Bali Getaway OOTDs!

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Hi, peeps!

Oh wow, it's been five days since i am back home, and yet i am still exhausted. It's so true what i said before, i need longer holiday to recuperate after an actual holiday/trip. LOL. I never even had the energy to resize pictures for our dunno-when-if-ever-gonnabe-finished Taiwan trip photos so we couldn't blog even though #Undecided was actually willing and ready to blog. *Sigh*. 

So anyway... Since i cannot always put on my OOTDs in every trip (like in Taiwan trip, since i'm blogging in joint style with #Undecided, it became OUR entry instead of MY entry so it'd be too selfish to slip in my OOTD piccies in those entries. Or in this Bali trip case, because i do not blog about the trip per day) i decided whenever i don't manage to put my OOTDs in the actual travel entries, i'm gonna make a summary like this. Because i'm narcissistic  i like to keep a tab on everything, including my outfits. Also because some people actually searched for stuffs like "how to dress for a holiday in Bali", "outfit to pack to Bali" and get directed to this blog-i might as well try to be helpful, no?

Also because i would never miss out a chance to show off my outfits/put up cam-whoring pictures of myself (coz this is my blog right, if i can't put everything i want to put here, where can i?) :p. Whatever. Here comes the OOTDs!

Day 1 (Airport Outfit)

Usually i never wear short dresses/skirts during flight (mainly because i don't want to be self-conscious whenever i'm sitting down. I want to be able to sit comfortably, in any "style" i want and not always have to be aware and try to sit lady-like. Also because i get cold really easily *i dunno why, since i have so much fat that should be more than enough to keep me warm. But it doesn't work that way. Dunno what those pesky fats' good for at all*, but since this is a very short flight (about 40 minutes) and i like to wear nothing but dresses in Bali, i decided to break my own rule (whenever i fly to Bali, actually).

Three Toned Mini Dress (the straps are creme-colored, but not visible in any of the pictures) : Random FO in TP, Thick Grey Reindeer Knitted Cardi : Online, Owl/Fox (until now i am unsure of which) Sling Bag : Online, Big Bow Jelly Sandals : Online, Long Tasseled Necklace : New Look
Super simple airport make up (especially because our flight's late at night!), just some BB Cream+Concealer+Powder, a slick of eyeliner, blush on and lip tint
Day 2

When i pack for Bali, i would only pack dresses (mini, midi, maxi, all of them are useable in Bali). Light materials are a must (it's very humid and almost always hot in Bali) unless you want to soak in your own sweat or get a heatstroke. There are a few dresses that i own (you already know my problem so there's no use hiding it, every clothes i packed were brand new) would look out-of-place if worn in the city, but are perfect for a beachy getaway. Including this dress i wore on the second day. 

Oh yea, Bali was super rainy the whole time we were there, even though the weather were still balmy (except in Bedugul, where it was very cold for me), i didn't feel the need to show the world my (scary) bare arms (on normal weather, which is scorching, i would be left with no choice. It was usually so so so hot and humid, i didn't even care if people were traumatized by my huge arms in their nakedness). Like you can see in almost every post on the trip, i shrug on a chiffon cardigan to cover up a bit :p.

Hot Pink and White Zebra/Floral Tube Midi Dress : Random Boutique in Mangga Dua. I wore a tanktop underneath because as a very flat-chested person, i will most likely suffer from a wardrobe malfunction. The tube WOULD slide down at some point in the day. Better to show off my tanktop than my bra, right?
Light and simple make up every day of the trip
Day 3

The only day where i leave my cardigan be almost the whole day because it was one of the sunniest day we've had in this trip. Went to Bali Zoo and a cardigan was too suffocating >.<.
Tye Dye Patterned High Low Midi Dress : Chic Simple
This is actually how i do my make up in most of my travel now. Lined eyes, rosy cheeks and tinted lips!
Day 4

Wore a Bali dress (Not a traditional Balinese dress-mind you-this is the kind of dress you'd find in every store/stall in Bali. They're pretty, comfortable, beachy, and pretty much look out of place anywhere else but in tropical islands) given to me from LL (from her own Bali trip). I didn't realize how short the dress was, but i wear my security shorts every day anyway.
Halter Beach Dress : Gifted
Wore a tanktop (again) inside because the dress' neckline's super plunging. If i move a certain way, you'd be able to see completely inside the chest area *LOL*. I know there's nothing much to see, but i'd still prefer to look decent :p
Day 5

Didn't sleep the whole night because Baby Boy suddenly got sick (stomach flu, i'm guessing. He kept on puking throughout the night. This keeps on happening on our travels, i was so worried it'd happen again in Hong Kong that i packed LOTS of Antangin Anak (it's an Indonesian herbal drink to prevent one to catch a cold). Thankfully Baby Boy was super healthy and never met any problem the whole time we were in Hong Kong! I think he withstand extreme cold better than hot weather and tropical rains...) so we ended up leaving the hotel room very late in the afternoon (after some much needed zzz). 

I love toga dresses, i weirdly feel better about baring ONE arm so even though i do not really wear sleeveless top unless i'm in Bali, i feel better about toga cuttings! 

Btw, after taking this OOTD pic, i left my camera on the hotel room's counter near the door, then realized that i couldn't find it as soon as we got off taxi at Beach Walk! Was about to burst out into tears (more because of all of those files inside, all of our Bali trip memories packed into one!!!), made hunny call the hotel to check the room and the taxi company (coz the hotel hailed the cab for us and they always record license numbers of every cab they hailed) numerous time-thankfully they soon spotted the camera on the counter and i *again* almost burst out into *relieved* tears.
Floral Toga Mini Dress : Colorbox
Day 6

A.K.A last day. Went to watch The Hunger Games : Catching Fire and forgot that even though we're in Bali, cinemas are generally freezing everywhere. Wore super short dress and had to fight (and lost) the constant urges to pee. ZZZ.

Bat Cut Mini Dress : Magnolia
That's all of my Bali Getaway OOTDs! My advice for first time Bali visitors? Wear airy, cooling clothes. The most comfortable you can find (there's nothing more annoying than having to feel uncomfortable because of the shape of your clothes don't do anything to boost your self-confince/the material makes you feel constricted combined with sweat! Humidity's a bitch, my friend). Pack light, summery, beachy, waterproof make up. I never bother with mascaras in Bali, even my super strong Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara never been able to truly hold the curls after a long day of frolicking in the island (maybe beach for you, but i'm not much of a beach girl myself), not to mention it'd smear and makes me look like a zombie panda!

Hope you're having a fun weekend! I'm still not 100% myself (i tend to over-extort myself during trips *sigh*), hopefully i'd be back to my normal (non-drowsy) self in a few days!


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  1. All so cute ^^ And suits you too. I love the owl bag so much!!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Aw, thank u so much :). I love it too :D

  2. Tye Dye Patterned High Low Midi Dress : Chic Simple --> this one pretty gorgeous!

  3. Very, very cute! I like the Day 4 OOTD best!


    1. Aww thank you, it's a nice dress *if i may say so myself* isn't it :D