Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year, everybody!!!

A bit late, considering it is now passed midnite so it's already on the third day of the new year (this is how i know that 2014 will pass even faster than 2013, how is it already the third day? I don't even feel like 2013's over yet *LOL*) but i've been... I can't say that i've been too busy too blog, i do spent most of my new year (both the eve and the actual new year) with my family and we went out most of the time, but i sure still got time to blog if i wanted too, i was just too tired... No no, sadly it wasn't from partying too much either. But more on that later, in the meantime...
Happy New Year from my entire family!
First plan was to spend the new year's eve (including old & new) in Shangri-La hotel, but then the police went crazy and closed most of the road so we decided not to bother (it's so far away too... But then we realized belatedly that we should've had a staycation instead. Dunno why this year we're all so under prepared for the celebration, i guess nobody was ready for it to be another new year yet!) and had an early dinner at Duck King (in GM) instead. 

Adult's table
And kids table hahaha
Excuse the tired, puffy and sleepy face. Insomnia's been bugging me badly the last week or so.

Big smile, kids!
My pretty nieces
Tucking in

Sadly the dinner itself wasn't a fun experience. Even though the set menu was much more expensive than the usual menu in Duck King (paid IDR 4.5 mill for the two tables), the service and food was way below their usual standard. Everything was cold and served at the speed of lightning, like they were forcing us to eat ASAP. We were only given two hours before the next "shift" of diners, but they put everything on the table like within 10 to 15 minutes. 

My big bro KD got mad at some point and demanded to talk to the manager-who's apparently not Indonesian and spoke in broken Indonesian, which further aggravate KD. LOL. Now you see, every single one of my family members are quite a character, we certainly do not take craps from anybody :p. Anyway, the jacked up price, the horrible service, the cold (they admitted that they cooked everything beforehand and just warm them up and serve them as soon as possible) food... Wasn't even close to a fantastic dinner, okay!

What's more ridiculous? There's an empty table behind us, and they served the first course like, 20 minutes before the occupants began to arrive. WTF??? I didn't like almost every dish served too *LOL*. I know i hate Chinese food (no, it's not racist because i'm Chinese, and it's food preference for goodness sake!) but Duck King's actually one of the few local Chinese restaurants i enjoy usually! Not this time, urgh. I'd say no no NO to future new year/Chinese new year (or anything holiday oriented) dinner in Duck King!
One of the best dish of the night, i guess because there were roasted ducks there haha
This one's pretty good too
Sea cucumber *puke* hahaha
Yuck. LOL
Didn't even bother with this because my tum filled up fast when served with bad food and it refused to opened up to the last course hahaha
Ordered extra durian pancakes because my mum was craving it
CW's reaction whenever there are durians around hahahaha
And everybody always have too much fun disturbing her even more
Did you notice the birthday cake on the first picture? That's because the day before (on the 30th), my nephew MT turned 13! Wah, officially a teenager already! That didn't stop him from sulking because the parents didn't celebrate it (not even a birthday cake) on the actual day before hahaha... 
But here it is now! Why the duck face? LOL
While the rest of her family's blowing the candles, CL always camera ready...
Happy birthday, dear MT! Not so little anymore!
Stabbing cutting the cake

Birthday boy and the grandparents
Super expensive birthday cake that costs IDR 500.000 *choked*, but it was super light and yums!

Hello, hunny!

Got photo-bombed by the two boys
My pinko. Pinko won!!!! LOL

LOLOLOL, another entry for the collection if KC's weird pictures in this blog
The wife joined in of course
Then the nephew also copied! LOL
Hm, i think i look like i belonged to this table... LOL

Family pic :p
We left the restaurant before 8 (when our "shift" ended), i was already very high by this time (i couldn't sleep until 5 AM, so i practically didn't sleep at all the night before. And that's been happening for a few days so i really looked and felt like hell) but we still went shopping *LOL*. Shops were closing early on the new year's eve but i managed to get a sleeveless tee at Pull & Bear and bag from Stradivarius. Show you later! (If you think i'm horrible, lemme clarify that everybody shopped a lot that day okay! My mum, my sis, my sis in law... Everybody!)

