A Date with Oline Ver 2.0 & Recent Haul

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If you read my previous post from yesterday you'd know that we're supposed to go to Teretes to celebrate A's birthday this morning-afternoon, but there were some problems (mainly because one of #Undecided's dog suddenly got a continuous nosebleed, and given what just happened with her other dog-she was really worried and couldn't leave her side) arise and we decided to postpone the event to next week (because we'd rather postpone than having incomplete personnel haha). 

I'm honestly glad we did, didn't have enough sleep last night (i finally fell asleep around 4 AM, even Sweet Dreams didn't help this time! After months of lazying around my hunny decided to go back to the gym and with his muscles popping back up, so is the moaning, groaning and EXTRA loud snores. OMG kill me kill me now), woke up with swollen eyes, fuzzy head and runny nose at 8. I spent my Monday sleeping, like i was having a hangover (LOL. I didn't! All i drank last night was liters of water) and now suddenly i got a neck crick and i couldn't move my head to the left. Perfect -____-. Hope everybody's having funner Monday than moi! Enough moping, moving on to happier things now!

As you already know, i went on another date with Oline last Saturday, dragging along my 15 year old niece Au because i was hoping they'd get along (Au's too shy to talk much that day but she's warming up *LOL*) since they're just 2 years apart age-wise, and i was also hoping that being around other young girl who loves make up like Oline might rub into Au a bit and makes her more feminine. Hey, one can hope, right?
Me, Oline and Au

We were freaking out (not in a bad way) a little bit because apparently the lighting in CW is SUPERB, all the pictures turned out pretty fantastic. You know, bright and all! Oline's exact words were "Like those Singaporean blogs with great photos!" LOL. I think Au's definitely on that shy, everything-embarrass-me kind of stage that most teenagers went through (even though my other niece BB seems to skip that stage altogether haha) and we had to drag her to take pictures with us.

Btw, did you notice that Au's wearing make up? I mean... FULL make up? LOLOLOL... That's all Oline's doing (okay okay, me too hahaha)! We were checking out make up counters and while we were playing with Lancome testers, i *with no real reason* asked the (male) BA the foundation shade that match Au's skin tone. One thing led to another, and Oline kept on giving me codes that translates into "Let him give her a make over!!!". We kept on hinting about it and the nice BA offered *just as we hoped he would* to try the foundation on her face *mean laugh HIHIHIHIHIHI*, and after he's done with the foundie, he asked "Should i put on some make up on her too?". MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA by all means, sir!!!

Look at her tortured expression and that's hunny recording the whole thing hahaha
Sorry for dark pictures, i snapped them with my BB. I was worried if i whip out my camera then the BA would suspect that we planned this all along *we didn't! I swear!*

Oh well, she wouldn't stop complaining and pulling a look afterward, but i can tell that she actually liked it too *LOL*. I guess she's just too proud to admit so. Maybe she thinks it's not cool to wear make up (wonder why since her beloved boy bands members wear lots of make up!) and all.
The result. The BA told us that it'd look better if she let her air down and he's totally right! Suddenly transformed to a sexy lady? Hahahaha
Now we just need to make her practice posing better *LOL* and open her eyes wider!
I think the BA did a decent job, but i totally can do better *smug*. LOL.

Was worried i'd look like their mum, but hunny told me that it looked like i was bringing two little sisters, so that's okay hahaha
Ohh i look busty *yes, that's all the bra LOL*

The reason why we went to CW that day was actually to pick up an Etude House's BB Cream that i got on a special deal in Metro Department Store's weekday deal. We totally behaved that day, Oline only bought a Revlon lipstick (although i must point out that she wanted to buy TWO, just so happened that the other color's OOS hahaha) and we shopped at The Little Things She Needs. Okay, i bought quite a lot and Oline only bought one, whatever :p.

I will show you what i got that day together with the other haul i accumulated lately *sigh...*, but first : OOTD :D.
Forgetting Spring fashion for a night because i wanted to wear that baroque printed skirt hahaha
So it happened that the skirt's way too short so i put on a patterned legging underneath, and put on a simple plain top (with some military embellishment on the right chest) so it won't be too much
Whoops, my security short's peeking out. I'm loving the vintage bag (really vintage, it's my mum's when she was young!), i have no idea how to read the brand's (because of their weird usage of lettering), Malini or something
Grey Top : Matahari Department Store
Baroque Printed Skirt : Online
Tartan Printed Stocking : LL's old boutique, Aegeshii (Defunct)
Wide Brown Belt : The Executive
Shoes : Everbest
Bag : Malini (vintage)

FOTD with darker eye make up, plummy blush and frosted violet lips
Okay... Are you ready for my haul? I really didn't realize that it was that bad (for a week or two >.<) but when i put them all together... It looked pretty bad -___-.

