i just stated hahaha. Would i purchase this with my own money? Oh yeah! We all need a sunscreen to protect our skin and i always hated suncreens because of the greasy feeling they give, now that i find an awesome product that protects my skin, making it look so much better and so comfortable... Obviously i would buy it!

If you're interested in this product (which i deem to be the real Magic Cream! Sunscreen, moisturizer and skin soother in one tube!) or any other Cathy Doll products, be sure to purchase them from their authorized distributor PT. Tirta Tunggal Makmur Jaya. Every great products seem to be replicated FTL, so don't get trapped and get a counterfeit! 

Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream retails for IDR 268.000, if you don't have Cathy Doll counters in your city (in Surabaya they are currently available in SPI's Boston drugstore), you can purchase it online in Cathy Doll official website

For more info and updated, follow Cathy Doll's social medias :

Facebook : Cathy Doll Indonesia 
Twitter : @Cathydollindo
Instagram : @Cathydollindonesia


PS : I received this product in my goodie bag, no further compensation is received. All opinion are mine and unbiased!

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