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Writing July movies review in the last day of August...

Coz i am awesome liddat! LOL!

1. 47 Meters Down
For some reasons i thought the title was 47 Meters Deep (in fact, i was so sure about it) and i really thought i've reviewed this movie. Hm... I think it intrigued me so much (not in a good way btw) that i made a little review in my Instastories *LOL*. I'm not usually a fan of shark movies (they are all so predictable, aren't they?), the last one i watched was not so bad (The Shallow starring Blake Lively, i watched it streaming btw) and i was interested in this one because of Mandy Moore. I quite like Mandy Moore, she reminds me of my youth, when Pop Princesses dominated the charts (the days of Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera, ya know?) and i always thought that Mandy Moore is one of the more likable ones, so i decided to give this one a chance.

Two sisters are vacationing in Mexico, one sister is a wild child, party goers while the other sister is a very boring, timid one who is trying to prove to her ex that she is not that boring (she really is *LOL*) in this vacay. She is trying so hard that she allows herself to be persuaded by her crazy sister to go shark cage diving-even though the ship and the cage itself looks like it's going to fall apart anytime -and sure enough when the two sisters go, the hook collapses and they plummet 47 meters down to the bottom of the sea. They have two options, stay in the cage-they will soon run out of oxygen, or get out of the cage and are risking being the shark's din din. 

Y'know, i'm all about fantasy movies and all, i CAN leave my logic outside the cinema's door-but 47 Meters Down blatantly goes against the certain laws of physics that even i (who never dives and am not particularly good at science in any way) find their plot holes very silly and thus, prevents me from really immerse myself in the story. First of all, how can they plummet down 47 meters down and suffer almost no injuries whatsoever? And even i know, when you do strenuous physical exercises and/or panicking, you're using up a lot of oxygen-which the two sisters definitely do in the movie-at an almost constant, yet their oxygen level doesn't seem to follow this rules whatsoever. If you want a scientific facts to back all this up (and more), go to this article written by the expert.

I'm not saying it's the worst movie in the world, i would even say it's pretty entertaining, it'd just be a lot better if they do more efforts in making sure everything's a little more believable. I wouldn't be mad watching it on DVD/streaming, even if only to laugh at the silly plot holes.

Another Spiderman reboot, i don't understand why it keeps on getting rebooted-but at least this one is a bit different and not following the same formula as the previous reboots (it gets stale, alright). People are complaining about Spiderman being essentially, a toddler *LOL*, i don't mind tho-i think he's cute. 

The movie takes place after the last Avenger movie, Peter returns to his normal life and waiting eagerly for his next mission-which never comes. He decides to take control of his super hero life and do patrols by himself when one night he manages to stop an ATM robbery which uses sophisticated, alien high technology. Peter relays the information to Tony Stark who tells him to stay away from it, but his young blood is calling to him to go find the crime lord himself and thus, proving to Tony that he is ready to be part of Avenger full time.

Well, i do like this movie. I like the new Spiderman, probably more than i liked the previous ones (i always thought Tobey McGuire to be fugly while i don't particularly care about Andrew Garfield). Like i said earlier, i think he's cute (and i got a shock to learn that the actor playing him is actually 20, not 14) and funny, the movie is fine too, it's entertaining-but that's it, at least for me. Do keep in mind, i am not the biggest fan of super heroes movies (ya know i prefer horror movies or fun animation movies). I would def recommend this for all popcorn movie lovers tho (and die hard Spiderman/Marvel fans), it's just that i can't remember much of the plot line once i leave the cinema...

Speaking on animation movie... I unfortunately am also not a fan of Despicable Me *LOL*. I just never care much about it, the only thing i like about them is the those crazy Minions-now that, i do love. I think they're one of the most hilarious creatures ever invented by animators (BUT, i also don't think minions movies are all that great). Oh, i do like Agnes too tho. I did watch this because of my son, obviously.

