The White Vampire Slayer

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How d'ya like the title???

I dunno, i seriously put on my whole makeup and outfit, look at the mirror and i decided that my look that day really channeled a vampire slayer, but normally vampire slayers wear black right? Hence the title.

Bringing out my vampire slayer side, who wanna be slayed?
Some of you might think, a fashion post? Another one? Already?? LOL. Yep, i am aware that i tend to let months go by before posting fashion posts because i am lazy (editing photos are the single thing that i find most annoying in this whole blogging thing) and because i don't always have a willing, talented photogs with me *LOL*.

Lately i've been enjoying hanging out with Redha and Olin (who were my last fashion collab partners), i never used to think that i would enjoy just hanging out in cafes, taking endless photos... But with the right people apparently i do! This time round tho, this whole thing was not really planned (and that's saying something because you know how OCD and organized i am. I'm so organized sometimes i get an insomnia attack because i keep on planning things in my head that i can't stop my brain from whirring) and honestly i didn't even plan my outfit. 

I didn't really have any plan for OOTDs so i actually just grab some clothes from the rack of "dirty enough for my closet but not dirty enough to throw in the wash yet" (do you have them too? I am ashamed to admit that i do, and it's pretty crazy). I absentmindedly picked the ones that i think would go with the makeup (for the makeup i actually knew what i wanted, because i was testing out my final City Color Be Matte Lipstick and it's a very dark shade, it looks almost black in the tube but obviously you can see that it's not THAT dark when worn), grab any choker that i can find and somehow, i ended up looking like this.
My long, fluted armed coat is definitely Zara inspired. I spied a pink one in Zara but obviously i can't wear a proper coat in Indonesia (my mum actually ended up buying it for our upcoming autumn trip, and she will pass it to me afterwards-which means i would still have it anyway yay!), then local online shops starts coming out with the copies. But before i even managed to order one online, i found this one in this store called House of Vintage in Marvell City (it sells both new and vintage-as in preloved-items i believe. I can't really accept wearing someone that i don't know's clothes so i always stick with the new ones). It's made of cotton material and pretty thin so i can actually wear it comfortably in our tropical country!
Photos are taken by both Redha and Olin at Muttonbird's Rooftop
It was late afternoon when we got there, the sun was starting to go down and the lighting was gorgeous. The wind however, was totally challenging haha.
On second thought i really shouldn't drink that iced caramel machiato coz i ended up with another sleepless nite -___-
I forgot to take a closer look at the choker, but it's quite badass *LOL*
Anothing special thing about Muttonbird's rooftop is that they have this glass balcony where you can see the street below directly, it's gorgeous for photo taking but BAD for people with fear of height like me! I had to pretend that it wasn't made of glass and didn't look down once. 
If i knew we were going to take so much pic i would wear a better footwear *LOL*
Look at the wind messing up my hair like crazy :))
I think i look pretty convincing pretending to be not bothered with the glass floor even though my feet were actually threatening to give up! I freaked out towards the end and Redha happily snapped my silly expressions *___*.

None of us realized that i was wearing a dress (without any protection pants because it's not that short) and standing up here meaning anyone walking below who happens to look up would get a free ticket to see my knickers *LOLOLOL*. Needless to say hunny was pretty upset about it later >.<.

Once it's getting dark and the lights were on, the mood is totally different and even though i don't really like yellow lighting, i am totally making an exception for this time.
Coz i think that the whole lighting and ambience is kewl!
I'm pretty annoyed at the staffs ruining my shot tho *LOL*
Outfit detail :
Black and metal choker : Online
White fluted armed coat : House of Vintage
White dress with black tulle details : Online
Obi : from another dress
Heels : Rubi
Since i also started getting fashion sponsors, you can bet i will be having more fashion posts so i hope you guys enjoy them!
#Pink the Vampire Slayer

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