Fashion Collab 03 : 3 Different Ways to Style Bling Choker

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I am back with another fashion collab but this time it's not with Aphrodites but with my other friends Olin and Redha!
We call ourselves Hewey, Dewey and Louie (in the same order as our sitting position, i think) - Addam's Family edition coz it's clear as day that all three of us have serious case of RBF 
So we got the idea for the collab from this H&M bling choker that we got. We bought them together because 1, they rock and 2-it's on sale for IDR 25k only :)). As we all have the same thing, we decided to style them in a collab to show you three ways of styling the same chokers according to our individual style.
Our outfits for the collab, and we took our pics at Coffee at Louis
Since the choker is black with diamentes, the first thing that comes in mind when i thought about styling it is with monochromatic, black and white base. And since we want to emphasize our individual styles, the obvious thing for me to wear is a tutu alright. Conveniently, a few weeks back my cousin L gifted me with this tutu dress (it also comes with a white and blue cropped striped outer, which honestly is not really my style) and i decided to pair it with an off shoulder cropped top (i loveeee these off shoulder cropped tops as they are super convenient for me to layer! You know i don't bare my arms so they're perfect to throw under or over any sleeveless anything) i got on sale at Pull&Bear. Honestly i think i only shop high street brands during sale coz i am darn kiasu :p. Olin's worse than me btw. 

As the choker is very bling and glam, i decided to bring out my super glittery silver bag and jelly shoes which i haven't been wearing for a minute. This whole looks pretty much described the two polar opposite styles that screams ME, as i lovee to be frilly and girly but i also love to be dark and mysterious.

Oline rocks her kawaii rocker style, i personally think that Olin loves her basics and pair them awesomely with some statement pieces whole Redha sticks to her simple but sultry and sexy style.
All 3 of us are of dramatically different sizes  (and dramatically different shapes too! Oline is very petite, i actually have a rather boyish figure as in i'm pretty much straight up and down but i am def quite chubby - and Redha is very curvy!), and we totally celebrate that! We want to show you that whatever your size is, whether it's XS or XXL, you can rock any style that you want!
Coz no matter what size is, you deserve to feel beautiful!
Btw i never told you this, but the hairdresser in Bali that did our hair for BB's party totally ruined my hair ends :(. I didn't even realize it at first, but they must fried off my fragile bleached hair ends because i have much shorter bleached part than i actually did and they're so uneven :(... They're super dry and frizzy too so i am forced to apply heavy hair masks whenever i wash my hair now :(...
Coffe At Louis is such a pretty space for a photoshoot, and they serve some nice coffee too! Please ignore the motorcycle behind me..
Nessya (who helped us with the photos) kept on insisting for me to bring my hair to one side -___- this ended up with me having to edit the hell out of my jaw... Seriously, i would take any face slimming sponsorship please, i just don't want it to involve needles >.<
Oline said this shot is like a pre-wed with that random dude at the back :))))) WTF
As i can't shoo him off, i gotta make it work
Do you notice my eyelashes? I got a pink and purple highlight eyelash extension at Me-Nail, go to my Instagram to see it in details
Outfit Details :
Bling Choker : H&M
Tutu Dress : Gift from L (she bought it in Beijing)
Black Cropped off the shoulder top : Pull & Bear
Glittery Silver crossbody : I think i bought it in Stroberi!
Wrap Bracelet : Mango
Transparent Socks : Uniqlo
Jelly Shoes : Online
I was also forced to take these beauty shot-which i'm glad i did because i like the result-but at the time i felt super stupid to be standing in the middle of the cafe with my legs spread apart because i was standing directly on top of a speaker >.<...
In case anyone wondering, i was wearing Mukka Matte Lip Cream #11
I hope you like our first collab, please let us know if you do so we can do another one soon!

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