Went to CW's place afterward to cut and enjoyed the cake, until i got eaten by mosquitos as well (the worse were three huge red lumps in my left thigh *sigh* super itchy until now hikhik. I got around 7 bites in total *double hikhik*) and decided to go home..

Lazed around in my room until a few minutes to midnite, when my mum began calling us all downstairs for the countdown (while trying to calm my drama queen Baby Boy who kept on whining to the fireworks!), and that's it! It's definitely the most understated new year's eve i've had in a while hahaha (celebrated with #Undecided and her hubby two years ago and had fun in Bali last year). Circumstances also made us super tired and not in a very festive mood at all so it's probably the wisest way to welcome 2014 (i think booze might knocked me out on the first sip) *LOL*, but i'm definitely ready to have a merrier celebration next year! Dreaming of having it in Korea *hehe* or at least the staycation lah *desperate* hehe.

I was so ready for bed afterward, but during Running Man's latest episode (ahhh, it was awesome! The most awesome part? Seeing Jong Kook Oppa, muscle and all-wearing long john/leotard, flailing ribbons and twirling on one foot!) at 2 AM hunny's phone began to rang. HAIH. Typical. Emergencies always happens during the most important holidays. ALWAYS! The water suddenly stopped and the employees were all panicking. 

So we had to scurried off to our hotel, the stupid water decided to work again as soon as we arrived-but when we went back home *arrived at 3* it was the pump's turn to create more havoc WTF! Hunny spent hours watching CCTV and talking on the phone with his employees-which made ME unable to sleep as well *i'm a light sleeper, i definitely cannot sleep when there's someone barking on the phone next to me!* until around 5 AM. HUHUHUHUU. THIS IS HELL!!!!

Hunny bolted out of the bed around 8 (that means he had less than 3 hours of sleep zzz) because the pump was still not working, and he spent the first day of the new year trying to fix the damn pump and supervising the workers zzz. This whole thing's taking a huge toll on me, and while i have not been well in months yet, this definitely was another step backward on me getting healthy. DAMMIT. Now i cough like i couldn't stop *again*. Hiks. I begin taking Sweet Dreams again now so i can somewhat turn my sleeping clock into normalcy *1 AM's very normal, even 2 is still acceptable for me #beggarscan'tbechoosers*. Ganbatte!!! I need to get well soon!!!

Now you know why i've been too exhausted to update my blog... Totally prefer being too tired from partying than this! Hahaha...

And no, this entry's not over yet :p! We're celebrating MT's birthday for real the next day :
At Wagyu Smith
Hunny posted this picture first on FB on my mum's request to show my aunt in Singapore and the aunt actually told me she couldn't find the birthday boy in the picture! LOLOLOL. I then realized he was completely shielded by J hahaha
Baby Boy with Akong
Haish to hunny's pose
Slightly better but the light's directly above him making him super white hahahaha *i am fairer than in IRL*. Btw, i feel like my new year's eve and new year make up's so pale (i am so not used to non bright lippie already, shocking!) even though this is the kind of make up i used to sport before i ever touched bright lippies (which only started last year!). All make up by Collection btw!
My handsome new boyfie. LOL. My nephew lah. My mum told me we looked like we're the same age though #thankyou
My wagyu sirloin. I'm glad they took my complains last time seriously and improved the food (no cold steak anymore, yay!) quality! And they seems to have very good waiters/waitresses there!
First pic, blurry
Second take : Still blurry! I looked kinda elfin in this pic though hihihi. And the nose-bridge highlight worked! Hahaha
Ladies... I wanted to pose in front of the Christmas tree but so many people wanted to join and it's barely visible afterwards *LOL*
I really like this picture even though most of us were looking at the other camera! My OOTD was "casual chic" that day (it was one of those days when i felt like wearing something comfortable, and i was too tired to dress up to the nines!), and i was super offended when my mum said she thought i was wearing my pajama (she claimed that's because i was wearing a pink pajama as well the night before) WTH and latter CW also said the same thing! Arghhh!!! Those aunties!!! FYI, my inner dress (worn as skirt) was Zara, same brand as the dress CW was wearing so she shouldn't insult me zzz!
Took plenty of pictures with this silly tree because they kept on scolding me for trying so hard to take a pic with the earlier tree inside Wagyu Smith when there's one ready and visible for cam-whoring. CW kept on complaining about every single pictures taken though i dunno why hehe
Took this one for fun because i said instead of trying to take pic with the "Wagyu Smith" sign, why don't we take pictures with the "Wagyu" (KW's real name's very similar to Wagyu, if you're Indonesian i bet you can guess his real name hahaha) instead :p. CW will definitely kill me for posting this pic of her looking like that though hihihihi
Best picture will always be selca though. Why can't people take pictures of me looking like THAT???? Oh, i just renewed my passport and it's the WORST passport picture i've ever had yet. Fugu fish, you've met your uglier match. Those passport officers needs to be arrested to taking such criminally FUGLY pictures :(
Yea, we ended up shopping again (can you see that we're also a shopaholic family?). Not much for me, but i'm glad we stumbled into the Wacoal's store on their last day of huge sale. Scored undies for Chinese New year (it's a MUST! Even if you don't have new clothes at least you must have new undies!), Pay 1 for 3 for bras (IDR 180.000 for 3!) and Pay 2 for 5 (paid IDR 140.000 for 5!!), the bill went from almost IDR 900.000 to IDR 320.000, it was like extreme couponing moments when the cashier kept on reducting the total! Hahahaha.

