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Hi peeps!

How’s the first day of work/school?  (I mean for some of you, the others like #Undecided had started work much sooner than that, LOL) Hope it wasn’t so hard starting on “real life” again :D.
Anyhoo, in lieu with my previous post Gyaru mama  , i want to introduce you to my favorite quality online shop : 
(oh yeah I also have favorite cheapskate online shops but don’t expect too high of a quality from those online shops please!) You guys must notice the name, yes it is owned by my friend, Rosemary! And no, I do not say this just because it’s hers, but I really love shopping there! Love it so much that I decided to do a blog post just to introduce you all to this wonderful shop! (i am NOT paid nor sponsored by Rosemary Online, everything I write in this post is my honest opinion J). If you are into girly, frilly, pinky, chiffony (maybe gyaru as well? Ulzzang lovers will appreciate this as well) then you should check their Pre Order  items (seems like their Pre Order is closed at the moment but rest assured it will be open again soon, you can contact them for more infos)! If you’re simpler in style, more classic or casual (or simply too impatient to join PO), don’t worry, they have a HUGE array of styles all READY STOCK, check out their Ready Stock albums , there are more than a thousand pieces available! (I gave you link to one of the ready stock albums ya, there are a lot, for other albums please browse yourself!). There are also Bags and  accessories .There is something for everyone here!

First of all, I need to tell you that Rosemary Online sells only imported clothings (from China, any online shops who sells clothes under IDR 500.000 and claims they are from Japan or Korea are usually misleading, I’m not saying all of them are misleading, but from my own experience as a former boutique owner I know that Japan and Korean original branded items are super expensive, they are most probably are Japan and Korean INSPIRED, but still manufactured in China), you know nowadays there are a LOT of online shops who posted catalog pictures of imported clothing with super low price (like, IDR 70.000 and below), they are selling Indonesian made replicas. I am not saying this is bad, I love them! Some of their materials are even better than imported ones, but if you’re hope it’ll look exactly like the catalog picture… well, you most probably would be disappointed hehe, especially when it comes to coloring and materials (Indonesian replicas tends to use knitted materials for everything. Knitted materials on stuffs that are supposed to be made in spandex and vice versa, I have no idea why). But Rosemary Online only sells imported items, that’s an information I need to stress.

Imported items are not always necessarily of a good quality, but I can assure you in my own experience purchasing stuffs from Rosemary Online I’ve always received top notch items. The materials are very good, sewings neat and all of my purchases looks exactly like the catalogue pictures. This is one of the most recent purchase from Rosemary online :
 And this is the real item :
Looks exactly the same! *except the model of course, I’m probably twice the size of the model FML* LOL.Sorry i also didn't wear it buttoned up like in the catalogue because it's too HOT lahh i might die! but when you button it up it'll look exactly like in the catalogue. i also misplaced the cloth-belt *stupid #Pink*
Side look
Back View, sorry for blurry pic my hunny took horrible pictures zzzz
The material is superb too! Not to mention the price, super cheap for a high quality coat like this! I purchased it for about IDR 200.000. It is thick (but not super thick, I am planning to wear this to Europe on my upcoming trip *fingers crossed*, it’ll be spring so a light coat is what I need, but not too light as well because I absolutely cannot stand cold weather, I will start shivering and getting rashes, even though I’m so fat I should be warm enough but somehow it is not the case FML zzz) and the material is very smooth and comfortable. I saw similar stuffs sells at other online shops or boutiques at malls at around IDR 500.000 so I’d say this is a real steal!

My other (FAVE!) purchase from Rosemary Online is this super girly and feminine bolero :

And when I receive the real item I squealed in delight because they were exceeding my expectation! Totally pretty and frilly and screaming ME!!! This is the real item :
Pretty right :D…

And I want to show you one more item (latest purchase) from Rosemary Online :
I fell in love with the sleeves! This is the real item :

Doesn’t disappoint, right? 

One more reason to shop here : the owner is super efficient and professional. Yes she is my friend and yes I obviously got special treatments *grin*, but I can vouch for that lah! As long as you’re being a good and respectable buyer also because if you’re being a pain in the ass.. well… I cannot be held responsible at what Rosemary will say to you! Hahahahaa!

If you’re not into girly and frilly stuffs you should totally still check them out, let me show you a few of different styles that they have :
Their price range’s also very pocket friendly! The ready stock ones are a lot cheaper than the PO ones, they are ranging from IDR 120.000 to IDR 200.000 (of course not as cheap as Indonesian made ones, but trust me it is worth it!), and they also have some sale items which is super cheap! Check out their SALE album! 

Visit their shop here : Rosemary Online

And you can make inquiry at : (62) 087881277772. Just don’t misuse this number I give you okay, this is strictly for ordering only, and text-messages only ladies, NO phone calls! 

So, what are you waiting for? Those of you who celebrate Chinese New Year, it’s time to hunt for CNY outfits! Like this one for an instant :
And those who aren’t… Valentine’s Day’s coming soon! How about this one for an inspiration : 
I am personally in love with this!
Don’t wait until the last minutes to purchase your outfit, make sure you look superb on the big day! And start by browsing Rosemary Online’s Collection, tell them I recommended them for you! *grin*

Leaving you with one more pic of me in the coat because i love it so much! 


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