Nail Diary 07 : Etude House X Disney XOXO Minnie Collection (Minnie in the Nails #4 Minnie Pink Ribbon)

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Hellowwww my dahlings!

I'm back again with another review of Etude House's Minnie in the Nails, after the previous two variants (you can read them HERE and HERE), now it's time for :
#4 Minnie Pink Ribbon
The result on my nails on top of The Face Shop Nail Color PPK 110 (that looks soft milky peachy-pink on the bottle) and Sasatinnie's Super Dolly Fantasy Color in glittery silver (you know i never really checked nail polishes' shades or whatever until i'm writing a blog post on it, so this was the very first time i took a glance on the bottom of the bottle to find out the shade name/number, but i'm pretty sure they stuck a very wrong shade sticker on the bottle! It's obviously SILVER but the bottle said LAVENDER! And when i Googled for the Lavender color, obviously, purple shades from this line popped out *sigh*, so i do not know what's the shade name for this polish!) on my accent finger :
Final result. One of my favorite! And this was my New Year's nails
All of the polishes used for this look
The Face Shop Nail Color PPK 110
First of all, after seeing the promotional pictures i was very inspired to use a soft and neutral baby pink base of the next (now!) base for my Minnie in the Nails glitters/flakes and of course, i went through my *pretty massive* collection of used before nail polish and found this beauty.
Sasatinnie's Super Dolly Fantasy Color(dunno the shade name)
And as a total OCD, i've never really used any different nail colors on my nails at one go (except when i had old gel polishes that still hang on for dear life on several fingers, then i'd work around them and pretend that it's accent fingers :P. Or when i feel super colorful then i'll color EVERY fingers different colors. Or like last Christmas, i used two different colored nail polishes evenly. Everything must be even for an OCD person, you see...) because i just couldn't bear to do it *weirdo*. But i was always attracted to glittery accent fingers, and after taking a plunge in using glitter and other style top coats, i decided it's time to fight off my stupid OCD and just do it!
After 1 coat Revlon Top Speed and 1 coat of PPK 110/silver glitter. As you can see, the PPK 110 was extremely soft (almost transluscent) and has a jelly like texture/finish.
After 2 coats of PPK 110/silver glitter. SO PWETTY ALREADY I ALMOST WANT TO LEAVE IT JUST LIKE THAT!!!
#4 Minnie Pink Ribbon

It contained white and baby pink (non-glittery) small and medium dots, square pink holographic (okay, not sure if it's pink or transluscent, but pretty sure it was pink-tinted) flakes, soft pink glitters, white and pink (again, non-glittery) bows/ribbons.
Out of the four Minnie in the Nails that i have (i've used all four by now, still have the last on my nails as i type this) this one was the hardest to catch all the flakes/glitters/bows! This was my first attempt :

One coat of Minnie Pink Ribbon
Very bare, yes??? Same result on right hand (even worse because it was the first hand that i worked on and this line of flakes always hardest to work with on first attempts). The texture of the clear jelly was also gloopier than the other three for some reason. 

After shaking, twirling and play "catch the ribbons" with this polish, here's the result after two coats of Minnie Pink Ribbon :
Some of the ribbons were upside down, i put them in a right position at first, but because the clear jelly was very gloopy and thick they kinda "swam" and moved to whatever position they desired -____-
A closer look. Didn't manage to catch any ribbon for my pinky finger though hehe

Right hand with only one ribbon caught!
Personally i really love this flakes (i can safely say i prefer the ribbons rather than the Minnie heads after using all four), super pretty, feminine and girly! I am also very satisfied with the color combo i chose *pats self on the back*! (Btw when i first caught the ribbons, i went on a momentary amnesia and said "Hmph, the ribbons all looked the same with the last one" when the white and pink ribbons were obviously different to the previous SILVER one *LOL*)

Like the previous two, this Minnie top coat also has very good staying power. It started chipping on the 6th day and that was more because the base (PPK 110) was lifting from the nails. Do you know what i mean? Suddenly there was air bubbles under the polishes and it began separating from the nails, i do find this kind of problems with jelly-looking/textured nail polishes like PPK 110. But they are oh-so-pretty (i heard they are perfect to make "sandwich" nails with glitters in between them. I might try to be even more adventurous and do sandwich nails soon) i'd overlook the flaws *LOL*.

Also, because i used a thicker base (on the previous two reviews i only used one layer of base after top coat) with two coats of PPK 110, the polishes began to peel on the 8th day (as the Sasatinnie polish was thinner and runnier, i didn't encounter the same problem with them) so i ended up removing them much faster than the previous two. I had no problem with peeling with the others so it must be the too-thick-base's fault rather than Minnie in the Nails'.

In conclusion, i think it's kinda perfect and every girly girl/nail polish enthusiast/Disney lovers simply have to have them in their collection! 

PS : I didn't mean to, but i may have purchased the pink polish (not top coats) from this collection because i saw it on a a pretty huge sale so i couldn't resist >.<. Go to Intens Corner now, they are having a pretty awesome sale (oh no!)! (i almost go CRAY CRAY but managed to go just half cray instead...)

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  1. like the previous two, cute nail :3
    hehe suka sama warna pinknya ci, soft bangeeet <3

    1. Thank u :D...
      Iyah, soft and girly, love it :D!

  2. Uwaaaa suka kuteknyaaa. Cute amittt ^_^

  3. cute ! >.< aaw jadi pingin beli yang minnie :D

    1. Iyah lucu2 banget lohh, ayo di borong *nyari tmn senasib* hhehehe :)