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Hey y'all.

Yes i know. June almost ended, where the hell is the May movies review? Sorry sorry, you know i was in Jakarta for a bit, it's always easier to post (beauty) reviews and the likes on the go, that's why this blog's been all about beauty for a bit. Plus advert/sponsored posts must be done first (for me at least. It's called responsibility, people).

Anyway, here it is. My reviews mostly intended for those who might not make it to the cinema while they're still playing anyway (yes, justification. Whatever), it's a guide on what to download i guess. Or what DVDs to buy. Do people still watch movies on DVD WTF.

Well, i'm pretty sure everybody and their dogs have watched this movie-but in case you've been living under the rock and missed it... Here's my five cents about it. It's great! LOL. An awesome popcorn movie, and a whole LOAD better than Superman VS Batman (which was a bit boring at times). It's slightly darker than the usual Marvel movies (then again i do find Captain America movies to have a more serious tone than the rest. Maybe because Capt came from a different era where we're not such assholes yet *LOLOLOL*), but still easy to digest. Beware if you bring young children tho, since it's more serious, there are less silly jokes and light banters but a lot more serious dialogs -they will get bored much faster. 

There is more similarities between this movie and Superman VS Batman than just the whole bros turn enemies (or the other way round, in the latter movie)-if people starts to fear Superman in that one, here they starts to fear all super heroes and their actions. The government comes up with Hero Registration Act (a law that limits their action)-which Iron Man stands with while Captain America feels the other way round. It becomes worse when the team got divided into two (plus some new comers like Black Panther and newly recruited chatterbox, cutest Spiderman ever) PLUS they have to fight yet another villain.

I have yet to find a Marvel movie that i dislike (i'm probably not crazy about Thor-but i like him in Avengers movies) and i do like this one too. A must watch for all super heroes movies lovers, or even anybody who are looking for an entertaining movies with people in costumes haha.

Okay so i was one of the people who got into the hype of the first movie in 2002. I was not in high school (like the setting of the movie. However, all the casts are older than me and comes from the era where i still follow Indonesian celebrities so i actually knew them. I would totally give you a very blank face if you ask me most of current Indonesian celebrities who are not already famous 10 years ago or so *LOL*) already but i just finished high school so the atmosphere was still strong. It was the first good quality Indonesian movie in many many years that it gathered a LOT of attention. It even has its own cult following-one of the die hard fan? #Undecided. She's actually the one who dragged me to the cinema for this long anticipated sequel.

The second movie (just like real life) is set 14 years after the high school romance. Apparently Rangga didn't lie about returning, albeit briefly, and it was revealed that he and Cinta continued their relationship as a long distant one (he continued to study and then work in NYC) until he suddenly, and quite cruelly, broke up with her via letter. Broken hearted Cinta finally moves on and now engaged to another man (who's a total opposite of Rangga). She and her high school BFFs (except Alya, who passed a away a few years before) decided to go to Yogyakarta for a vacation where they unexpectedly run into Rangga. Cinta, who needs a closure, decided to agree to meet Rangga to let him finally explain what really happened.

If you do not follow the first movie or not emotionally invested in it, i'm not so sure you'll get the sequel. I mean, i only found out via Arum's post that people actually say that it's a mushy love story (not in a good way) and nothing else. LOL. It is! Why can't romance be romance nowadays??? Someone gotta get killed/turn into a superhero/get possessed for a movie to be enjoyable now? I've always been a literature person, i love novels, i love good love stories (although i'm not much of a romantic, at least not outwardly) so this is my cup of tea. And it's one hell of a high quality mushy love story at that. It's not for everybody, but if you were a teenager in early 2000s, chances are you might be a target audience *LOL*. It's a must watch for anyone who enjoyed the first movie , and you'd want to book a ticket to Yogyakarta to visit all of the places the characters did in the movie hahaha.

3. The Angry Bird Movie
I was very skeptical when i first heard about Angry Birds movie. I mean.. What are they really, exactly? Weird shaped birds that slingshot themselves to green pigs? I didn't really like the game so i was pretty sure the movie would suck too *LOL*. What storyline could they possibly come up with? But i was wrong! The movie turned out to not be that bad at all! It's actually quite hilarious and entertaining!