Gru gets kicked out of the Anti Villain League after accidentally let the super weird super villain Balthazar Bratt getaway, he is desperate to redeem himself and the opportunity presents itself when a mysterious stranger claims to be his long lost twin brother and reach out to him.

Again, not much that i can remember from the plot-same thing that i can say about every single Despicable Me *LOL*. I can say that i personally find it to be better than the second movie (which i find super boring), but yeah... My favorite parts are the ones where the minions show up and be silly. So it's another one that i would say not bad, but i wouldn't cry if i missed it.

I would probably always thirst for a good horror movie (August's good tho, i am stoked with Annabelle 2 exceeding my expectation and we also just watched Amityville : The Awakening which is also not bad at all) so every possibility excites me but also worries me (that it's going to be a horrible flop), it's a real roller coaster kind of feeling :)). Crucifixion turns out to be alright, not bad-but also not superb.

An American journalist with personal demons goes to a remote European country (i must admit that i can't remember the exact country -___-) to investigate and get a full story on a exorcism for a young nun that goes wrong and a priest is accused of murdering her. While she was totally sure that the priest is guilty, she starts to question things when strange things starts happening to herself.

I personally think that it starts on quite good, it goes well right to the second half of the movie-i am however, not impressed with the "meh!" ending that leaves me with so much questions and confusion. It definitely has its moments, when i have the urge to cover my face during horror movies, then i know that is good *LOL* (it simply doesn't happen in meh movies) and the idea is there, if only they finish off as strongly as they started, i would really rate this movie highly. Still, it's not bad and if you're a huge horror fan like me, i would recommend you watching it.

Another war movie that i did not plan to watch but ended up liking. It's like every other war movies :)), i just almost never have the urge to go see them but i actually almost always like them. 

So during Battle of France in World War II, the Allied soldiers (from Belgium, British Empire and France) were cut off and surrounded by the German army at the beach. There are 400.000 soldiers (mostly very young men, boys really) who pretty much are sitting ducks, waiting for the Germany to release bombs from their air forces every so often and there's nowhere for them to run or hide. Evacuation is almost impossible, with the enemy attacking the rescue ships before they can even leave shore. Hope seems almost gone when people (civilians) risk their own lives to come and rescue them in any way they can.

It's chilling, like most war movies can be. There are not a lot of dialogues, and it goes back and forth so seamlessly that i get super confused on which one is the past and which one is present-but after a while, i started to catch it. I would say that it's not for everybody (some war movies are easier to digest, and this one takes a little more effort to), but i personally like it very much. Not enjoy, i find it almost impossible to enjoy such movies, but i do like it a lot. It's haunting, and it made me shed a tear. If you're into the kind of movies that makes you ponder, give this one a try.

6. War for the Planet of the Apes
I didn't watch the very first Planet of the Apes movie, i think the second movie was alright-not exactly my cup of tea but i didn't hate it. So when this third one came out, i was not super excited either. I turned out to like it better than the 2nd movie (i guess because of Bad Ape *LOL*), but i am still not crazy about it ofc haha.

War between the apes and remaining humans are at all time worst, Caesar and his apes are forced deep into the forest where they just want to be left alone-but there's this one Colonel who is absolutely obsessed to take him down. After the Colonel mistaken Caesar's son for him and killed him, Caesar is driven by his rage to avenge him and hunt the Colonel down.

I totally annoy hunny by making ape sounds and gestures (my fave gesture is the one for darkness) for weeks, i still do it from time to time *LOL*)) after watching it, well... it's hardly my fault when he's the one dragging me to the cinema, am i rite? Anyway, i find this one to be a lot more interesting than the previous (which plot i find to be tired and used one too many times), i love that it has its funny moments too and like i mentioned earlier, i love Bad Ape :))). It's pretty good and entertaining, i would actually recommend this one.

And those concludes all movies we watched in the cinema in July, none of which blew my mind but all of them are acceptable and pretty entertaining  anyway. A bit of a so so month, i'd say. I'm definitely a lot more excited about the movies we watched in August-which hopefully i will be writing about sooner than the last day of September.

Toodles for now!

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