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Hellow everybody!

I am writing this while curling up in pain (tummy cramps. You know, women thing) but i cannot wait to tell you all about a fabulous time that i had yesterday :)!

So, a few weeks ago Yennyca posted in our new group, Surabaya Beauty Bloggers , about Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's event called Believe in Miracle to celebrate Ladies Day, i decided to drop the contact person an e-mail asking for the details of the event (because they stated the event start from 10 AM and finished at 4 PM! Naturally i was concerned, right...). Long story short, i e-mailed back and forth with Melania (the Corp. PR & Event Manager) and after asking endless question (to which Melania patiently answered), roped in G to accompany me (and even Katherine in the end), i decided to join in the merriment :D.

Hunny was down with flu since Friday, so i was a bit panicked (you know... i don't drive. I'm naturally BAD at driving) but thankfully my companion that day (in case you're wondering, #Undecided's in Jakarta for a seminar with her idol, Cesar Milan. I hope she's not lying when she said she's going to blog about it), G, can drive and kindly picked me up. We were running a bit late, and we got a little lost (LOL, because none of us been there before, i've seen the place millions of times but... I am also horrible with directions. One of the reasons why i can't drive!) and i even managed to leave my camera at home! *Sigh* Whatta messy start! I did remember about it when we're not too far from my home so we quickly made a turn and picked it up *huge sigh of relief now*.

We finally arrived at almost 11 (the event's supposed to start at 10.30), but thanks to Indonesian leniency towards time (i am most definitely including myself in this category, although not as bad as #Undecided for sure) the event hadn't even started yet :D so i can proudly say, we're on time! Hehe.

Snapped a few pictures of the lobby
The registration desk and photo booth. You see half of the lady in red? That's Jennie and you're going to hear more about her in the future because we've set up a meeting for next week. Exciting!
The event area
Here's my bare-faced companion a.k.a one of my bestie :
G. She's totally bare faced because she's looking forward to the make over offered in this event! She's my BFF so i'm totally biased, but i think she's already very gorgeous so the MUA should not have a hard time!
Jennie (who welcomed us very warmly), told us that we can snap a picture on the photo booth area, uploaded it into our Twitter/Facebook and tagged Miracle's accounts to be exchanged into goodie bags :).
I was opting for a very light make up (because i'm ugh... not a morning person) and i think i look a bit pale in my pictures *___*
Then the event started!
The MC. I will start by telling you that i am HORRIBLE with names, so i'm not going to be able to quote the names that were not stated in the rundown >.< sorry!
There's a treatment bed at the "stage" for treatment demonstration
First up, Miracle's team introduced two treatments that can be done before make up to maximalized your make up application as well as to (of course) treat your skin.
The rep from Miracle asked all the ladies to do some movements to perk us all up, it was HILARIOUS
Miracle Renew White Facial
Miracle Renew White Facial is a facial meant to treat hyperpigmentations caused by the sun, hormonal medicines/treatments/contraception, cosmetics with certain ingredients, genetics or pregnancy. Renew White Facial itself is a combination between facial procedure with modified (with active ingredients) chemical peeling that is not too aggressive, so it can be done by non-medics (meaning : beauty therapists) with very minimum irritation.

The function is to brighten up your skin, reduce pigmentation, even out skin tone, smoothen skin (reduce the appearance of pores) and propel natural collagen and elastin's production on skin.
The before and after photo
Looks promising, yes? However, you need to do this treatment at least a few times to see significant results (the dermatologist suggested a package would be sufficient) and because they were strapped for time, the demonstration was not as thorough as the real treatment would. It's just an illustration on how everything would go down in the treatment.
Started with disinfecting both the therapist's and the client's hands
Then make up removing step begun
Followed with a thorough cleansing
Prepping for the first peeling
The first peeling is clear and light in consistency
Followed immediately (without removing the first peeling) with the second peeling that is thick and more opaque. In areas with hyperpigmentations, both peeling would be added generously with more helpings *sorry for the foodie term LOL*. Tingling and slight stinging sensation is expected but nothing too drastic or painful. After 3-7 minutes, the peelings were removed (in the demonstration it was taken off right away, though). No real SKIN peeling (you know, like a snake :p) is expected like in most regular peeling sessions. After the peeling ingredients were removed, the therapist would give the client a massage which acts as a neutralizer without using creams neutralizer, if this step is skipped then the client's skin would be reddish as it is not neutralized! Don't worry, even though your skin just been "peeled", you won't feel any pain when your face's being massaged!
After adding on Vitamin C serum, a thick mask (which later will turn rubbery) then added
Covering the whole face except the nostrills, it looked hilarious but i am actually used to this kind of masks (i use it at the end of every facial). Btw, somewhere in the process there would be a blackheads and whiteheads extraction, i was distracted and kinda missed that part, sorry!
The mask then removed after about 15 minutes, the therapist put on some toner and followed by Vitamin C serum AGAIN and finished up with some sunblock.
The MC asking the model about how the treatment felt like
It was followed by an brief introduction to another treatment called Maxi Revolift Facial, which is a perfect facial to do BEFORE a party (yes, you're reading right!) because it's very short and targeted to maximalized your make up so everything would look better on your skin, the result is instantaneous!

