Ibuybeauti is Looking For 10 Beauty Bloggers!

12:20:00 PM

Hey guys!!!

I've been asked a lot on where i buy my Korean make ups from, since Korean make ups in their local (Indonesian) counters jacked up their prices like crazy my answer would always be : online shops. Since most of the online shops i frequented are local and do not ship internationally, i'm very happy to introduce this professional Korean cosmetics online shops that is very prestigious, trusted and ship worldwide : Ibuybeauti!

More good news for beauty bloggers, they are currently looking for 10 beauty bloggers to be a part of their Beautifan (a review blog to help their current and future customers to understand their products better and hopefully be able to choose the ones that suits their needs most)! The chosen 10 will get to choose the products they want to review and post it in Beautifan, oh and honesty is very important to them so if you ended up being the chosen 10 don't forget to review the products as honest as possible! Remember, honesty is the best policy ^.~!

One of the current beauty blogger sponsored by them is Marxie from Aegyo Princess, you can check out her blog for her reviews on products from Ibuybeauti for now! (you know, if you're not a beauty blogger and are interested in shopping with them instead :D)
All (beauty) bloggers are welcome to join this campaign, you simply need to e-mail the application to them at beautifanblog@gmail.com with this following information :

Blog Address
Skin Type
Best Beauty Review Link
Brief Self Introduction

Easy peasy yes? Go and apply now! The campaign's deadline is the 18th of February so you better hurry up!

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