Conor 1st Birthday Party

9:31:00 PM

Hellow beautiful (and not so beautiful) people :p!

Hehehe :p... Can you sense i'm in a good mood? Pretty weird since i am typing this at 10.15 AM on a Sunday morning, please consider that i am severely NOT a morning person and i've been up until 3 AM because they were showing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on TV and i had to re-watch that :D on top of that my period just started (or so it seems). So, i'm so not supposed to feel peachy, yet i am. LOL.

I might be caused by yesterday's rather successful hurried shopping with G (which resulted in a skirt, a belt, a high low top and a kimono outerwear within an hour and a half) before continuing to have my fix (of horror movies, not crack) with hunny (Devil's Due, which wasn't super fantastic but pretty entertaining, and better than The Marked Ones).

Even the STUPID kicker who sat behind me (whoever you are, i hope one day someone who's sitting behind you in a movie/plane would kick your seat so hard your head would get yanked off its pathetic place) who kept on thudding the back of my seat (not an accident, she kicked it with rythm. Like when you're bored and start to shake your leg, but to someone's seat in this case) and wouldn't stop even after i yelled "STOP KICKING!!!" (to which she took it as an effing sign to do it harder. B***H. Too bad i didn't even see her face because i was too focused on the movie-not wanting her to ruin it like the talker in Insidious 2 did, i'd trip or kick her as soon as the movie ended if i did. Anyway, thank God the theatre was only 65% full so i could move down and enjoy the movie. I moved like, 10 minutes into the movie! I'd definitely sock her in the face if i couldn't move!) couldn't ruin my mood today (even if my blood boils now that i'm thinking about her).

Anyway! Enough ramblings!

So.... Back when i first met #Undecided and became BFF with her some 16 years ago, we had a little gank consisted of 6 girls (including A, W and G). The other girl, CK, migrated to Australia with her family about a year later. But she'd always contact us whenever she's visiting Surabaya (even still got invited to her wedding a few years ago) so we've never really completely lost contact :). Earlier in this month we were invited to her little son's 1st birthday party (which turned out to be her mum's birthday party as well hehe) :

That's BR, CK's hubby standing. G, me, CK and her super adorable son Conor, A and Baby Boy who kept on covering his ears throughout the night because like i said many times before, he hates loud noises including people talking using microphones, etc zzz.
Of course, #Undecided was invited too but she couldn't make it because her grandfather just passed away and the party was on the last night before his burial (which is the most important night for Chinese descendants, we call it "malam kembang" or "flower night").

I was determined that i had to go because i really wanted to meet Conor (yes, that was the first time)! Last time CK also invited us to a party (her mummy seems to have quite a penchant on parties hehe) when she was in town (Conor was still a little baby back then! I mean, even littler than now :p) but i couldn't make it because we were overseas on a trip, so i was even more adamant that i had to go no matter what this time round!

I was struggling on what to wear because i tend to overdress *you know how i wear crazy dresses even to malls* and i do not want to humiliate myself in a party where i do not know 95% of the people attending, in the end i opted for a casual-ish dress (that you'd get to see in details later), but i really shouldn't be too worried because it turned out to be a bigger party than i expected. Thought it was going to be a little get-together for dinner, but CK's parents actually booked like the entire floor of the restaurant and decorate!

I still dunno how to pronounce their last name. I bet the host didn't too, since he avoided citing Conor's full name the entire time! Good thing too, he couldn't even pronounce Conor properly *i kept on burst out laughing whenever he called Conor's name!*

Just like old times :). A was busy carrying Conor (who's such a well-behaved baby the entire night, and he didn't mind if some random stranger held him. Which is good because that means he's not a fussy baby, but also quite scary-it'd be easier to kidnap him! I know, because Baby Boy was exactly like that)
I dunno who took this pic, CK tagged me on FB hehe
Of course, our hubbies were all invited too but as always, the main focus would be the girls hahahaha. I just realized i have no picture with the guys in them *except for BR* LOL. Here's a bonus picture of A holding Conor because she wasn't in the picture earlier *hope you're appeased, A!* :p.
Oh so cute... Seriously, Eurasian babies are (almost) always good looking hehehe

Thank you for the invites and the souvenir (and cake!), Conor, Conor's parents and grandparents!
And it's time for my self-absorbed piccies now *no, it's not a cue for you to close the tab!*. OOTD first :

Floral and Pearl Headband : Online, Brown lace sleeved inner : Vintage (my mum's), Floral Tierred Dress : got it from Raja FO in Mangdu Square Jakarta (the tag stated "Candies" and when i googled i actually find the same dress so i guess it was original?), Pastel Orange Jelly Bag : Online
I tend to play more with my make up whenever i go to a special event, i guess i am daring *i mean, trying out crazier stuffs just before an event? And i'd never have time to re-do my make up if anything goes wrong. But i never learn anyway :p* or something hahahaha.

Decided to wear colorful eye shadows, using colors on my floral dress as a guide... I used my Aphrologie eyeshadow palette that only comes out at times like this *apparently huge colorful palettes like that overwhelms me and i don't even feel like touching them on a regular basis zzz*.

Pink, yellow and green eyeshadow
Then i realized, that with my type of eyes i should always darken my eyelid folds to give them more definition whenever i'm wearing bright eye shadows. Without the extra color on the double lids, my eyes appear smaller and a bit weird :P
After the base was all covered, a few addition were added to complete the eye make up.

With dark eyeshadow used to line my under eyes *which i like to do because they smudge less and lasts all day long compared to my usual pencil eye liners*, white blinged liquid liner for the inner half, not to forget some near my tear ducts for extra bling2 and open up my eyes further

I don't think i can do non-winged eyeliner anymore, i just love them too much. But my eyes are especially leaky lately and i almost always got home with the wings cut out :(... WHYYYYY. I need a very waterproof eyeliner i think

Finished the look with soft pink blush and bright pink lipstick!

I tried to kept it young, fresh and playful since it was a little kid's birthday party :p, did you think i succeeded?


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  1. iya anak2 campuran gitu emang pasti cakep2 ya...

    1. Heeh cakep, eh tp untung2an juga sih aq sering liat yg jd nya malah aneh juga hehehe

  2. conor lucu bangeeet *culik*
    btw ci ak ntn devil due kok ga rame ya menurutku hahaha XD

    1. Jauh nyuliknya di OZ sana Conor nya chel hahaha
      Hihihi kalo menurutku lumayan lah, ga bosenin... Aq bandinginnya sm The Marked Ones sih krn terakhir nonton itu, kalo d bandingin ama Conjuring sm Insidious ya jauhhh...

  3. Love the look! It's always nice to experiment with different looks once in a while! :)