Review : Biokos Derma Bright and Caring by Biokos Brightening Moist Dual Action Cake (SPONSORED)

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Hey everybody ^^!

I believe it's about time for some product reviews? It's February and it's the first product review of 2017 in this blog, tsk tsk #Pink! It's time to get moving!

I do have a good one for you, it's probably a first in this blog too : a high end local skin care! 
Biokos and Caring by Biokos products that i am going to review in detail today!
This is of course, a collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Biokos Martha Tilaar ^^!

Please get comfortable and get yourself a cuppa, if you're a skin care junkie and always interested in learning about fascinating new products, you're in for a treat!

As you can see from the picture above, i have two actual skin care products and one makeup (that also has skin care benefits!). We'll get to each of them ofc, but let's start with the most important part in the beauty world : skin care!
Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Day Cream SPF 25 and Intensive Brightening Serum
Biokos is a part of one of the most famous cosmetic brand in Indonesia-Martha Tilaar. I think it's safe to say that Biokos is the higher end brand from them and it reflects on both the packaging and quality of the products : i'd say they're definitely luxurious! Biokos products combines nature with technology (they are developed with technologies from MT. France Laboratories, so they're definitely not playing games) to produce the best products. I am also impressed by the fact that the products contains no paraben nor alcohol!

Biokos has a few lines for different skin needs, i will be talking about their Derma Bright line that is especially catering for hyper pigmentation. 

One thing that stole my attention from the first moment i touch these products are the packaging. The packaging are airless packaging and they have quite a unique dispensing method, which i will show you later obviously.
Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Day Cream SPF 25 IDR 238.100
The Day Cream comes in a  sliver and grey-ish white cardboard box
Ingredient List
I love that their products come with both Indonesian AND English information. FYI, Derma Bright products not only prevent and take care of hyperpigmentation, they're also have anti-aging and anti-irritant agents
The Derma Bright Day Cream has 25g worth of products, it is Dermatologically tested, clinically proven and not tested on animals!
Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Day Cream SPF 25 comes in a round and short plastic jar that actually looks and feels very luxurious. 
It comes with a unique pump mechanism, so after you pull the lid off
You push the pump like this
and the product would be dispensed from the hole! Super high tech and ensure the hygene of the product!
The day cream has a white color and light cream texture
Even though it is a cream, the fact that it's quite light made it quite easy to massage into skin. It feels cooling and refreshing, very hydrating without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling. It has a light, refreshing scent that is very calming and non-chemical smelling like how some moisturizers can be.

I don't usually use any moisturizer during the day because i have very oily skin and most moisturizer makes my skin super sticky-but not this one. Once it's absorbed into my skin, it makes my skin quite matte and very supple-it is also a very nice base for makeup! It does makes my skin quite oily after a couple of hours, but nothing too major or unbearable.

Unfortunately, after using it a few days i did notice some white heads popping up on my face-which means this cream is a little too rich for my skin. I do love how it makes my skin feels-so i will continue using it, just not everyday. Maybe more like every other day. If you have dry skin, this cream might be better suited for you!

Now, the next product i LOVE!
Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Serum IDR 349.900
It comes with a slim and tall cardboard box with the same color and design and the day cream
Ingredient List
Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Serum comes in a slim cylindrical tube
It contains 30ml of product
I was quite confused on how to get the product out, apparently you only need to twist the top and the pump would slide out!
The serum is also white colored and has a light lotion texture
The serum also has a cooling, refreshing feeling as the day cream and similar light, calming scent. It feels very very light and lovely on my skin and it gets absorbed super fast into the skin. It leaves my skin feeling very hydrated despite the light weight texture, very supple and soft. It has no sticky or greasy feeling whatsoever but still moisturizing.

This serum is supposed to be used before Day and Night Cream (twice a day) but as you already know, the day cream itself is already too rich for me, there's just no way i am adding another layer in my skin during day time. I use this every night and i wake up with hydrated but not overly greasy skin in the morning. Not only that, i also use it on my husband who has dry, sensitive skin-and it's also hydrating enough for his skin on its own!

If you have very dry, aging skin-then i would recommend using both the serum and the cream on your daily skin care routine, but if you have oily/normal/a bit dry skin, the serum can actually work very well on its own.

So far (i've been using both products for two weeks and my husband i still using the Serum) i'm very impressed with both products and yes, they are not very cheap but you are paying for high quality items so i think they're worth their price. I especially highly recommending the serum (but ofc, skin care is a very personal thing. What works for my skin might not work for your skin-and vice versa). 

As or the brightening effect, i am already very pale and i don't have any hyperpigmentation on my skin so i can't really comment on them.

Derma Bright line also has Cleanser, Toner, Intensive Brightening Night Cream and Intensive Brightening Foam-a very complete line indeed! 
Caring by Biokos Brightening Moist Dual Action Cake IDR 131.000
The powder comes in a pink, red and silver cardboard box
Ingredient List. This product states to be able to be used as both a face powder (using dry puff) and foundation (using wet puff)
I got the shade DAC 03 Silky Beige, which is a tone darker than my actual skin tone but still usable. It also comes in shade DAC 01 Silky Nude and DAC 02 Silky Gold
The Brightening Moist comes in the most interesting and prettiest compact i've ever seen in the local beauty scene with metallic pink shade and a computer-mouse like shape
The compact comes with a nice sized mirror for an easy touch up and a sponge 
The powder is embossed with very interesting and futuristic pattern-i love how they  pay extra attention to packaging and presentation, something that i usually find lacking in old skool local brands
Caring Brightening Moist Dual Action cake calls itself a skincare makeup, as it has skin care properties (Brightening Complex TM with Capric Triglyceride Extract and Humulus Lupulus Strobile (Hops) Extract to help brighten skin up and lighten dark spots). 

The textures is very soft and buttery, i am not usually very fussy when it comes to face powder, i'd use whatever and i don't mind-but i really do feel the difference between this powder and the cheaper local/drugstore powders i used in the past. It is not chalky, light but with some (albeit light) coverage.  As i don't like wetting my powder (i'm always afraid of making them harden), i prefer to use it on its own and to set my liquid base makeup.
L : Bare face, R : using Caring Brightening Moist Dual Action Cake
I don't know if you can see it properly, but although it is quite light, the Brightening Moist manages to neutralize the redness under my nose and on my chin!

It feels light and definitely not cakey, it lasts all day and with the right base, i didn't find it bunching up or caking up like some compact powder can be.
I like this product quite a lot, the only problem is how the shade doesn't match my skin. The fact that it's slightly too dark makes my complexion a bit dull and not lively, i can say that's the only thing that prevents me from loving it!
I definitely enjoy Biokos products, they totally exceed my expectation! My favorite product is definitely the Serum, and i like the powder too especially the packaging-it's just so pretty :D!

Thank you Biokos for the chance to try out these awesome products! Have you seen anything that interests you? Share with me in the comment box below!

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