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Hello hellooo...

Yes, i am very generous with product reviews this month, i hope this is making you happy hahaha.

Today i am going to review a new-ish local (yas!!! Another local cosmetic brands, always makes me super pumped coz i love supporting local brands!) : Mukka !

Ofc this is a collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Mukka Kosmetik as you might already know if you follow my Instagram.

I personally heard about Mukka quite long before this collaboration and i even own a few products from them (which i bought with my own money), but Mukka has come a long way since they started (which was in 2004. WOW. The new-ish part is not really correct then hahaha)! If you check out their website you can see they have a LOT of variants of products and their motto is "cosmetics don't have to be expensive"-you know i totally love that motto! Although their products are very very affordable, that doesn't mean that their product's quality is "cheap"! On the contrary, i honestly think all of their products have much better quality than expected from the price range-and yes, they are already registered in BPOM so there's nothing to worry about.

For this collaboration, i got to try four products from them! Let's talk about them in depth, shall we?
Mukka Simplicity Eyeshadow Palette (IDR 35.000) available in 3 variants
Mukka Simplicity palette comes with a purplish cardboard box with little heart patterns and gold lettering-the front part of the box is open so you can see the shades of the eyeshadows inside
Ingredient list and other info including the BPOM number. Mukka seems to outsource their products in several countries and for the Simplicity palette-it's made in China
The shade that i got is number 2
Simplicity palette has 9 shimmer eyeshadows (no matte ones, sorry matte lovers) and one blush on shade. It also comes with a tiny strip of mirror and a dual ended applicator. The palette itself is made of a lightweight plastic that does feel very flimsy and fragile
For number 2, we got purple, red, orange, brown and pink-champagne in the first row. There's a pearly white, silver, green and blue one of the second row and the final shade is a bright, barbie pink blush on
Now, i gotta be honest with you-Mukka's packaging is not wow-ing me in any ways, but the products inside is the total opposite. I already own a Mukka eyeshadow palette before this and i LOVE it (i am not just saying it, i actually put it in my Best of Beauty 2016 list) so i kinda knew i'm gonna love this one too... And i do! It's slightly different than my other one (which is listed as "7016" in their website) in terms of texture but not much.

The eyeshadows are all shimmery and very shiny-so it's probably not very ideal if you are the kind of gal who do full glam on (we all know we need a few matte shadows to tie the whole look together), but if you love shimmer eyeshadow (or a Korean/Japanese style makeup lover instead of Western) like me-you're gonna love it!

The texture is soft and the pigmentation is very nice, i get a nice color payoff with just a slight dab-but i don't think it's very buildable-maybe because they're all shimmers. They are all quite powdery on the pan, but i don't get any fall out when i apply them on my eyes.

Here are the swatches of the eye shadows :
First row-which consists of warm tones mostly and has awesome pigmentation
Second row, which has more "fun" type of colors, they have slightly weaker pigmentation than the first row. Like i mentioned already, they are all very shimmery but with no big chunks of glitters
And here's the swatch of the bight barbie pink blush on. It is matte, i just couldn't clean my hand from tiny glitters after swatching the eyeshadows >.<
The only matte shade is the blush on, and yep-it looks very scary when finger swatched as it is VERY pigmented and bold-and since the palette is small, every single square of color is tiny-even the blush on. I was really worried when i first saw it, how am i supposed to pick up the pigment from such a small pan? Well, apparently if you have a very nice brush (i used my trusty Real Technique blush brush), you can easily coat it lightly with the blusher and get nice color payoff without being clown like. The blush on is quite easy to blend too, nothing patchy of crazy. It's quite awesome too.

One thing about Mukka eyeshadows, especially from this Simplicity palette is that they are very fragile. I accidentally knocked my palette off the table and every single one of the shade save from the blue one SHATTERED T.T. I did everything i could to salvage them (pressing them. Very messily done since i am horrible at these kind of stuffs) but yeah... If you have a Simplicity palette, be very careful not to drop them coz they will shatter for sure. I knocked my other Mukka palette before and only one of the blushers shattered, so i think the 7016 palettes have sturdier eyeshadow textures than the Simplicity ones.

I still love the palette tho, for IDR 35.000 i think it's pretty amazing, the color selection is very pretty and quite diverse so you can create a few different looks with it (i do like the warm shades better than the crazy colors because they're a more pigmented and can be worn by themselves) if i have any criticism at all that'd be the fragility of the product and the absence of any matte shades (just give us one or two mattes, that would be enough!). I will show you some eye makeups i did using this eyeshadow palette later below!
Mukka E01 Liquid Eyeliner (IDR 35.000)
Comes in a black and hot pink cardboard box, is it just me or they don't have any consistency in packaging between one product to another >.<?
Ingredient list and info, again it is made in China
Shade is E01 Black, but i don't think they have any other shade than black
Mukka liquid eyeliner comes in a hot pink tube with black cap. Again, the packaging is made of lightweight plastic that almost looks and feels like a toy
It has quite a long wand and very stiff brush 
I did have some difficulties using this eyeliner but that's because i am used to marker-type of liquid eyeliner and tend to avoid wands. 
I personally find this eyeliner to be very pigmented, black and opaque with just one swipe
The texture of the eyeliner is very wet, you must make sure the eyeliner dries completely before opening your eyes fully especially if you have double eyelids. The consistency of this eyeliner is one that you can actually feel drying up as it feels like it's hugging your skin and wrap itself on your skin. I like how when it sets, it doesn't budge, but i am not a fan of the fact that this eyeliner has a rather glossy finish.

