Nail Diary 08 : Etude House X Disney XOXO Minnie Collection (Minnie in the Nails #3 Minnie White Face) + Essence 86 (A Lovely Secret)

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Hello hello!

I'm finally at the last leg of my four parter sub-series of Minnie in the Nails review (read the other ones here, here and here), i hope you're not fed up yet! But wait! This is the last part for the top coat type only! I just remembered that i also have the pink base color one and will definitely do a review on it as well hihihi! Anyway, this is the other version of the very first one i've reviewed, #3 Minnie White Face (as opposed to Minnie Black Face. I read in a some blog that the names sounds really racist *LOL*, i cannot get that comment off my brain!)

#Minnie White Face (photo from Google)
I was so in love with the last combination of very soft peachy baby pink+the topper (the soft, pastel color seemingly to be the perfect partner to these nail flakes top coats) that i made up my mind to come up with a look using my second favorite color of all times : baby violet! And here's the final result :

I LOVE it!
Here are all of the polishes used to create the look :
Will never miss my Revlon Top Speed. I've stopped buying backups though (i always have like, three backups of this base/top coat!) because i decided to try out other brands (because being a beauty blogger does that to your brain)
I actually almost forget about this Essence nail polish i got a while ago in Singapore. Reason why was because when i first use it, it was not a very good experience. First, i couldn't even open the bottle no matter how hard i tried, in the end my dad (or was it my hunny) had to pry it open with a plier (yeah, i had a long convo with #Undecided via Skype looking for this word! Tools names are definitely one thing i am NOT smart about)! Apparently there were some nail polish splattered all over the neck of the bottle, when it dried it became glue-like and was impossible for mortals (but maybe super strong Jong Kook Oppa might be able to open this? LOL) to open with bare hands! I'm guessing someone opened the bottle (just my luck, out of all those bottles available i had to choose the one that someone already opened! DAMMIT!) and didn't close it back properly :( why do people do that anyway? Such disrespect to the next shopper!

Anyway, not only the not-closing-the-lid-properly messed with the lid, it also messed with the consistency of this polish! I read everywhere that Essie's nail polishes are easy to apply and there were no complains about it being gloopy and took forever to dry, but that was totally how my experience with this nail polish the first time round went down! So even though i really LOVE the color, i kinda neglected it and never touched it anymore (it was just too much work to apply and i'm too spoilt with better performing polishes already) until this time.
Essence Colour & Go : 86 (A Lovely Secret). I love how the little (their polishes are small sized, 5ml each) topper comes with the same color as the varnish itself! See how the topper had a "scar" from the plier yanking it open? Hurts my heart seeing it zzz
Upon closer look it was iridescent with tiny pink specks of glitters but it was not very visible at all once applied
When i wrote my review on Prestige's nail polish in Intuition, one layer of it reminded me of something i've already got in my collection. I thought it was the Sally Hanson diamond nail polish (and it was, but not entirely) but apparently it reminded me of this nail polish! Just like Intuition, this polish looked iridescent and sparkly on the bottle but applies mutely. The color also reminded me of Intuition, but the pastel version-obviously.

Even though the bottle was small, they did not compromise on the brush. It was normal sized (not mini like some mini-sized polishes are), the shape also ensure even and easy application
1 coat of A Lovely Secret
I can't really see the glitters at all, but it created a kind of grainy look. Pretty!
I was pretty surprised because application was half as hard as i remembered it to be! Either my technique gets better or the consistency settled back after being closed securely (i think it was the latter *LOL*) but it was not a very hard work at all! It was still quite thick *but not so gloopy anymore* that one coat was enough to evenly coat my nails. It was opaque enough and i dreaded smudging them (because i kept on doing that the first time round since it never properly dried!!! So much for a "quick drying nail polish" zzz) so i stopped at one coat. It dried a lot faster than last time i think, but still not fast enough. Accidentally bumped into a finger after it seemed to be dried but of course it smudged immediately *(@#&)@&R(*! 

Since my applications sucks and my photography also sucks, you might want to check out this review if you want to see it in all its glory #yesihavenailsenvy! Anyway, i got this Essence nail polish in Watson's Singapore and it was very cheap (can't remember how much, around SGD 1.99 or 2.99. I read it's only 99 P in England), after my second attempt with it, i won't hesitate any longer to buy more of them :p.

