Japan Trip 2017 : Part 3 (Shirakawa-Go)

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Hi guys...

OMG, 2017 is more than halfway up-and it's official... It's the year of the slump for this blog. I can't believe i only had 8 posts last month, i thought 10 posts a month was already bad T.T...

Oh well, as to not put more pressure to myself... I would make it a resolution on 2018 to up my blogging game (that gives me 5 months of slacking left LOLOLOL) :p.

Anyway, back to my Japan trip earlier this year and onto the next destination :
The absolutely gorgeous Sirakawa-Go ^^!
Before we talk more about Shirakawa-Go, ofc we must start from the beginning!

Backtrack to Kanazawa station first!
Little O was so excited to see this super smooth-moving robot ^^ so cute. I think he does have a thing for robots, now he insists on dropping his piano extra curricular and taking up Robotics           -___-, he also told me he prefers to be a nerd :))

And we had to keep on luggage in the lockers since we're coming back to the station later (we were heading to Osaka next)
While the others scrambling around...
We also had to get our breakfast bento before the bus leaves

Bus to Shirakawa-Go
Yummy bento :)
My normal trip face, i tend to be too lazy to even put on lippies...
After a few hours... We are at Shirakawa-Go! 

I immediately perked up and gets excited. This is my kind of place really haha. I seriously prefer these kinds of heritage sites to visit on my travels instead of big cities with malls and stuffs
Little O was also getting excited seeing all the snow *LOL*
Not that there were a lot of them tho
What a gorgeous place ^^
Camwhoring begins. And i think this was just a restaurant *LOL*
In case you don't know yet, Shirakawa-Go is one of Japan's UNESCO Heritage site
Hunny lugged his camera everywhere and in this whole trip he only took pics in Shirakawa Go WTF
*heart eyes*
I can just stay there doing nothing for hours, really

But first, OOTD
Okay, so not long after we took this pic, something stupid that totally changed the mood of the day happened. There are a lot of huge sewage with strong, natural current alongside the road (i think you can see it in photos above) - Au, MT and H were monkeying around, throwing snow at each other when suddenly Au jumped to the side-and i swear i saw it in slow motion... My brain couldn't even comprehend what i was seeing because the direction Au was going is straight down to the sewage WTF.

It took me a few seconds to register what i was seeing, H and hunny moved fast though and they managed to catch and pull Au who was on all four in the base of the frigging sewage (it's pretty deep) and was on the process of being swept by the strong current >.<. WTF it's hilarious now that i think about it, but obviously it wasn't funny when it actually happened. Needless to say KC was furious and him, CL and Au spent majority of their time in Shirakawa Go in a souvenir shop, spending millions on granny clothes, renting boots (her own boots with fur lining never dried completely up to the end of our trip WTF) and trying to dry her >.< (she was not hurt btw, thanks to the thick clothing it padded her fall, but she's totally drenched in freezing cold water!)

It's also pretty embarrassing ofc, i didn't even realize that there were so many people witnessing the incident until later on when we met some fellow Indonesian who mentioned the whole thing *LOL*.

Anyway, the rest of us continued the journey to explore Shirakawa Go-after witnessing that, i became super paranoid tho and i think i kept on getting angry at Little O whenever he walked anywhere near any sewage or other drops >.<.
3 of us hiked up to see the peak
All the views around us were feasts for my eyes
The hike up is not very bad at all, but i had a 9 year old who is not very used on walking (spoiled Indonesian, y'know) so we actually almost gave up halfway through (coz he kept on whining) but thankfully we actually managed to make it *LOL*
It did take a lot of coaxing and persuading OFC haha
The view that awaits us
Little O perked up when we saw a little shop selling meat *LOL*. I think it was kobe beef or something (i can't remember). It was ridiculously expensive and we only got 4 cubes on a stick, but it's a reward for actually making it to the top hahaha.
At least i get to preserve the stupidly expensive meat in a photo hahaha

So glad we ran into the friendly group of fellow Indonesian who helped us took fam pics hehe
One with Little O and his precious satay
Mandatory selfie, ofc
Breath taking view of Shirakawa Go
Then as typical tourists, we couldn't resist checking out the souvenir shop *LOL*
When i saw this pic, i immediately zoomed in on how adorable my son is *biased mama, please indulge*
Icon of Shirakawa Go
SOOO tempted to get one of these origami earrings but i was too scared of smushing it in my luggage since it's made of paper :(. So sad, you know i love collection stuffs like these to remind of me places i've been
LOL, i think it was an umbrella
Then we head back down-which is a lot easier than going up, obviously.
My 2 eskimos :))
We were reunited with KC, CL and Au. We planned to grab lunch next but most of the restaurants were already booked by tour groups. I was then told my MT and H about a Gassho-style traditional home that is converted into a museum and can be visited. Little O has been going on about museums (he really is a huge fan of museums) so i decided to go there and grabbed Au (who's pretty much being suspended from doing anything by KC *LOL*, her actual words were "I'm on a time out") so she could at least enjoy some of Shirakawa Go because so far all she saw was the souvenir shop where she dried herself in >.<.
I don't remember how much entrance fee was but it wasn't expensive
*shudder* i mean, it's not empty okay! You can hear something inside when you shake it
Getting some stamps
Hunny always pose so stiffly *LOL*
I'm not sure if it's a real offering or just a dummy to show you what their offerings looks like
Pretending to be a Japanese family haha
Hm. Was it a real furnace or not, i can't remember >.<

The stair is effing scary, i have fear of stairs and height so... I was being quite embarrassing >.< (i almost crawled down)
They store actual household tools here and i think they might still be used sometime? Or not, seriously... My brain...
Btw it's really really COLD inside the house, it's so strange because i didn't think Shirakawa Go was that cold-it was actually almost warm when we were hiking up!
View from the house
They're probably famous for silk worms or something (not sure coz the writings were all in Japanese *LOL*)

Next up was lunch, CL finally managed to locate a restaurant that would take us in haha.
Tempura udon (i think) for Little O
He always ate with gusto in Japan (i almost had to force fed him in South Korea)
Hunny's curry. I don't eat 3x a day (and i'm still so effing chubby, imagine if i do eat 3x a day >.<), i was still very full from the bento so what i did was had a little taste haha
Hunny also snacked nonstop OMG. This one was greentea tho so i was simply not interested. Other snacks, i probably forgot to take pics of haha. We also had rice wine a few times in Japan and i swear they tastes like angsle...
Bought this because of the shape (it's so hard to photograph for some weird reason), i kept it for a few months *LOL* until hunny forced me to eat it. It's not good ew, just tastes like sugar and the black coloring made your teeth black *LOL*

Hunny was super excited when he saw this bird
I was more interested in taking Instagram photos...
And that's our adventure in Shirakawa Go! Next destination : Osaka! Will blog about Universal Studios Osaka next, please stay tuned!
There were a little snow at the sidewalk and Little O would't stop going on about it so i took him there and let him play around for a bit *LOL*

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  1. Nabe Beef namanya min.. yang super juicy n yummy itu 😍😍

  2. kayak basah gitu mbak ya? snownya udah mau habiskah?

    so happy ya you can visit that village.

    1. Lebih tepatnya belum turun banyak snow nya mba :)

  3. Waaa Shirakawa Go cantik banget yahh! Semoga suatu saat bisa kesana.