#Pink's Family Chinese New Year 2014 Celebration

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Hellow, everybody!

After some endless procrastination, i think it's time to blog about our CNY day!

This year we forgot to take whole family picture like usual so this is the best i could find, taken at L's house :D
Other than sheer laziness, i also didn't feel like blogging about extended family oriented celebration because i just recently got into a huge argument with one of them *not gonna elaborate on that* and that totally tarnished my loving-my-family vibe (seriously. Family, can't live with them-can't live without them). But i'm gonna get over it (in two weeks or so, because i am who i am and i can't change the way i am, nor that i want to) so i'm forcing myself to sit down and blog about this before it's becoming too stale *LOL*.

Do you know that there are many many rules that you should follow in Chinese New Year? One of them is not to curse on that day, but hunny already broke the rule first thing in the morning. One of the first thing he said after he opened his eyes? "Sh**, die!!!". Why? Because he got an e-mail from Tiger Air announcing that our flight to HK (in less than two weeks back then) was cancelled. FOL. 

But do not fret, everything turned out for the better because they exchanged the tickets with one that transit via SG for a few hours (that's not a bad thing for me, we can shop at Changi :p. I love Changi) and even better, the arriving hour's a lot more forgiving (at 6PM on the 12th) than the original plan (6 AM on the 13th. The hell we're gonna do there? Can't check in the hotel for another (LONG) few hours and everything's sure as hell not gonna be open yet!!! I was so stressed thinking about what (and where) we're gonna go do to spend the time and now we do not have to worry no more! The catch is we had to book one more night for the hotel, but i can't say i'm too bothered by that! Tickets' price's so low (they had to add up more than 6.5mill to the tix for the change of route! We do not have to pay a dime more of course) paying IDR 1.7mill for one more day is nothing to fuss about. Excited!!!

Oh yeah, i was about to blog about CNY, not about the trip... Got sidetracked there...

As usual, a horde of my 'rents friends (that always do that EVERY YEAR) arrived bright and early in our house and as usual, we had to wait until they SCRAM before we're able to do our family hong-bao giving rituals zzz. So while we're waiting for them to take a hike *LOL*, we cam-whored (of course).

Crazy person #1
Crazy person #2 *LOL*. In case you're wondering, that's CL's scarf they are using :p.

Hunny showing off his (effing exp) brand new glows-in-the-dark Skechers shoes (see what i mean with him being obsessed with glows-in-the-dark everything?)
Staircase photo session seems to be a tradition in the making now
Those are CW's new Aldo's shoes, super duper high and once already-quite-tall Au stepped on them, she became super tall and her mum kept on calling her "Miss Universe", we had to take piccies with Miss Universe, rite?

Finally, hong bao time!
Skip all of the other's piccies (because it's my blog) and start with one that we photo-bombed in!
Being the youngest meant we had to wait super long for the long-winded guys *mainly busy taking pictures lah* LOL
The grand kids
Again skipped all the pictures 'till Baby Boy's turn, like 10 hours later (exaggeration max). He looked so sullen because he just threw a tantrum earlier after being disturbed by his cousins *le sigh*. Wonder when little kids would truly get over throwing tantrums? I Googled and it seems to be quite normal for a 6 and a half year olds to do that still though...
The crazy grand kids. Btw, i had to go through about 300 pictures just to get a decent 10 or so because my crazy nephew and niece who got the task of getting pictures kept on snapping like mad-people, like one couple's turn will get 30 snaps minimum zzzzz
Even giving out hong baos we had to wait super long for our turn at the far end of the line -____-
Skip skip until K's turn, wonder what hunny's doing?
Hunny's stripping off his Hermes (my God, 15 year olds wear Hermes now *die*???) belt ahahahahaha
My #foreverlove BB *wink* (had to write this because she's a loyal reader of this blog, later she bug me if i don't say :p)
BB wanting to live up to her name and be a baby hahahahha
Baby Boy suddenly dressed himself in this getup
Gong xi fat cai!
Then we're getting ready to house-hop.

OOTDs picture :p
CL unhappy because we were all in high heel so she climbed up the sofa to tower over us zzz
Next set of pictures taken in my cousin L's house (if you're wondering, it's customary for Chinese people to visit the house of the oldest living relative for Bai Nian. In Surabaya, our eldest relative would be L's grandma *who's my late grandad's (from my mum's side) younger sister*. My own grandma (and all of her other kids other than my mum) lives in Singapore.

L's place's living room has the best lighting ever!
Baby Boy finally succeeded in playing with L's super shy and always-cry-upon-seeing-strangers daughter Elaine
Me and my fave cozkie
CL and i borrowed L and Elaine's headdresses for Etienne's birthday party hihihihihi, love this pic!
Then we (hunny, Baby Boy, the nanny and i grabbed Au+Mt to accompany me) stopped by hunny's mum's place briefly.

William was there, he was sleeping but after a while he woke up and we grabbed him for some snap snap haha
He just woke up so he looked sullen in all of the pictures
And angry sometimes
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA i cannot get over how funny William's face is in this picture!
One more before we all ran off back home for a bit of a nap
That night we went to CW's place (the one with an actual lift, remember. They finally fully moved in the new house but the building's still ongoing! The master bedroom's not ready yet even by now LOL) for a catered BBQ (she got the guys from Ranch Market Grill to do the BBQ).
View from the area we're having BBQ at
Most of us just say around at the "pool" side. It's not a swimming pool okay, very shallow haha, not even fish pond :p dunno what's the purpose but i think it's fengshui related!
The guys from Ranch Market seemed to be very flustered because of our family's savage behavior *LOL* they kept on messing up the BBQ!
Nom nom, everyone?
This cute baby is... KW's niece's daughter. So she's CW and KW's grand niece! LOL. Isn't it funny that they have nieces older than me?
Cam-whoring session with BB
Warning : we took TONNES of pics!
BB suddenly grabbed his dad but insisted i joined in somehow, i only posted this because i looked good >.< oops
Seriously, we then moved into the living room and continue cam-whoring...

I noticed hunny snapped some pics of KW looking forlorn *LOL* dunno why he did that!
Go back to our cam-whoring sesh
Then hunny went one a "wannabe-photog" mode and started snapping pictures on inanimated objects *LOL*
He's better at taking lifeless stuffs pictures, really
Highlight of the nigh : CW actually ordered some wishing lampions for us to write our wishes on and then we're SUPPOSED to set it free, flying high and all. Easier said than done! It was nowhere near as easy as how we saw it on TV *LOLOLOL*.
Busy writing down our wishes (maybe too) greedily *LOL*
The lampion flying high...
It looked nice on pictures, but what actually happened... LOL... it was nowhere near as calm and serene as the pictures. Only 2 (KC's and KD's) lampions actually took off. Due to lack of technique, all of the others burnt down before they even succeeded in taking off! KC said that good lampions are made of fabric so it will go off easier and doesn't catch fire as crazy as fast those paper ones. It was super windy that night and well, ours almost burnt a tree while BB's got stuck at the glass roof of the corridor, resulting in KD having to swoop water from the "pool" and threw it up there, drenching my mum and D in the process. LOLOLOL, it was super hilarious to say the least!

Even though most of our lampions carrying our wishes for 2014 didn't get to take off, they all burnt to ashes and i believe they all still carried our wishes to heavens *just like our prayers*! 

And that's how we spent out CNY! Hope you had as much fun reading it as we did on that day!



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  1. Haha even if everything had been so chaotic behind the camera, I'm glad that you spent CNY well with your family. :) You have so many family members haha.

  2. Happy New Year looking at your photos seems that you had a great celebration..