Collective Haul

The beauty and health stuffs
First up : the BB cream (actually they call it BB dation, so... it's a hybrid of BB cream and foundation? I don't know, i just got it because of the low price *LOL*. I know Etude House's price in the outlet's pretty sky high, they claimed that the actual price of this BB dation (at counters) to be IDR 478.000 and the special price for the daily surprise deal was IDR 89.000. Not bad even compared to online shops, isn't it? I'm not so sure because i rarely buy base make ups. Usually i'd buy them if they're having a promotion but i always hold myself back when it comes to base make ups, unlike decorative colored ones *___*)

Etude House Precious Mineral BB dation 30 gr, i got it in the lightest shade : light beige.
I didn't even know Metro had a website before, let alone the fact that they have daily (on weekdays) surprise deals (the items changes everyday, i kept on checking for a few days but nothing interesting was on promo then i got bored and forgot all about it *LOL*), i saw the promo when Etude House's RT-ed their promotional tweet :p.

Oh, i totally forgot, other than the BB dation and accessories, i also bought a The Body Shop's shower gel. They were having an exhibition that day with special 25% off all item on earth hour.
They decorated the exhibition with their latest line, honey
I was trying to snap a pic of the BAs looking cute with their honey bee headbands hahaha but wasn't too successful because i didn't want to be too obvious (i always fear people would come up to me and told me to not take pictures. ZZZ. Especially in Indonesia where bloggers are very under-appreciated)
Hunny paying for our purchase
Actually there were a LOT of interesting items beckoning us, but i was already getting tired after four hours or so on high heels *LOL, in my defense my heels doesn't have a cushiony sole* and kept on reminding myself i do not need anymore beauty products. I still have plenty of stocks of TBS stuffs as well!
Bought the Honey Mania Shower Gel because i am a total sucker for honey anything and been wanting to get something from this line. With a 25% discount i decided to get this, being the only sensible thing i could purchase *with us using shower gel every day and all...*
Moving on to other beauty stuffs... I ordered a Nivea package (i really wanted those Nivea lip butters that isn't available in Asia :(...) from an Ulta PO Kat2 was having, but her supplier forgot to place our orders!!! And we got informed like, 4 months later -___-. Then when Kat2 opened a Cherry Culture PO, i decided to get this colorful little thing that caught my eyes for a while now as a replacement :p...

L.A. Colors Bag of Beauty. You know, affordable price with plenty of (women's) toys inside.... I am forever a sucker for this kind of packages. I think i paid IDR 200.000 for this :p
Mini haul from Nicula Beauty Store (this is my second time ordering from them but... i haven't posted my first haul >.<)
I actually just wanted to order this : Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm in Strike a Rose (that is not available in Asia). You know... i collect Baby Lips... i must have every variant... and every colors... *I got this one on a special price IDR 50.000 (they sell other colors for IDR 60.000) because it has no box. I don't care about boxes haha... Now i need the other 5 colors please!* anyway, because i'm too kiasu to pay the shipping for only one little lip balm, i hunted for something else to buy
And decided to add this Hard Candy In the Shadows in 022 Splendid. I love the cute packaging and it comes with a small eye shadow primer as well! Plus it was only IDR 58.000! I thought it'd be very tiny seeing the price, but it's actually decent sized! I regret not getting more for presents and all *LOL*
Next is a supermarket and drugstore haul. Stock up on Vaseline Total Moisture in Aloe Fresh, the best drugstore body lotion for hunny's skin. I went through two big bottles like this in a short few months for hunny, so i always need to stock up. It was on sale, so i got two. I'm actually interested to get the gigantic bottle that i only see in Papaya supermarket, i think it's probably imported coz i don't see them anywhere else
I also got these Marina Hand & Body Lotion in Avocado & Olive because of the freebie *LOLOLOL*. I actually purchased Marina body lotions a while back and still haven't gotten to use it (so i have no idea if i'm gonna like it or not), but... you know... Cheap price and a freebie.. And the fact that i go through body lotions super fast anyway... *justifying self*
Got this Adidas Women Relax Shower Gel (Flower Bouquet) because it was on the sale section, i sniffed and it smelled great (i know it's supposed to be floral scented but i picked up coconut-y scent as well, maybe my nose's broken...) so i got it >.<
Yea... I got Secret Clean's shower gel (that of course i haven't tried) on my last haul, but they have very yummy scents and added more items... I couldn't resist picking up their Berry Body Mist and Banana Body Butter, yummy! (and cheap haha)
Went to Guardian and got lured by the BA to get the Palmolive Morning Tonic Shower Gel on a special price (only IDR 19.900 for the huge refill bag!), one of the few drugstore (now Palmolive can be classified as their original class in Indonesia, it used to be pretty expensive somehow!) shower gel that doesn't kill off hunny's skin. This is our second refill btw, the first one's finished!
And the real reason why we went into Guardian in the first place, stocking up in Sweet Dreams. Highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia like me, it's a life saver! Usually i'd only buy when they're having a promotion (usually 20% off)-which is like... constantly. But sadly this time we had to pay full price IDR 185.000, but my old bottle's running out and i usually get sick (ill :p) if i couldn't sleep for a few consecutive days so... hunny insisted on buying zzzz. I'm thinking of making a review for this...