Now moving on to Minnie White Face :

It looks so pink in the bottle i thought it'd have some sort of color, but of course it was bonded with clear gel-polish
Hunny broke the sticker on the previous bottle before i could do it, and i got sooo annoyed! Didn't he know one of the real pleasures in life is opening a new, NEVER been opened before, thing? Breaking the seal for me was like, a crime!!!
It was the most festive among the four! With tiny hot pink and white flecks, tiny confetti looking hot pink shreds, round white flakes, hot pink octagon flakes, small white Minnie heads (i think it was smaller than the black one) and square multi-colored holographic flakes.
It was the easiest of all four to apply evenly, as in the festivities inside were the easiest to catch (maybe because there were so many of them compared to the other three). At first i only caught a few heads but once i did, they kept on coming up! So much that i had to put a few back in as not to make the nails looked too crowded!

One coat of #Minnie White Face
2 Coats of Minnie White Face

Right hand : 1 coat of Minnie White Face where i caught only one Minnie head at first
Caught a lot more with a second coat. See the Minnie head on the inner edge of my middle finger? Yeah, you'd want to avoid that if you're using this. Tiny part of it was outside the nail bed, and it snagged off right after i showered (and washed my hair). No such problems with other heads that were firmly attached on the nail beds
Definitely the most festive looking, yes?
I absolutely LOVE the color combo, it was so girly and cute! It also reminded me my new pony bag... Like the others, this flakes top coat also kept my nail polish intact for 6 days, and then on the 6th day one of the head snagged off. The next day the base started to chip. Since my Essie was quite thick (i dunno if this is the case with all of Essie's nail polish or just mine which seemingly been exposed to air more than it should), they also started to peel after the 8th day.

I also noticed that the Minnie heads (this one and the black version as well) snagged off easier compared to the ribbons (which never snagged off until i remove them myself, and not with ease either!) but it only happens after 6th day so, still very good staying power!
After trying all four of these nail glitters/flakes top coats, i must say i am very impressed with Etude House! Sometimes their stuffs can be super cute but the quality can be quite so so, not the case with this line obviously! They are equally cute and high quality! I can't recommend this enough!

I got all four of my Minnie in the Nails, glitter type from Beauty Bar on PO, but i noticed a lot of online shops have ready stocks of them now. Some even already gone on a huge sale (i got these four at IDR 39.000 each (? around that), but i got the pink one from for IDR 21.000! It was on a 50% off!), so... What are you waiting for? Grab them while you still can, it's a limited edition so it might not be re-stocked once all sold out!

Rocking the nails with my furry sweater (it's from Mango and i hated it because it kept on shedding and the fur was everywhere! Mainly got into my mouth and eyes WTF). I really hate my super long bangs that keeps getting in the way, but i'm getting them chopped tonight! YAY!

PS : As you might already know, i'm not the sweetest, most patience person out there. I'm very hot headed and loud, i do not take craps from anyone. And i said it once and i'm saying it again : I DO NOT tolerate any crappy comments from anyone. Not in in this blog (that i always view as my virtual home) and certainly not from cowardly anonymous (you do not go to a stranger's house and start throwing shit around, do you?). I initially didn't want to ban anonymous comments because some of our readers doesn't have accounts and still want to leave comments. But after one too many of those stupid comments, i can't take it anymore. I do not want to be angry even more often than i already do, i admire and in awe of how the "big bloggers" deal with stupid comments that come to them from left, right, up and down at all times! I guess it's part of the risk of this blog growing, but since i have a choice-i am taking it. Sadly from now on the comments would be moderated as well because i do not want to lose it and start cursing non-stop in reply. Thank you for understanding!

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  1. I must agree that essence took FOREVER (even longer) to dry ci -_- tapi emg warnanya lucu2 diaa apalagi yg pastel2nya hehe :DD

    another cute minnie nail art~ <3

    from : anonymous LOL XD (kidding ;p)

    1. Oh yaaa? Ternyata emg Essence nya yg lama kering nya bukan krn pny ku ga "fresh" yah Cel??? Iya nihhh, apalagi yg ice cream collection, GYAAAAA mau semuaaa... knp ga msk indo sih :( so sad.

      LOL, kalo anonymous nya km gpp deh, smooch :p!

  2. haha, mickey mouse wan lo :D

  3. Ungunya menggoda bener c.. secara sukaa baanget ungu♥♥
    Cantikk (^3^)

    1. Samaaa, aq juga suka ungu (yg pastel tapi) hehehe :D