Spotted a cute top (that turned out to be itchy) and bag (which strap was too short to be made into crossbody and i hate shoulder bags) at Promod that weren't for me :(... And then stupid thing happened in Colorbox. You know those earring sets (where you buy a whole set for one price and you'd get lots and lots of pairs of studs?) that's the trend on the high street? I spotted some very cute ones there and brought it to the cashier who informed me that they are selling it PER PIECE! For IDR 59.000 each! Dafuck, are they mental???? And please, if it's per pair, DO NOT PUT IT IN ONE PACKAGE LIKE THAT LAH!!!

I got even more annoyed when CL (who bought a lot of clothes) tried to pay with credit card and the STUPID and LAZY employees refused to try it because their machines were having troubles. Why am i so mad? Because this is not the first time they use that kind of excuses. You should know that i really love ColorBox and i have LOTS of collections of their stuffs, but i HATE the stand-alone shops (in TP, CW, GC. Practically every single one in Surabaya i guess) because they all have the same types of employees : rude, mannerless, lazy and they act like you're beggars instead of customers. And they ALWAYS say that their machines were broken. ALWAYS. When CL wanted to try the debit card they also tried to refuse until CL said she'd cancel the whole thing if it's not working, then they reluctantly tried and succeeded in the first try. My conclusion? Too lazy lah, it's so much easier if we all just pay with cash right, they don't have to lift too many fingers then. 

I seriously got really mad and kept on saying they are STUPID and LAZY in front of their faces *LOL* and sadly, this is not the first time. I exploded a few times in CW branch before, OVER THE SAME ISSUES. My God. And i certainly am not one to just accept shitty treatments by stupid shopkeepers so i tweeted their account immediately, not expecting any answer (because we all know how lots of brand's admin only responds to positive feedback and blatantly ignore critics and complains) but i am pleased to be proven wrong. They replied apologizing and promising me to work on it. I sure hope they meant it! I'd hate to have to avoid shopping at their stores just because i hate their employees' guts when i really love their stuffs!

Sorry for going on about this, you know how opinionated i am :p, as always i'm just being completely honest and not trying to frame anybody let alone any brand (like i said, i really LOVE this brand and would hate to see it go down just because their staffs were shitty), but if being honest means i am labeled as mean, rude or bitchy, i'll take it any day!

That's all for now! Despite having little bits of rough patches at the start of 2014, i am hopeful that it's going to be spectacular! I hope everybody's having a great time!

My little family would love to wish you a Happy New Year once again!

PS : On a very sad note, #Undecided's grandpa suddenly passed earlier in the evening. My deepest condolences to #Undecided and her whole family. May your grandpa rest in peace BB and may the ones left behind are comforted and strengthened. 

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  1. paling seru ya makan2 rame2 gitu... :)
    happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Arman!!!! Hope you have a great year ahead of you!