Maxi Revolift Facial would increase suppleness and tighten facial skin up so that skin would appear fresher and luminous, it would also activate skin renewal process. 

The dermatologist also gave out tips we all should follow for healthier skin :
1. Routinely cleanse and wash your skin, in the morning and at night.
2. Use products that are suitable for your skin type.
3. Use sun block 10 minutes before you start with your activities.
4. Go for a facial once every month.
5. Exercise routinely.
6. Get enough rest (this is especially hard for me!)
7. Drink minimum 2lt or water everyday (okay, this one also quite hard >.<)

Next up is  Rever Academy's Casual Make-Up & Hairstyle demo :
They worked on the model's face and hair at the same time (and yes, that's the same lady from the treatment)
It was around 12 i guess, and Katherine (who's always horribly late *LOL*, i think she's matching up to L and #Undecided in this category) finally showed up! In her defense, she came straight away after teaching (yes, this crazy girl's a teacher, can you believe it? LOL) finally showed up!
The MUA started with a base, i was very attracted to the foamy consistency but i gotta be honest, it was like... Super white and the model's quite dark so i was very taken aback when i saw that *LOL*
Continued by foundation, etc. Now, i actually didn't know the steps afterward (pretty sure it's the normal steps though :p) because... We saw the nail polish booth was empty and made a dash to get our nails done! When the make up & hair demo was done, my nails weren't! So i asked G (who's being very very helpful that day!) to help me find the girl and snapped a picture of the AFTER
Looking quite radiant and fresh! But in all honesty, i would never call this look (with the hair and falsies) casual!
Now, let's go to the fun part... When we got out nails done by Gloss and Glow's team!
Always fascinated with anything beauty related station, that's the nature of beauty bloggers i guess >.<
Their nail art selections
G choosing a color for her nails
I was attracted to a pastel mint color, and then the owner suggested colorful pastel nails and i obviously jumped to the chance!!!
Katherine also having her nails worked on
Showing off our pretty nails
One more!
AAAAA! I am obsessed with my candy nails! (I keep on thinking it looks more like Easter Eggs though!)
Group picture with the kind owner :)
A little promotion time, so you'd know where to go for their services :D
Btw, the owner is very good with nail styling! She took photographs of our nails using some application (Beauty something2) that made them look super pretty and dreamy! She's very perfectionist though, kept on tugging and adjusting out hands for a perfect position haha. Here's the final look she whipped out for me :
Very editorial, ey? Even with my chubby and stubby fingers!
She also kept on gushing about how the nails totally matches my pastel outfit, bag and even slippers hahaha... I was in a very pastel mood (hey, pastel is very Spring/Summer okay!) that day, will show you all about it later!

Btw, the NX 300 battery died right after the photo of me, G and Katherine up there! I already asked hunny to charge it and he said it's full, but i kept on forgetting that you should always re-charge it again the night before the camera's about to be used because even though the battery appeared to be full, it'll die very shortly if it was charged a few days before! Arghhh, this happened in the past (with my pinko) where my camera's battery would die very early in the day on travels, i dunno why i never learned!!! So, all the pictures beginning from my nails was taken by my BlackBerry -___- better than nothing, right!
My and Katherine's nails
G's nails and her rock n roll new knuckle duster ring haha
The prices for their services
Since i don't really go to nail salons much (except when sponsored, LOL) and one of the contents of the Goodie Bag that day is a 25% off voucher for Gloss and Glow, any of you (that lives in Surabaya, obviously) can have it if you're interested! You're gonna have to get it yourself of course, or pay postage if you want me to ship it to your address! Just drop me an e-mail at Mindypauline@gmail.com (don't send nonsense e-mails please, chain e-mails and promoting stuffs you're selling will get yourself blocked *threatening*!)

