Basic-O-Base 08 : COCOBLANC Aura Stick Foundation and CC Pressed Powder (SPONSORED)

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Hello hello!

It's been quite a while since my last base makeup review and i have a new one today from a rather new (for me at least) brand : COCOBLANC
I am wearing COCOBLANC Aura Stick Foundation and CC Pressed Powder ^^!

Today's review is made possible by Clozette Indonesia and Hello Sora, thank you very much for Clozette and Hello Sora!

Before we talk in detail about the products, let me tell you a little bit about Hello Sora first! 

So, Hello Sora is a beauty e-commerce, but they're not just your usual e-commerce alright! What sets them apart from other e-commerce is the fact that they are the first e-commerce that provides free consultation for all your skin problems! They believe that each problem needs to be treated differently by specific product. They explore all over the world to seek the best beauty product for any skin condition to fulfill our needs. How neat is that? No more buying products blindly without knowing whether they're going to be suitable for our skin or not because the experts at Hello Sora are ready to help us!

Btw, Hello Sora ships from Indonesia (but they also cater to international shipping) so we don't have to worry about customs or expensive shipping costs, yippie!

Now let's get on with the review-shall we?
I LOVE COCOBLANC' sleek white packaging, they scream class and luxury to me!
COCOBLANC is (obviously) one of the many brands carried by Hello Sora, i actually never heard of them before-so i am very glad for the opportunity to try them out ^^.

Let's start from the foundation.
COCOBLANC Stick Foundation comes in a sleek, slim and tall white cardboard box with black lettering, wrapped in a plastic wrap to ensure its newness
For some reasons the information stickers are in Thai. Btw, that's the manufactured date, not the expiration date
All information are available at the back of the box, COCOBLANC products are made in Korea
I got the shade #21 Light Beige, the stick foundation is available in two shades-other than #21 they also have #23 Natural Beige
The stick foundation is housed in a sleek, sturdy dual ended cyllindric tube that contains 10g of products inside
It is so convenient for traveling! No need to lug in extra brushes for your foundie now! 
The white core is actually primer! A real multi tasking product for sure! To use, you need to twist the product up
Honestly i had my doubts when i first saw the brush, i mean... I'm always quite skeptical about built in brushes-but i decided to give it a try anyway and i was totally pleasantly surprised at how dense, soft and nice to use the brush is! Granted, it is quite small for a foundation brush so i did have to spend a little bit longer to blend-but it still works perfectly without leaving any streaks on my face
The shade #21 is almost a perfect match for my skin tone, so happyyyy
Blends seamlessly to my skin
COCOBLANC Aura Stick Foundation claims to be  a product that can enhance our look with long lasting, ultra-comfortable and lightweight 2in1 foundation and concealer. It creates flawless face with medium to full coverage but still keeps your skin very natural looking with radiant finish. It is formulated with Vitamin D and Vitamin E for time-released hydration that is perfect for normal to dry skin and at the same time help moisturising your skin during the day but also has oil and sebum control so it's also suitable for normal and acne prone skin. It is non-comedogenic, has SPF 30/PA++ and has a blurring effect to camouflage skin problems. Ideal for foundation touch-ups and contouring, it can be applied at home or on-the-go for a flawless complexion.

How do i think about them in reality? I am happy to tell you that i have mostly good experiences with this foundation and i think most of their claims turns out to be true!

I was initially a bit worried about the fact that it is a stick foundation, i never tried stick foundations before as i am worried that they might be cakey, thick and hard to blend. Thankfully COCOBLANC Aura Stick Foundation is anything but that. As soon as i swipe the stick to my face, i can feel how soft and creamy it is. It's also quite easy to blend and the finish look is quite matte (which i like) but with some radiance on it. It has a very good coverage (definitely medium to high for me, i would actually wear it to parties and events because of how good the coverage is!) but somehow my skin still looks very natural too!
L-R : Before-After
I have a scar on top of my right lip as you can see in the photo (it's a mole that i keep on picking >.< i am trying my best to stop and let it heal), even concealer has a hard time hiding it sometime but much to my surprise the COCOBLANC stick foundation manages to conceal it very nicely without any help! I also notice that my dark under eyes are also lightened a lot !
My skin looks flawless already! I did have a slight darkness still under my eyes, but it's a LOT lighter than my bare skin
It is long lasting and it doesn't make my oily skin any oilier than my usual self-and my makeup still looks awesome after long hours of wear time.

The only thing that i'm not 100% sure of their claims is how it is suitable for all skin types. I had some dry patches (common condition for a week or so after i have a facial) on my skin and the foundation kinda grabs to it. The problem can be solved by using a rich moisturizer underneath tho-and if you always powder like me, choose a light weight powders. I would suggest a very light pressed powder or even just loose powder since they do not need any more help with the coverage anyway. If you use a heavy duty pressed powder with coverage, it might end up looking cakey and thick. 
COCOBLANC Aura CC Pressed Powder also comes in a sleek white cardboard box with black lettering
I got the shade No. 2 Nude Champagne (available in 3 shades)
Information at the back
I'm usually more of the frilly, kawaii packaging kind of gal, but the simplicity and luxury that COCOBLANC products' packaging really tugs at my heartstring!
I loveeee how old Hollywood glam it looks!
The powder is encased in a white and black compact, the lid is white and the body is black!
Not a fan of the sponge tho, it's super thin and weird. I prefer to use my own kabuki brush to apply it
The powder looks dark in the pan but when i apply it on my fair skin, it blends perfectly
Like the foundation stick, the Aura CC Pressed Powder also contain SPF 30/PA++ and is non comedogenic.

I actually really like this powder too, it is very powdery when i brush my kabuki brush on it-and it's quite dry but that makes it a perfect match for my oily skin. I also think it has a pretty good oil control. 

It claims to have a high coverage, for me it does have some coverage but it's not as much as a powder foundation ofc.

While i like the powder on its own and with lighter base, i actually don't really like wearing it together with the foundation stick. Paired together they would be nice for special occasions where i need my skin to be totally flawless and camera ready, but for every day use i would pair each product with lighter partners. 
The foundation stick and CC pressed powder paired really gived full coverage, but it kinda emphasizes the dry patches and i don't like how it looks so powdery. It can be fixed with using lots of facial mist/setting spray to melt the powder to the skin
If you're a full coverage kind of gal, these two products paired together packs quite a punch! As for me personally-i prefer lighter makeups for daily use ^^
COCOBLANC Aura Stick Foundation and CC Powder with full makeup, i already used a generous amount of setting spray and you can see how beautiful my skin looks ^^
All in all, i highly enjoyed both products and think theirperformance are quite stellar. Each product are sold at a pretty reasonable price of IDR 270.000/item at Hello Sora.

If you love luxurious looking products (that won't actually leave you broke) that you can whipped out from your vanities and feel fancy while doing it, they're so IT!

For the foundie, i would highly recommend it for you who are looking for a good coverage stick foundation that suits oily and normal skin (dry skin can also use it i guess, but i personally would recommend it more for oil to normal skin) while the powder i would recommend for those of you who are looking for a very matte powder to leave your skin completely flawless over your base makeup.

I'm not sure what other products COCOBLANC has, but i do hope Hello Sora would expand the varieties od COCOBLANC products they carry ^^ and i would love to try out their other products for sure!

Thank you once again for Hello Sora and Clozette Indonesia for the chance to try out these awesome products ^^.

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  1. Coveragenya ok juga ya ci mindy 😍

  2. The coverage is awesome and i love that it has brush on the other side. So convenient!