#Pink's CNY 2014's Looks

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Hellowww everybody!!!!

It's been a crazy busy four days for me, i'm dead tired and have no time to blog properly yet. I have so much to tell you though! It's been pretty much four days full of non-stop celebrations (which is good according to the fortune teller, see my previous post to see what i mean) haha. But like i said, too tired to think much but i do miss blogging (i'm addicted i guess) so i'm just gonna do the easy stuffs first : showing off my Chinese New Year looks!

CNY's Eve, CNY morning and CNY night outfits. All about red, of course! (it symbolizes fortune and luck!)

I just love dressing up, i'm totally the type of person that always goes overboard on holidays and festivities so you won't ever see me not dressing up to the occasion! And Chinese New Year is like the single most important holiday if you're Chinese, so all the new make ups must come out as well for me :p.

All the new stuffs (the most important one : new undies!) start to come out on CNY eve in my family, so here are my new make ups for the night :

Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss (but i only managed to use it on the CNY night!) in 5 (Glow), The Face Shop's Lovely Me Ex Color My Eye Brow in No 2 (Light Brown), Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment, Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in 9 (Grape Glitz) and Lancome Eye Shadow Quad (i got it from my mum, it's tiny-containing 1.52gr of eye shadows in total so i guess it's a travel size?)
I mentioned just a few days ago about how obsessed (in a bad way) i was with my super dark, jet black eye brows after i had my hair retouched. How jarringly clashing the colors was, how weird i suddenly felt-that i wasted no time to hunt for the cheapest (errr... Old habits die hard you know...) eye brow mascara around. I purchased one immediately from Chic Princessa (along with a few other stuffs, will show you soon!) and been wearing it every day since the 30th! 

It was the cheapest one available in Chic Princessa (IDR 65.000) and i wasn't even sure about the color matching my hair (because i couldn't find any review for the mascara type, only the pencil types! Wonder if this is a new product or something?) and was super nervous about not being able to apply it properly (i've never done anything to my eyebrow other than plucking it in the past! I know squat about applying products to my brows! I don't even know how to use eye brow pencils!), but it was a lot easier than i expected!
CNY's Eve's FOTD
My CNY nails, using Etude House Dear My Party Nails PBK801
I love love love this chiffon dress, so floaty and pretty! Very flattering shape too (not suitable for very skinny girls though, my niece Au tried it on once and she looked like a lost kite or something :p)
My fave sleeve length : Check! Princessy material : Check! Decent length so i won't need to worry about my pesky relatives' comments : Check!
Paired it with a golden obi since the zipper's golden (also perfect because CNY's identical with red and gold! It's all about the cha-chingggg for us Chinese i guess :p)
Completed the outfit with this large structured clutch that i got from Sogo on sale (of course) a while back. I haven't even featured it in my haul post, that's how behind i am with my haul posts!
Red Chiffon Dress : Body and Soul, Golden Obi : Magnolia, Structured Floral Clutch : Sogo, Heels : Everbest. Everything were brand new except for the heels that you've seen a thousand times in various posts
I only wore genuine gold (and diamond) during CNY season, it's tradition (and also to make sure we attract even more ca-ching for the upcoming year of course! LOL)! Oh yeah, i bought the dress after eyeing for the longest time in Body and Soul, it was just too bloody expensive (IDR 450.000 or something)! Even after being on sale, it was not exactly cheap (IDR 250.000) but after months of putting it off, i caved in. Believe it or not, i got it in XS (it was the last piece, or so they said) and it's still gigantic. A week later i visited Body and Soul again, and of course... New stocks comes out and it's been further reduced to IDR 195.000. My only consolation was it was in size M (which is crazy since the XS was so HUGE already) and would look awful on me. If you see it XS (for IDR 195.000) please don't ever let me know.
Here's an extra outfit pic with my brand new pajama :p! It's cute, isn't it? My mum got it for me and i couldn't stop protesting on why she only got me one (we're supposed to have two pairs, one for CNY's Eve and one for the actual CNY)
Cam-whoring my CNY nails, even on my pajama :P (haven't removed my make up, obvi)

Then more new make ups for the actual CNY, naturally!