Back to the event! 2nd session was surprisingly interesting, V Shape Beauty Perfection.
Explanation about the so-called perfect face shape. Song Hye Kyo's face popped out, as well as some shocking before and after photos of Koreans who went under the knife. Of course the current trend is the V-shaped face, thanks to Korean standard of beauty, i guess :p
The model for this demo, with plastic wraps on her face (where the topical anesthesia was added sometime ago in private). I don't know if you can see it clearly, but she has a round face with (sorry!!!) very flat nose. I do feel bad for her because the doctors kept on referring to her "imperfections" that were going to be improved that day
Topical anesthesia removal
Dr. Elita (i hope i got this right!!!!) (CORRECTION : Jennie just informed me, this is actually Dr. Elly, Dr. Elita is the speaker!) drew on the parts where she would work on the model's face. Totally reminded me of the TV series Dr 90210! Except that she's not having a plastic surgery, just some fillers and botox :P!
The model getting ready for injections, i was super nervous for her that my heart was hammering and my hands turned cold *LOL*. I am super scared of needles!!!
The doctor stuck the needle on her nose!!! Gyaaaaa!!!! The crowd went crazy, shrieking in horror *LOL*
And it was just another anesthesia so the actual procedure hadn't even begun yet *cover my eyes*
Showing the clear gel-hyaluronic acid filler
And in it goes! The crowd (me included) went crazy again that the speaker kept on assuring us that it was totally painless, she used the term "The supporters are always louder than the player" since the model just sat there with a calm look upon her face
Dr. Elly kept on massaging the model's nose while injecting the filler (and you have to breathe with your mouth during the process), this is essential because she was molding the shape of the coveted higher nose bridge as the filler went in. The filler will settle after 24 hours so you'll have to be extra careful within that time frame because the filler is still settling! Btw we immediately saw her nose becoming a LOT higher than before! Like a miracle!
She then went to inject botox on the model's chin (you know, so she can haz V-shaped chin :D)
And cheeks to make her face less round and has more shape (dunno why it's less scary to see the botox part, the nose filler was the worse! Everybody in the audience seemed to agree since they were as horrified as me on the nose part but seem unfazed when the botox was done!)
Botox however, takes a lot longer to show (around 2 weeks?) so you can't see actual result yet
But the nose? It was cray cray! Not sure if you can see it in this picture, but her nose is SIGNIFICANTLY more prominent and she actually has nose bridge now!
Now, you know i am very open minded and i always think i'm going to have a botox injection in the future to correct wrinkles (hopefully not for another 30 years though!), but i am also deadly scared of injections and somehow the nose part really freaked me out T.T. BUT! It really really works! It's amazing how after a few seconds of injections the nose changed so drastically! I can see why people would want to do it though! I don't have a very pretty nose but it's not bad, so for me personally maybe injection is not something i'd ever consider *LOL*.

Fillers (like botox) are not permanent solutions though, it'll fade (in almost a year?) but according to the doctor, it would not only change your appearance dramatically in an instant, but in the long term it also work as a corrector since after the filler is gone, the part that's been filled before usually won't turned 100% as flat as it used to be.

Again according to the doctor, allergic reaction is very rare (like, 1 in a million) and there are no scary side effects. The only food you should avoid within 24 hours of filler injection on the nose area is the spicy ones because it can cause a runny nose. Your nose would also feel weird for a few hours but it should feel normal afterwards.

All the information i gathered was from this event, but you HAVE to book an appointment and do a proper consultation should you ever feel compelled to do any filler/botox injections! And please do it on a prestigious clinics like Miracle, we don't want anything bad happening to any of you!

Next session was a sharing session with Mrs. Oky Mia, a fashion designer and an advocate for Autism Awareness.
Mrs. Mia was the one on red, i only stayed until the part where she revealed that she has two autistic children and still have a normal life (amazing woman!) because then G was called in for the make over she's been waiting for and i wanted to take pictures!
The makeover was done in two treatment rooms so it was really cramped!
Hmmm play things...
I took the liberty to snap a pic of the cosy, clean and spacious place
One of the treatment rooms
G with the MUA, sorry2 the lighting was kinda dim and you know how BlackBerry's cameras are in dim lighting T.T
After make over
I took a chance with my NX 300 and tried using it again-and managed to snapped 3 pictures before it died again *LOL*
For comparison. Hey, i like the brows, you should totally do your brows daily, G!
And when we emerged from the make over room, the event's already wrapped up :D. Not to waste G's freshly made up face we went to GM for some retail therapy (relax, i only bought ONE thing, a baby pink Dorothy Perkins' midi skirt on a 50% off :P)! It was a very interesting and fun day, thanks to G and Katherine for keeping me company and the nail polish part to totally made my day! And shrieking at other people getting injections on the face also added more fun to the day *no i am not a sadist!*.
The goodie bag
Vouchers from Rever Academy, Gloss and Glow, Miracle and two sachets of Miracle's products
Other than that Melania and the Miracle team also gifted me with a free facial voucher (and more IDR 100.000 vouchers that i can give to my friends) :)
Interesting. My mom does O2 facials all the time but i usually stick with the basic ones. We'll see how i like this kind of facial :D
Thank you for Miracle for having me and G, giving us a very information-filled, fun day and pretty nails to go home with :D (thanks to Gloss and Glow, of course). I will be writing more about Miracle in the future since i have that facial to try and also the meeting lined up for next week, i hope you won't be bored!