One thing about glossy finish eyeliners, usually they'd stick to my eyelash curler and leave some unsightly holes-but not this one! When it's fully dries it sets and stay-it's only nemesis is water as it would detach itself and peels off upon contact with water.

I actually like this eyeliner a LOT. I still prefer to outline my eyeliner using a marker type and then filling it in with this because i find the stiff and long wand a bit hard to maneuver. Oh, and it's my fave to apply on top of falsies' band because it's so black and opaque, it help shiding any excess glue or imperfect falsies application that i always have.

Here are some eye makeups that i did using Simplicity palette 2 and the liquid eyeliner :
Using shades from the first row
I absolutely adore the result. Btw, i wear mostly Mukka products for this look, including the eyeliner, blush on and the lippie. Oh, and that glow? That's the white eyeshadow from the palette used liberally as a highlighter :D
Yes, even the nail polish's Mukka's
As you can see, the eye look lacks depth because i used no matte shade at all, but i think it's still pretty nice!
I really do love how my makeup turned out that day, hence the endless selfie hehe
And here's another look where i was trying to be more daring and used the crazier colors from the palette
Yes, i got a bit of a Morticia Addam vibe with this look >.<
I think she shades are super fun and pretty, but yeah.. I would definitely throw in some matte and deeper shades next time.
The blue and green are not very pigmented, but they give off a beautiful holographic effect -so mermaidy!
And here's a close up look of the blush on worn
Mukka Matte Look (IDR 23.000), available in 12 shades.  It's sealed with a transparent plastic to ensure its newness. Yep, your eyes are not playing tricks on you-IDR 23.000 for a matte liquid lipstick. That's gotta breaking some records!
It comes in a normal, lip gloss style packaging. It is also very light weight and fragile, you need to be very careful with this too because Nessya dropped hers and it broke!!!
For the Matte Look lippie, they are actually manufactured in Thailand
Ingredient list
I got the shade 06, which is a very bright, bold orange-y red. Now, it seems like different shades might have different formulation because what i am experiencing is very different to Redha's experience! So what i am telling you is strictly applicable for the 06.
I think you can see from the swatch's photo, that it is not very pigmented or opague, i need to re-dip a a few times for an even and bold coverage-which i have no problem with but if you want a very opaque lippie from the very first swipe, this is not it.
It looks a bit pinkish in the lip swatch, but in real life it's redder and with a strong tinge of orange
This Matte Look lippie has a pretty strong artificial fruity scent, which i don't mind-but if you are sensitive to scents on your lippie, this should be something you consider before getting.

Now like i said earlier, different shade seems to have very different textures-but for 06,  find it pretty thin and light. It never truly dries on my lips, i personally don't understand why it's called Matte Look because it doesn't look matte at all to me! I find it almost glossy and gives a very moisturizing look on my lips. I actually like that, but if you're looking for a matte lippie then you might be very disappointed!

Redha told me that hers is actually very sticky-while i don't find mine to be sticky at all. I find it light, lovely, spreads quite easily but needs to be worked on for an even coverage and the end result is more of a liquid lipstick instead of a matte liquid lipstick, if you know what i mean. I also find it transfers like normal lipsticks and will be completely gone after a heavy meal, i also don't find it hard to clean off.

I love this Matte Look lippie, but i certainly don't think it's a matte liquid lipstick by any means-it could be just this shade tho-i am not sure. Out of all the products that they sent me, i am the most curious about this Matte Look and i do have plan to get all the shades. Oh no.
Mukka Change Color Nail Polish (IDR 15.000) available in 11 shades. This is their new product and as the name suggested, it changes color when your body temperature changes!
I got the shade 01 that is a syrupy bold pink shade in normal body temperature. The texture is quite thin and since this shade is syrupy, it looks sort of semi transparent even after a second coat. It took a while to dry too
It changes color when you're cold so i dipped my finger into a bowl of ice water
Tadahhh, the cold part (i only dipped the tip) turned into a much deeper red shade
I also noticed that my nails change color when i am feeling cold, so you can actually see it changes without having to dip your fingers into ice water when the weather's chilly haha
Even though the formulation is not best that i've tried (i am honestly a bit fussy when it comes to nail polish since i have no patience and just want my nails to be done quickly and i expect a great result in a short time hahaha) and the color is not something that i would normally wear (they do have 11 shades so i'm sure there'd be shades that i like, i just am not a fan of this particular shade) , it is still very fun and cool-and for IDR 15.000? It cannot go wrong *LOL*. If you want a cool, fun nail polish to try out without burdening your wallet, Mukka Color Change nail polish is definitely something you should try!

So there you have it, a long winded review on four products from Mukka Kosmetik :D. In conclusion, i think they have very nice and fun products that exceed my expectations, not a fan of the toy like packaging but the product itself redeems with its quality. The price point is amazing and if you're a beauty junkie on a budget, i highly recommend you try out Mukka products!

I love the eyeshadow (which breaks my heart even more now that i broke it) and the lippie, i like the eyeliner and i think the nail polish is fun! I would definitely LOVE to try out more products from Mukka (those various eyeshadow palettes and makeup sets are so tempting), and i really want to get my hands on all shades of the Matte Look! But if can only recommend one product from them, that'd be their eyeshadow palettes-they're just divine (avoid if you hate shimmer tho!). 

Mukka products can be a bit hard to find (and when you do find them in stores, they tend to jack up the price crazily!) but you don't have to worry since they now sell their product online! Check out Mukka's Instagram for more info, and they also often hold giveaways!

Thank you Mukka for the chance to try out your products!

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