Collection Work The Colour Trio in 5 (Champagne Fizz); Eyeshadow Pencils in 5 (Midnight Glam) and 1 (Vanilla Sky); Blush & Highlight Cream Duo in 2 (Peaches & Cream), Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou in 1 (Red Chou)-old packaging, Ocean Soda Pops Lip Balm in Grape
CNY morning FOTD
Yea... It was really early in the morning (for me, of course. You know how big of an owl i am) and i (as always) didn't get enough sleep the night before... So... Woke up looking super puffy!
Of course, donning my brand new red (what else) Fossil Bag
Can't stop cam-whoring with my pretty nails hahahaha. And clearly the mirror needed to be cleaned again

But not on CNY of course, you do know we're not supposed to clean up (and throw away stuffs, or say bad words, and a million other rules that i broke simultaneously) on CNY right? Chinese believe that cleaning up and throwing out stuffs (including dusts) would mean throwing away lucks and prosperity! We seriously don't want that right!
An awesome OOTD pic taken by my hunny. If only he takes this kind of shots all the time, i can stop taking mirror selfies, but it's one in a million kind of shot really *LOL* i just got ridiculously lucky that day hahahah. Red Wrap Dress : Zara, Red Skinny Belt with Little Golden Bow Buckle : Stroberi, Bag : Fossil, Heels : Charles & Keith

I didn't buy these heels especially for this CNY, i actually got this like, a year ago or something *LOL* on 60% off and been hoarding it forever. It was perfect for my outfit though, pray to God it won't crumble the next time i wear it since i kept it (in brand new condition) for so long!
The dress was not bought recently either, got it on Zara's previous sale like in July or August of 2013! But i already knew i wanted to wear it for the next CNY so of course i kept it in one of my closets of shame! It also ticked off all the right boxes (except that it's more chic than princessy, made from soft cotton) as it was flattering (anything that covers my massive arms loosely are flattering for my body shape really), decent (you know, CNY is all about meeting your nosy relatives and family friends. They can be the most obnoxious people and make the most insensitive comments that made me want to hurl abuse their way, mostly to tell them to look at themselves in the mirror before making stupid, rude comments. I really prefer to avoid all that, thank God i succeeded this year hahaha) without being too closed up and matronly. 

Even though it still stings being called "Auntie" by some girl only 13 years my junior. Seriously. I was much much younger than you when you were born, how would you feel to be called aunty by my 6 year old son, eh? Grrr.

Moving on now.
CNY night FOTD. Actually i didn't re-do my make up *LOL*, i even napped in full make up :p. I just darkened my eyeliner (using that Collection Eyeshadow Stick) and skip the red lippie and use the Collection Hotlight Lip Gloss instead. I looked a lot less puffy at night right? LOL
The soft, light lip color made the whole look a lot softer. We were just going to my sister's place for a serviced BBQ afterall...

Used the same skinny belt as the morning. Cream and Red Crepe Chiffon Kimono Dress : Body and Soul

I totally forgot to buy a new slip dress (also because i wasn't really planning to wear this dress on CNY, actually) so i used a casual, striped (black with white stripes) cotton dress as the inner (the dress was see-through!). It has the most interesting, kimono-like sleeves with unexpected holes and i was clearly trying to show it off in this picture, not quite successfully so...
I love the slouchy shape, made it look casual but chic at the same time
Got this dress at the same time as the dress for the CNY, thankfully this one's not being further reduced (so far!!!!) or i will be doubly as pissed. It was on a huge sale as well, got it for IDR 195.000 only :D.

That's all of the outfits and make ups for this year's CNY, i'm very pleased with all of my looks especially because i reached my goal (not getting any annoying comments regarding my looks. Well, maybe of my blonde hair, but that's about all so i can't complain). Don't be too confused if within a month or so i might get next year's CNY's outfit already, whenever i see a pretty red dress i immediately reserve it as my CNY outfit...

If you also celebrated CNY and blog about it, lemme know and leave your link below so i can check it out. I'm always nosy like that :D.

#Pink (or #Red, just for this season)

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  1. Your CNY looks are all so gorgeous! Great post! :D

  2. I like the red dress more than the other one. The cinched waist is so flattering for you. The color is bright and perfect for CNY. :)

    1. Thank you, i can't help but wonder which one of the two red dresses you referred to though >.<!

  3. Red looks like a perfect color for Chinese New Year. You look good here.

    1. Yes, it's like the MUST wear color haha. Thank you :D

  4. hey, cute looking there!


  5. Your outfit likes great on you! :D Striking colors are always the best to start the year right!

    1. Thank you :D. I'm not a huge fan of red clothes, but i always follow the "rules" haha

  6. You look so pretty, like a doll. :) I think the orange dress suits you the best. ;)

    1. Awww, thank you sweetie :) you're too kind :)