Before i leave, i want to show you my #OOTD first. I didn't take a lot of pictures, not enough to make a full post about the outfit, so i'm just gonna include them here :

I was running late (like always) so i hurriedly took pictures. The result is very blurry *story of my life* LOL but you can still see my outfit right! I wanted to be comfortable so i opted for this flowy chiffon dress with beautiful color combos!
Lace Top and Pastel Color-Block Chiffon Dress : Online, Bag : TriBecca, Jelly flip flops : Online
Sorry for showing you my fugly feet *LOL (proof that i don't really go for pedicures :p, i even rarely paint my toes >.<) but i wanted to show you my cute flip flops!
And no outfit would be complete without some matching accessories, right? Actually i already decided to wear something pastel, girly and flowy for this day because i was supposed to attend LL's tea party (with Shabby Chic dress code) but clearly i couldn't because of this event but i was in the mood for the flowy, feminine look already!
My accessories of the day. It's so annoying that Pinko can take such a clear and bright pictures of accessories in one second, and super blurry outfit photos the next zzz
Got a lot of compliments for this fun charm bracelet! Got it from Berjaya Times Square, KL
Big Peach Rose Ear Studs : Genting, Malaysia. Yellow stoned ring : part of a ring set, Next
Usagi necklace : Grand Palace (GC)
One more picture of my #NOTD that matches the whole look perfectly hihihi, thx Lea for the picture :D
I didn't have time to snap #FOTD and when i went home 11 hours later, i looked like i've been beaten up so it's not possible to take #FOTD then *LOL*. I went with very light make ups that day, just BB cream+concealer+powder, eye brow mascara, eyeliner, pink blush on and lips! This is the best that i got (taken by G who's 17 cm shorter than me T.T so the angle was....)
I really hate my bangs when it's in the in-between stage (not short enough but also not long enough to be parted sideways) and find it SO hard to manage GAHHH. I also feel very weird with non-enlarging contacts  now :(...
Okay, gotta go now! 


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  1. pengen banget ke sini, tapi lagi hamil belum boleh pakai macem-macem. abis melahirkan deh secepatnya ke sini hehehe. nice review ;)

    1. Wah lg hamil yah, congrats yaaa :D, wishing you a smooth and safe pregancy+delivery!

  2. komplit bangett ce >.< sayang aku ga bs ikut krn kerja T___T
    asik banget kayaknya acaranyaa hehe
    nice post <3

    1. Iya aq emg detail oriented bgt org nya hahaha... Wah sabtu2 masih kerja yah? Iya sayang bgt pd ga bisa dtg :( kalo rame2 pst makin seru aja!

  3. nice post ! suka dengan acara2 begini, ohya btw setahuku di Jogja juga ada miracle klinik

    1. Thank you :). Iyah, Miracle skrg sdh buka cabang dimana2 tp pusatnya di Surabaya :)

  4. gelangnyaaaaaaaa *salahfokus* hahahaaa coba di Bandung ada acara2 serupa ya >.< bandung sepi nih huhuhuuuu

    1. Wahhh, banyak yg suka ma gelangnya yah hahaha... Walah d sby juga sepiiii Win, Jakarta tuh yg tiap minggu kyknya ada aja hahaha... 2014 ini kayaknya ini event pertama deh

  5. wah komplit banget report nya ce hihi~ acaranya kayaknya seru bgt yaa sayang kmrn aku ga bisa dateng >__<

    1. Hehehe komplit ya, semoga it's a good thing ya! Iya seru koq hehee sayang pd ga bisa dtg :(

  6. wow..loved everything...beautiful pics.
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    1. Thank you, dear :). It's always nice to have your nails done, especially when it's totally free *LOL*

  8. waah pdhal pengen ikutan juga cuma ga bisa... sedih deh... T_T

  9. Wow candy colored nails look yummy! I hope I can also wear such colors in the office hehe. Attending beauty talks is always so much fun. There's meeting new friends and also getting new info.

    1. Yeah, i'm totally in love with my nail colors! LOL. Definitely not office friendly though hahaha. Yes, i love beauty events, too bad we don't get much events in our town, everything's too concentrated in Jakarta!

  10. thats a great article... very thorough! many will find this helpful... cute nails by the way! Is that a new skin care clinic? their treatment is very promising.

    1. Thank you :D. It's not new actually! It's been around for many years. Yes, looks that way, i will know more when i get some treatments there :) i will definitely write about my experience!