New Year's Eve's Look

3:21:00 PM

Helloww everybody :D

It's a bit late but i'd still like to show you my New Year's Eve's outfit :p

I just realized that i only snapped one picture holding my new "inspired by" (Lady Dior) purse, so even though it's kinda blurry i'm still posting it :p

Gotta warn you that you'll be seeing a lot of my pale face in this entry haha, the paleness, puffiness, tiredness and sleepiness i already explained in this entry (and you can click it if you want to see my full makeup of the day as well because i didn't have time to snap pictures of the finished make up due to my mum's screeching that we were "LATEEEE". Late to what i also dunno what, it was just DINNER! I don't understand why she's freaking out about being late almost every single time we're going out, stress the sh** out of me zzzz), to make matters worse : i took all of these pictures after we got home and already wiped off my lippies hehehe (too lazy to put some back on, sorry!)
Decided to wear a cobalt blue high low dress (yes, i am loving high low dress like crazy at the moment, and yes i am aware the craze of high low dresses/skirts died down sometime ago-that's just how i like it. I don't like to follow trends blindly and prefer to wear it when everybody else stops wearing it #weirdo haha)
Please ignore my unsightly bra strap, i wore a cardigan over the dress so i didn't pay attention to the kind of bra i was wearing (okay, that's only half-truth, i never pay attention to the bra- whatever kind of dress i am wearing *sigh*)
You might see this dress on my haul here
It was clearly a size or two too big, i had to cinch the waist tightly with a skinny belt to make at least a little form. I guess the theme of the night was "oversized" LOL
Since you won't be seeing me trotting around (at least not locally) with my thunder arms bare, i put on this (also one or two size too big, both times because they were the last pieces :p, both on huge sale) structured satin cropped jacket with black diamente on the collar
Cropped Jacket : P.S., Cobalt Blue High Low Dress : Korz, Black Skinny Belt : free (comes with another outfit)
I wore my usual fave grey heels with the outfit, you can see it at the new year post i already linked up there

A closer look to my little bag, got it from BubbleTalk Shop
Speaking of BubbleTalk shop, i hope the owner's fine and nothing bad's happening to her! You know i've bought quite a lot of stuffs from her repeatedly (mostly quirky bags and O.P.I nail polishes) and her service had always been nothing but satisfactory, but she's been disappearing for a while now and cannot be contacted. My BBM always get through but never been read, and there's also been no response when i wrote in her wall (the wall's kinda full by customers complaining of the same thing because her stuffs are mostly PO, i am kinda freaking out a little as well because i also have one order from her November PO :(...) i hope she's fine and will contact all of the worried customers soon!

As usual, important occasion equals set of new make ups to open *weirdo* *I know, no need to say anything okay*. This time i decided to use everything from Collection! I got like, fifty pieces of makeup items or so from the event but i only used two before this (the lip stain that G kindly gave to me because she didn't use it and i really wanted one. None out of the 50 pieces i got was a lip stain! Another one was a red (!!!) glitter liner)-coz i have too many new make ups to go through *sigh*.
I will do a review for every single item in that picture, for now i gotta say my favorite items from Collection would be their base make up (which is weird because according to Donna, their focus was more to the colored cosmetics and the bases are more of support items. But their foundie and concealer got the best response from the girls in the event and even UK bloggers seems to rave about their concealer the best! So i am definitely not alone) even though i chose the wrong shade for the powder (i thought my fair skin's got a yellow undertone, but no no... Big mistake. I looked like i had jaundice as soon as i put it on -____-) and made me look and even paler *despite the fact that the powder's at least two tones too dark for me* haish! The foundie blended like a dream and was like a second layer of skin! I also love the lippies but all the eye make up were so so for me.
Sorry, i changed to my (new) pajama already when i realized i haven't take FOTD pictures :p
Wanted to do a step by step tutorial as usual but my mum's screeching (reason i took forever to get ready is the taking pictures to blog about part hahahaha) of us being late stopped me zzzz
Using silver liner under your black liner didn't work for me, i should've put it OVER the black liner instead
Kinda made me look sleepier
Not loving the mascara at all :( look at my floppy lashes!
They say nude lips are the best for smoky eyes, but this picture proof otherwise in my case. I look even paler, tired and dull zzzz, berry lips would totally jazz the look up in no time. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes! (i used a Barbie pinkish lipstick that night and it didn't help to make me look livelier)
NOTD using The Face Shop pink nail polish, Sasatinnie silver polish and Etude House's Minnie in the Nails #4 Minnie Pink Ribbon. Review coming soon!
That's all for now! What did you wear on your new year's celebration? Lemme know if you made a post about it (or plan to do so)!


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  1. Aww. I like your high low blue dress, it's classy and casual at the same time!!
    I didn't wear anything special on NYE, just a plain tee or shorts haha!

    1. Thank u sweetie :D. I don't always have special outfit for NY too, sometimes i only wear pajamas (if we're staying in) hehe!

  2. ciiii dressnya lucu :D hehe
    btw di foto ga keliatan pucet kok, bagus2 aja :DD

    1. Hehehe thank u Cel, disc 70+10% tuh pas beli, cm 70rb aja hihihii
      Oh yaaa, aq merasa pucet bgt, coba bisa photoshop udah aq merahin bibir nya hahahaa *gaptek maksimal*

  3. ce dress nya lucuu..jadi kesannya ramping gitu lho, apalagi ditambah cardigan..cakeepp dahh :*
    beneran dressnya cuma 70rb..gilaaaa ak mauuu wakakkaa

    ga pucet kok ci, kan lebih nude gitu macam kim kadarsian hahaha

    1. LOL, thank u Wie :p
      Iya 70rb an, pas sale 70+10%, aslinya 300rb lebih gitu hahahah... maklum lah i'm the queen of sale :p
      Oh gitu yak wakakakakaka skrg jd kebiasaan pake yg cerah2 sihh jd ga lipstick an merasa pucet bgt hehehe