#Undecided went to KL with his office mates on an outing last week and i asked her to help me get B.liv's Off with Those Heads facial gel. I've been using this B.liv trial kit (from a Singaporean magazine, and the trial kit's not stingy okay! I wish Indonesian magazine would be as generous, then maybe i'd buy them once in a while haha) and fell head over heels with the gel after two usage. I tried to resist and thought i could wait until my next trip to get a bottle (it's not like i am low on skin care or anything...) but after another two days... I couldn't help myself! My white and black heads literally fell off and my face feels super duper soft and smooth! So i Googled and even though i was a bit taken aback by the price, i decided that it's worth it...

And #Undecided actually gave it to me as a gift!!!
Don't you think i have the best BFF in the world??? I really do! Haha. 
She also got this Cotton On tee for hunny. And some more stuffs for Baby Boy that as usual i immediately passed to him so i didn't take any photos of...
Anyway... when we went to Carrefour for our hotel's cleaning supplies, i didn't only picked up those Vaseline and Marina body lotions, i  saw carts full of shoes on a crazy sale and went hunting...
And got these!!! *giggle* All three for less than IDR 80.000, whaddaya know...
Pink Crocs-looking wedges for IDR 29.900
And flower patterned jelly Mary Janes in bronze and silver (IDR 24.500 each. That's like... USD 2. LOL)
I actually own two similar looking jelly shoes (in creme and pink) but they're platform instead of flats and i paid like, more than 5x the price of this zzz. Actually i already saw in various online stores how they reduced the price like crazy after the craze faded *gahhhh*, but these shoes' probably made from a lower grade rubber-still pretty similar though!'

I also... went nutz on accessories again...

Got all of these from #Undecided's colleague slash our yoga buddy, Ave *sigh*. In my defense, this is accumulated from three consecutive POs!
The necklaces, mainly chunky statement necklaces. I need to start wearing them *LOLOLOL*
And bracelets
Freebie from two different POs for exceeding a certain amount...
Speaking of freebie, i also got these from ordering China made clothing POs...
Back to that date with Oline, The Little Things She Needs were having a sale..
Everything went for IDR 19.900. Even the belts and obis! I was attracted to a white fur obi, but unfortunately they were all stained and dirty so i didn't get them...
Statement rings...
And earrings. Oline also got the same butterfly ones :D
And the latest haul from New Look... On their usual promotion, 3 for 2. Paid IDR 83.800 for all three
Gold leaf headband that i hope to wear in a wreath kind of style, it's already big enough i'd just have to stretch it out a bit more hahaha
Ear studs set, i love sets like these... New Look has lots of them!
And cute gold and black bird bracelet that i almost totally overlooked while rummaging for something of similar price to get *coz i am kiasu like that*...
Before i go, i just want to say something about The Face Shop's Surabaya outlets' BAs... What the hell's wrong with them??? They were having an up to 70% off sale, but both times (in CW and GM) i tried to ask the price and discount of the items they totally... ignored me. When Oline persisted and asked for the price, they mumbles "I'll go check..." then come back and mumbled "250 or 350", we couldn't hear her. I repeatedly asked her "Is it 250 or 350?" and she just nodded and mumbled something even more non-understandable. That one's the one if CW, the one is GM was not better, when asked for the price she was like "I think it's 30% off. Maybe." then she left to attend to another visitor (in her defense, they were making a payment) and never bothered to return to us. 