So apparently, the birds weren't always so angry. They were once very happy, flightless birds who live an island-almost all of them, that is. Red actually has a temper problem, in the colony of super happy birds-that makes him an outcast. When he lost his control again, he's finally told to go to anger management class and meets Chuck and Bomb there. While they are at it, the island is visited by some green pigs who are very suspicious, but as very happy (and gullible birds), the other birds can't see the danger in front of them despite Red and friends' many warnings.

Well, for such a simple game, they definitely come up with a pretty good storyline! It's simple (of course) but the talented, all stars voice actors and their silly jokes liven up the simple story and make it very enjoyable. Very suitable for the whole family, it's definitely a movie to bring your kids to.

4. X-Men Apocalypse
Like i mentioned earlier, i've always enjoyed Marvel movies, X-Men franchise included. Especially the younger generation casted ones. Apocalypse is no exception.

The first, and most powerful mutant from Marvel's X-Men universe is En Sabah Nur. He was worshipped as a god and amassed great powers from other mutants. He is pretty much immortal (as he only needs to "hop" from one vessel to another and lives on). He has been asleep for thousands of years and finally awaken at 1983 (hey, the year i was born!) to a world that totally disillusioned him. He then recruits a team of powerful mutants, including broken-hearted Magneto (who in this new reality actually settles down, has a daughter and is now a working class man in.. Germany? My memory's a bit fuzzy...) who just lost his family. It is up to Raven, Professior X and the team of young X-Men to stop them and save mankind.

This whole alternate (or changed and reset) reality confused the hell out of me. I'm a nerd, but not graphic novel nerd (more of a Japanese comic book nerd, that is. My hero is Sailor Moon, you see. I mean not Usagi, but the other guardians :p) so this whole twist just makes my head spin. Had to keep on checking with hunny about who's who, but other than that-all's good. Super entertaining and all. Another must see popcorn movie. See my review for Civil War up there for reference.

Two great Indonesian movie in one month, that's rare! We've seen the trailer for My Stupid Boss plenty of times in the cinema, the trailer's GOOD so we're totally looking forward to watch it and guess what, it didn't disappoint! It's HILARIOUS.  BCL and Reza Rahardian just WORKS. Whether they play lovers or crazy boss and employee, you cannot help but believe in them. Stellar acting, those two!

My Stupid Boss is a story of an... well, absurd seems like the only word that fits him, Boss and his new, female employee (no, not that kind of story. Theirs are totally platonic, both are happily married). Bossman is an Indonesia who owns a large, disorganized and simply chaotic company in KL, Malaysia. It's totally chaotic because Bossman is a super weird, stingy and high-blood pressure inducing boss *LOL*. His motto is "Impossible We Do, Miracle We Try". He always has weird and hare-brained ideas, and what Bossman wants, Bossman must get. Enter Diana, a newly married lady also from Indonesia who follows her husband (happens to be Bossman's best friend) as his new secretary trying to create some semblance of order in the company.

Seriously this movie is gooddd, and it makes me admire Reza Rahardian more and more with his acting chops. He can be anything he puts his mind into, even a pouchy, balding, ridiculous man (Reza is very slim and rather good looking in real life). I can't help but love Bossman really, i mean... The way he insists on speaking in Indonesian (sometimes even Javanese) to his non-Indonesian speaking employees is And i always love BCL too, i just wish she'd get more sleep coz her eyebags are bigger than her shrinking body. I highly recommend this movie to everybody especially Indonesian and East Asian (it's released in quite a few Asian countries so it has English subtitles *the movie itself is in Indonesian, English and Malay*. I believe most East Asian can enjoy this movie and relate to the background). What's even funnier? It's based on a true story. Would love to know the real Bossman!

That's all for May movies, i promise i won't post June movies at the end of June #fingercrosses.

In the meantime, have you watched the most popular movie this month, The Conjuring 2? 

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