To Owen With Love...

8:50:00 PM

This virtual letter is dedicated to our favorite little boy : Owen Micah S. (A.K.A Baby Boy)

We're feeling sappy today. Bear with us.

Dear Baby Boy,

You may not believe it, but the moment I saw the baby version of you almost 7 years ago, I knew you would always be my favorite little boy. I told your mom and dad over and over again that they did such a great job making you (how? Ask them! LOL), this perfect little boy with the biggest smile I've ever seen. 

I know I'm not your mother, but thank you for letting everybody know that I'm your fave aunt (I am, right?! *stare*) and thank you for always beaming every time you see me. It always makes my day... I know I will never be your fun Om Aswin, but we have our moments, don't we... Only you can make me sit inside an imaginary car playing war with some imaginary soldiers (made out of stuffed animals) and building toy monster from scratch.

I know your mom always says how she misses the baby version of you, but I am super excited to see that you're growing up to be this incredibly smart little man (sorry but the baby version of you didn't speak perfect English to me!). Don't let this get to your head but you're the smartest almost 7 year old I know, so smart that sometimes I forget that you're still a boy. Please do not lose that charm and no matter how big you get, don't forget that I'm always gonna be your Iie Biting (although thank you for always calling me by my real name now and ignoring your dad whenever he tries to tell you differently!)

One day when I have a boy (please Universe, I insist!!!) on my own, I hope you'll be his big brother and play with him the way I play with you. Hold his hands the way I hold yours. And love him the way I love you.

I know I don't say this enough, but always remember that I have your back, and I love you!

Iie Biting

Dear Baby Boy,

It's your crazy, annoying, naggy mummy here :D. I know i don't say "I love you" enough (because we're from this old fashioned-stiff Asian family who shudders at the mere thought of lovey dovey words), but i've always been better with written words than saying it anyway. I also hope i show you enough how much i love you through my hugs and kisses.

I wasn't expecting you when you appeared, just a little peanut inside my belly (you were literally so small you hardly made a bump into my bloated-at-best belly, you made me grow SO fat in other areas though *mean stare*) but as soon as i heard about you, i fell right in love with you. So deeply in love that i often day-dreamed about holding you (using the pillow as a prop) while you're still inside, swimming around like the active-bigger version of the peanut that you are now. 

Please remember, despite all my nagging (you must study, Baby Boy! You must do your homework!! NOW NOW NOW!!!), my high pitched angry squeals whenever you misbehave, my seemingly nonchalant behavior (that's just the way your mummy is, i believe you can relate) sometimes, i love love love LOVE you. More than anything, more than life itself. Don't let ANYTHING makes you ever have a doubt in that. 

I am always the proudest mother in the world whenever you do even the smallest little thing, and boy, did you do a lot. I watched you be the cutest Ugly Duckling when you were 4, the chubbiest little grasshopper when you were 5 and the most adorable little Cu Pat Kai less than a year ago (not to mention countless other things like how you can speak in Mandarin when i just stare with my mouth agape. Or listening to the smart remarks seemingly coming from someones much older than you. And plenty more).
My eyes always brimmed with tears of immeasurable pride whenever i see you do your thang in that stage. And how i admire and adore you, my little Baby Boy, to have the confidence i never had. To have the bravery i never felt. To be the little perfect creature that you are (yes, i am your mummy, i am biased in a lot of ways, but you really are perfect!). 

Sometimes i get jealous, at how close you are with your grand mother (yes, my own mum), i wonder how i'd feel when you have a real girlfriend (no, Jesslyn, Tiffany, Keisha, etc didn't count) someday. I hope i can be a cool MIL though, and not be one of those crazy ones that hold on to you for dear life! And i do hope, you will always look at me with those wide-eyed (even though you have small eyes like your daddy, teehee) wonder. And i hope you will always tell me "Mummy, you're SOOOO pretty!!!" whenever i'm wearing a princessy dress, or painting my nails. Because i do not care what the rest of the world say, as long as i am beautiful in your eyes (well, and your daddy's...), the rest of the world can shrivel up and die for all i care. I hope i will be your forever love, just like you will always... always be mine.

I love you,

(This entry is written for Valentine Blogging Competition with B Blog

I know that #Pink and I are writing this for a "blogging competition", but it doesn't make what we wrote about Baby Boy less meaningful. I seriously hope that one day he will be able to read this and use this as a reminder how much he is loved.

And obviously it will be more meaningful if we can tell him that we WON *ahem*.


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  1. *usep air mata*
    terharu bacanyaa :') baby boy lucuuu <3

    1. Makaciiii cc Icelll *kisses from Baby Boy*

    I cannot forget the way he translated every English name of his robotic virtual character inside the Transformer game that day, the way he translated Atom and Ambush and how I laughed so hard until today if the memory of that moment strikes into my head again!
    Lovely boy, you got new (ahem) sister and DON'T CALL ME AUNTY EVEN THO YOUR MOM IS DEFFO A BIG SISTER TO ME TOO

    1. Hihihihi thank you Cece Olineee, and of course he won't call you auntie, mummy already introduced you as CECE Oline, remember?
      Even though there are girls your age who are cruel enough to call my mummy "auntie" pfffffttttt, that is so WRONG! LOL

  3. Wow :) That was such lovely post :)
    I could totally relate how the families never express their love :D
    I am sure your boy would be really happy that you wrote such a lovely letter for him :)

    1. Thank you :).
      I hope so, i will show it to him once he's old enough to understand :D

  4. so cute, love the pics :D