WHAT'S UP THE FACE SHOP Surabaya???? How are you ever going to be able to clear out your stocks if you BAs doesn't show the slightest interest in selling your stuffs??? I remember buying The Face Shop clearance sale items in Jakarta and not only they put up every price clearly (including the discounted prices), the BAs were also very friendly and helpful! WTH. It's either The Face Shop Surabaya's planning to close down soon or they need to sack all of their BAs and replaced them with normal ones (Or at least put on clear signs for every price). I have the same suggestion for a lot of other make up brands though. LOL.

Okay, that's enough rambling for now! Toodles!


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  1. Ceeee... Aku yg honeymania dpt bosy buttwr + scrub free shower gel.. Tmbh dikit dpt whitw musk libertine edt 30ml. Guila pol... :x

    1. Dapet... dapet gimana toh Sab? Belanja ta? Hihihihii

    2. Mwahaha.. Maap ce ngetik via hp jd salah smua huruf e :p
      Iya.. Aku beli tbs honeymania pas ada deal beli body butter+body scrub free body wash. Trs kalau blnjae smpai 500 dpt edt white musk libertine yg 30 ml.. x.x

    3. Owww huahahaha buingung lo aq td Sab >.<... walahh lumayan yaaa... trus akhire km tambah ga? Kalo sisa sitik kan rugiii sab (mikire gini terus lo makae koq ga mandek2 belanja, tiap x ada deal matae ijo)

    4. Maapkan >_<
      Akhire aku nambah hand cream demi edt seharga 200an yg free itu ce... Apalagi kliatan edt gt bonuse.. Lgsg mataku tmbh ijo ce. Wkwkwk... Berasa murah jd e..

    5. Huahahaha iya Sab, aq juga ga tahan kalo ada deal2 gitu, wes pasti ta babat abis hahahaha...

  2. I always drolling all over everytime I see your haul ci ><
    How can you manage to use all of them? XD btw soal BA, emg mayoritas suka od judes or ga niat klo ngelayanin ya ._. Apalagi dulu pas masuh pake seragam SMA, dicuekin hahaha xD

    1. Errrr... I don't. LOL. Kalo sabun2 sama body lotion pake nya ber 2 Cel, hubby ku orangnya tinggi and kulit nya amit2 kering kerontang jd nyedot body lotion kayak d minum.... LOL. Huah bener itu, koq aneh ya namanya BA kan harusnya jstr ramah tuh... zzzz... Yg high end gt malah lbh friendly (kecuali MUFE...)

  3. Aku dapet promo etude itu juga ce diemail sama Metronya tapi pas lihat yang di promo BB dation ga jadi beli soalnya aku ndak cocok huhuhu.. tapi harganya memang murah pas promo kemarin hehehe ^^

    1. Hihihi iya Sha, aq soale pake BB cream/foundi apa ae kayake ga ada beda e sihhh n jarang beli2 juga lek base (dibandingno eyeshadow apa lippies maksude...) jd pas ada promo murah lsg d samber hehehe

  4. I agree! It's better to let her hair down and maybe add some more volume! Whaha she should learn how to apply makeup from you so she can well appreciate the beauty it brings as well. :)

    1. Actually her hair is like a lion's *LOL*, very big and crazy, her mum got her hair thinned by a hairdresser to make it look less crazy! Hahaha, she's totally not into make up right now, but maybe she will be one day :D

  5. ce, la colors paketnya kok murahhh *Q*
    cuma 200k dpt segitu banyak??

    1. Iya Shel, beli di Katherine tu pas PO Ulta, pas diskon gede2an. L.A Colors tp emg murmer kan ya? Aq kpne beli palette2 e under 50rb gt hehe

  6. wow you bought a lots of things, by the way i like your hair color