What I Got for Christmas?

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Okay, not really *LOL*.

Hello, hello! 

Sorry ah, productivity plummeted a lot this month in this blog *LOL*, too busy doing nothing :p. Anyway, you know i don't (and never) celebrate Christmas, so naturally we do not have any gift-giving session last Christmas (now that i think about it we don't have any gift-giving culture at all except for birthdays. I mean, even on wedding we tend to include cards telling people to give us cash instead *LOLOLOL*. Kiasu Asian) but i was so jealous reading all of those "What I Got for Christmas" blog entries so i decided to make one too. Sort of.

So, what i included in this entry are actually stuffs that i got AROUND Christmas, all of them were from hunny *FHL* but we did call it my "Christmas gifts" from him, because *ahem* i pretty much demand gifts from him for every occasion. I'd be pestering him for a Chinese New Year (and of course, Valentine's Day :p) gift soon enough hahahaha. Just treat this as a more special haul post okay...

 My absolute love, Victoria Secrets stuffs!
Even the paper bag makes me giddy with excitement *dork*!
Most important one : Angel perfume set
Since i was whining non-stop for wanting Victoria Secret perfumes (but couldn't justify the price and the fact that i have more than 15 brand new perfumes waiting to be used zzzz ), hunny forced me to pick one as the "main Christmas Gift" (LOL, seriously, he said that! I didn't make that up) but i kept on cancelling because i thought we're going to Hong Kong in less than 2 months and i'd most probably be shopping like a mad woman then, but when we found out that they're having a 30% off on most items (BAD news : Now the discount's 40% off! But fortunately none of the stuffs that i got back then are still available now, yay! Hehehe) i decided it was the right time to get this Angel perfume set.
Original price was IDR 999.000 (faints), hunny got it for IDR 654.000 or something
To be 100% honest, i actually liked a few of their other perfumes' scents better (Bombshell's probably my fave but i have every intention to collect every single one of them) but i am so so so in love with Angel's bottle!

SO PWETTYYYY!!!!!! I cannot stand winged things, i just gotta have them all! One of my most coveted items of all time : a winged high-top sneakers hahaha
And as hunny was paying for the set, i noticed a woman asking the cashier the price of a huge gift set containing 3 (smaller sized)  body mists and 3 body lotions, heard the cashier (if you ever went to Victoria Secret's store in GM, you'd know most of their stuffs doesn't have their price tag on and the shop assistants were mostly kinda stupid and not helpful at all. When i spotted the 30% off sale at first hunny went and asked a male SA which items were on sale and he was like  "Oh, only these two perfumes" when in fact almost everything was on sale! GRRRR. The cashiers are a lot more helpful (and friendly) so skip yourself some headache if you have any questions and go to the cashier directly!) answered IDR 194.000 and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets!

I mean... IDR 194.000 for 6 items (albeit not the biggest sized ones) was FANTASTIC! So i hurriedly went to gift set section and found this :
This was IDR 146.000!!!! Pure Day Dream Gift Set
The body mist was full (biggest) size and the other two were probably smaller, but still!!! Super cheap!!! Usually it'd cost you IDR 379.000 in the mix and match section (where you can get 3 items : body mist, shower gel and body lotion) for three, which means one item should be around IDR 126.000 (give or take), so this is a pretty fantastic offer! (EDIT : According to #Undecided *who's been using the body mist from this line for a while, i own a few VS fragrances already but not from this line so i wasn't familiar with the sizing*, the body mist WASN'T the biggest size either! Still, for around IDR 48.000 a piece-i stand by my opinion that this is still a fantastic set!)
And comes with such a cute packaging as well
I read on how some UK/USA bloggers wrote that they felt naughty buying gift sets for themselves, but as i do not have anyone to give pressie to (and i'm sure most of those women who also went cray cray at VS' gift set sections at GM also buying for themselves too) i never felt that buying gift sets for myself's anything but normal :p. They are always such a good value for money and super special too! So i do find holiday season to be a great time to hunt for gift sets and stock up :p.

Anyway, i didn't even know how it smelt and just grabbed it because it was so cheap (and promptly told everybody-which caused the havoc around my friends and beauty bloggers i often interact with hahahaha)! Not only that, i found myself regretting only getting ONE set so i *sigh* decided to go back there the next day with #Undecided and check out what other *similar* set they have (this kind of trio set are also sold out in VS store in GM now), there's only one more variant available (and i already knew the scent because #Undecided and her hubby *yes! Really!* use it and i like it) and what do you think? I got it immediately (and good thing too, since they are no longer available now!) :p. #Undecided also picked up the same set.
Love Spell Gift Set
Decided to include the stuffs i got from The Body Shop :p
The reason why we even go to TBS again was because i wanted to use that IDR 100.000 voucher i got from exchanging my points (always exchange your points around holiday season when they accept half of the usual points for the same voucher!) before they expires, and then i saw them having a Buy 2 Get 1 promotion on their mini gift sets, being the kiasu that i am-of course i decided to get them to get even more value for my money (because i didn't have anything specific to get there anyway)-what's better? The cashier offered us to redeem our BCA credit card points, and the bill went from almost IDR 400.000 to IDR 57.000! LOL. Happiness overload!!
Strawberry Body Butter+Shower Gel+Shower Puff Set

