Pocahontas 2014

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I am aware that Pocahontas' supposed to be decked in all neutrals and tribal looking stuffs (not to mention tanned and athletic instead of pasty white and chubby *LOL*), but ever since i first cast my eyes on this peacock feather tasseled headband from Stradivarius, it just screamed Pocahontas to me and no matter what i pair it with, i feel very Pocahontas-y in them.

So here's how i'd imagine Pocahontas looks, if she is living in a 2014 metropolis city, Asian, and maybe discovered cupcakes :p.

Since i am this little matchy2 princess, of course i put on a matchy2 make up too :p :

Developed new habit of using a new lipstick and stick to it for a while *sigh*, been wearing this pink lipstick from Collection non-stop since new year!
Stupid story about this headband, see how in some of the pictures it was half hidden in my hair? It frustrated me because... What the hell's the point of wearing a tasseled headband if people wasn't be able to see the tassle, right??? I have this habit of letting some front hair loose because i want to conceal my chubby cheeks as best as i could, but apparently it's a big no no if you are wearing tasseled headband!!! I only discovered it when i got back *LOL*, just tuck your hair behind your ear and it would be very visible (like the very first photo)!

Wore the whole look out to GM with #Undecided and A (and our hubbies and babies, well my baby's 6 but he's forever my baby), fussed the whole time trying to show the stupid tassel with #Undecided and none of us realized we just needed to tuck the strand of hair back *sigh*.

Can hardly see it in in this pic *double sigh*

All of the accessories i wore that time (decided to keep it at least earthy and tribal inspired. If the make up and dress weren't typical Pocahontas, at least i think the jeweleries were more suitable hahaha):

Tasseled Headband : Stradivarius, Rings : New Look (from a set of lotsa rings!), Wooden Butterfly Bracelet : Gunung Kawi (it was IDR 5000 or something), Butterfly Studs : Genting, Malaysia (RM 10 for 3 or cheaper!)
Black Inner : Qoo10, Tube Skater Dress : Arithalia
Whoops, please ignore my security shorts peeking out!
It actually got an interesting laced up back, but unfortunately having tiny boobies meant i had to tied in tightly (even then they still kept on sliding down the entire time, and i was already wearing my thickly-padded bra FML) and it looked kinda unsightly after a few hours out so i didn't take pictures zzzz.

Purple Bag : Bonia
I actually went through a lot of trouble for this tasseled headband, i first saw it in Stradivarius in GM but i am not used to spend more than IDR 100.000 for a headband (it was IDR 129.000 i think), at least not the non-bejeweled ones!!! I was also worried that it'd look too much for conservative Indonesia *i get a lot of stares whenever i go out as it is*, i even went back a few times still contemplating it (yes, i am annoying that way). Then i made up my mind that i WANT it, and it's gone. LOL. It was sold out! The BA told us to write down our number and they'd contact us if the re-stock arrived but it never happened.

I was pretty much given up on it *very reluctantly* but when we went to Singapore sometime after that, i actually found it in Ion's Stradivarius! With the SGD going cray cray, it was actually slightly more expensive *sigh* (i almost didn't shop at all except in Watson's and Guardian back then) but since i couldn't stop thinking about it i just grabbed it before i even had a second to change my fickle mind again. No regrets!

I absolutely love how cute it is and find myself wanting to add more to my collection (i mean headband collection, not tasseled headband collection. I only have one so far :p). It's also a lot more subtle than i thought it would be. Problem was the headband was a bit too big for my head (weird, i have a big face and a big brain, but my head's kinda small) and it kinda slide down (so it couldn't perch properly on top of my head) at all times and was uncomfortable, but i am one of those vain girls who'd brave small pains to look good :p.

A little advice if you're thinking of donning one yourself, i think it'd be wise to skip necklace because the tassel already hung down to the shoulder, it'd be way too busy if you put on any necklace. I was afraid to wear dangly earrings too for fear of making the whole look "too much", but looking back i think a tassel earrings with the same color family with this headband *preferable brown or black. But blue works too with the feathers* would make the whole look even more tribal and Pocahontas-y!

Showing off my NOTD but the stupid pic turned out blur so you can't see it anyway *LOL*
So here's a closer look at my NOTD (that matched my bag perfectly) with Essence nail polish in 86 (A Lovely Secret) topped with Etude House's Minnie in the Nails #3 Minnie White Face (review coming up soon!)

Do you like tasseled headbands too? Or you would never be caught dead in them?


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  1. hay pinkan .
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    1. But there's nobody called Pinkan here :D...

  2. awwwww ure juz sooo adorable. I truly loved ur outfit and the mani is super pretty and cute!I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
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    1. Aw, you're too kind :), thank you! And i will check the giveaway out soon :)