Cranberry Joy Body Butter+Shower Gel+Shower Puff Set. It was a bit more expensive than the strawberry one even though they contained the same variant of things and with the same size. Maybe because it's the limited edition that only makes appearance during holiday season?
Peach Body+Lip Butter Set
Then i also got some tees from Stradivarius (i wanted to buy almost everything there *LOL*, but of course i didn't :p. I need more spaceeee).
Love the tees!
I almost always pick up tees in Stradivarius because i really love their super soft material (but #Undecided doesn't like that type of cloth because it sticks to your body and it'd accentuate her tummy-which is her only problem area but my ONLY non-problematic area FML)  and also super affordable (even cheaper on sale), their sweaters, dresses, jackets, leggings and skirts were also tempting but still quite pricey after discount and nothing really screamed out to me so i decided to skip them. I think everything that i got this time was under IDR 139.000 each!
I am mad about cropped top lately!
Yep, another cropped top. Even better because its got my fave 3/4 sleeves

The thing that made me returned to Stradivarius on the first place (i saw it before with #Undecided but didn't buy it), so kawaii no???
I found myself getting more and more giraffe illustrated items, and if you're a fellow Running Man fan : no, it's not because i like Lee Kwang Soo okay. In fact, if you've been a loyal reader of this blog then you should know that i LOVE the tiger/commander/Jong Kook Oppa *drool on cue* since i pretty much repeat that in almost every opportunity :P. But i gotta admit, giraffe make a cuter illustration than a fierce tiger :p.
Got this large tote bag from Hush Puppies (special price, IDR 249.000) because it reminded me of Tory Burch bag (i always wanted one because i liked the logo *LOL*, but i don't think i'd spend a lot of money on this kind of bag whereas i also don't want to get the fakes) :p
Best bargain : got this bag on a special price too. Original price was like IDR 400.000 (no, seriously. Who'd have buy it on its original price???? I mean, i don't think it was from a famous brand at alll!) and i got it from IDR 79.000. Heheh. Sorry, i was too lazy to get it out of the plastic wrap, i'm sure you'll see it soon on my outfit posts
And what's this?

Cutest Pony Bag EVER!!!!
As a self-proclaimed Gyaru Mama and a lolita wannabe at heart, i've always been attracted to those crazy cute Japanese biscuit or candy bags i saw lots of J-Inspired fashion bloggers toting in their blogs, but i resisted because : 1. I am way too old to wear them and 2. I live in Indonesia that people would definitely stare , and 3. I might give my super conservative sister a heart attack. But when i saw this to-die-for pastel lilac maned Pony bag (and i just read from one of my fave creative fashion blogger, Lovely Sara that the family this shade, or what they called Radiant Orchid is color of the year for 2014. Again, i always believe i have this ability to in a way "sense" what color would be "in" long before it's actually stated. I've been using a lot of this shade before i even read the blog post about it! Call me "color trend psychic" please! But then again, pastel lilac is 2nd all time favorite color after pink), i just can't say no!!!

The last item would be a pretty weird thing to include on a supposedly Christmassy list :
Risa Sawaswati's third book : Sunyaruri
Why is it weird to include it in a Christmassy list? In case you've never heard of Risa before, she's a writer/singer with a sort of paranormal ability, as in she can see and communicate with no-longer-living-people and even make friends with them. She wrote about her friendship and encounters with those entities in three books (Danur, Maddah and Sunyaruri. I heard they're a trilogy so i don't think she will write about the same "people" in her next book?). I collected all three books and pretty much "fell in love" with her from book one. As a hardcore horror fan, i would say her books aren't scary at all, in fact she calls what she's doing "humanizing" those creatures (that we call ghosts), but i do love how she wave the stories as well as how she's telling the stories. 

She's also a vocalist to a horror themed band called Sarasvati . Truth is i first found out about her from Twitter, there was a time in local Twitter scene when lots of "Twit-celebs" twits ghost stories every Tuesday night (because Indonesian believe that the night before Friday's the scariest, most mystical time when all the ghosts comes out hehe) and it was linked back to her. I read about her band and how they bring "kuntilanak" (one of the scariest local ghosts hehe, you know... the stereotype Asian female ghosts with long, flowing hair dressed in white) to their shows and how they burn incense before their performances that adds to the scary image of their band. All and all, my total cup of tea!!! LOL. If you're a horror buff like me (or not, even if you're just a nerd who loves to read, again-just like me) and wants to read good stories, head to her blog here. You might just fall in love with her writing like i did and want to get her books as well!

And that's all of the stuffs i'm gonna show you this time round! Will come back with more hauls soon hahaha. Now you must bear a few self-absorbed pics of me with my "Christmas Gifts"!
MINEEEE, all mine!

LOVE them all!

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  1. ahahah foto2 terahirnya lucu ci XD
    btw tas kuda nya lucu :3

    1. Hahahaha kelihatan greedy gt ya Chel :p..
      Iya nihhh so cute i couldn't resist. Nanti kalo punya anak cewe bisa d pake dy juga *ngayal* lol

  2. huahaha iya gile bener hush puppies bikin logo nya niru2 tory burch... :P

    1. Huahahaha iyee, tp aq emg naksir logo nya doank *gimana donk* jd drpd beli yg palsu mendingan beli "versi Hush Puppies" kan :p

  3. Replies
    1. Aheyy, thanks to my personal Santa ahahaha XD

  4. I love, love, love the unicorn bag <3 So cute, wish to have one for me as well. I am glad you had a perfect Santa and hope your New Year started perfectly. Lots of love, xxx

    1. OMG, is that really you? *extremely starstruck* :D. Thank you for dropping by dear! You made my day! Hope your New Year also start perfectly stay perfect until it ends!

  5. Ah, beli dimana ci Pony Bag nya? Berapaan? Naksir >_<

    1. Beli di Online Shop nih, tp aq engga tau namanya-sdh ada di BBM contact aq. Kalo minat bisa add BBM seller nya : 277047EC. Harganya 185 belom ongkir :)