Pink's Valentine's Make Up Challenge!

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I've been meaning to do more giveaways-so now's time for another one! Last October i did a birthday giveaway in Instagram giving away a set of Daiso makeup, considering the fact that i don't actually have too many following in Instagram *LOL*, it went quite well. I didn't have time to promote the giveaway in my blog even though i totally planned to, so i made sure this time round i took my time to snap pics of every single item for the prize so i can talk about them here before publishing the actual giveaway!

Instead of the usual repost-ing or like-ing kind of giveaway (which i find a little dated-although quite effective to get a smattering of new followers haha), i decided to do something more fun : host a Make Up Challenge!

Here are the stuffs you can win if you join this giveaway :
Yes, another set of Daiso products that i managed to find in Harajuku-just a day before we had to move to Disneyland Hotel and unable to shop anymore. FYI, i didn't even shop for makeups in this trip, i probably bought like 5 beauty items tops for myself (mainly because i just received a box of overwhelmingly full to the brim Wet n Wild products for a video challenge. I feel kinda guilty to buy more makeups!) and but i die die had to go to a big Daiso because that's where i buy most of my souvenirs and also specifically for this MUC.

Why Daiso? Because i LOVE Daiso! Daiso products are crazy cheap but often very good, you do have to go through trial and error to find the gems among the errr.. stones *LOLOLOL*, but that happens to every beauty products anyway, even high end ones. If you know me at all, you'd know i'm a huge fan of anything affordable with good quality. I am no snob when it comes to brands, and i enjoy everything from high end to drugstore but i wouldn't lie, as a true blue kiasu-nothing brings as much satisfaction as finding good bargains. I truly love Daiso (yes, i am declaring my undying love for Daiso WTH) so i want to share my love with y'all. Plus i know that it's not easy to find Daiso makeups locally since they do not carry the beauty line in Indonesia so we have to actually travel oversea to buy them.

Now, about the MUC. I've been wanting to do this for a while now, i just keep on postponing because i had a fear of nobody entering *LOLOLOL*. So encourage me by taking part of the challenge okay, i will be sure to make more in the future if i get good feedback. Btw, i actually also plan to buy a Fukubukuro (lucky bag) to giveaway-but seriously. We really focused in sigh seeing and immersing ourselves in Japan, shopping is the last thing in my mind (it reflects on the amount of stuffs we brought home but sadly doesn't reflect on the staggering number in our credit card bill FOL) and i couldn't even manage to buy one Fukubukuro-even for myself! Oh well, maybe next time i'm in Japan *wink*. 

What is the theme of this MUC : Recreate #Pink (that's me)'s signature look! I mean, if you follow me in this blog or in my Instagram (@Mgirl83, go give me a follow if you haven't-it's mandatory for the MUC. And please do not unfollow afterwards, i will block you and ban you from entering my future giveaways/whatever if you do!!!) then you must know quite well my signature look, i do like to try out different looks but for the most part... I think it's easy to gauge my signature look.

You also have to follow my baby @sbybeautyblogger and if you can-give me a follow in my Youtube channel too coz i am trying to do video more nowadays-mostly due to demands from brands >.<. The number of my followers are so sad, i thought i should do something about it hahaha. This last one will give your an extra credit-say if the judge got confused between two finalists, i will choose the one who follows me in YouTube too (i will try to follow back for YouTube, if you have an active channel too. I can't and won't follow everybody back on IG tho, sorry!).

Speaking of judge, the winner will be chosen by my BFF #Undecided, coz who else knows my signature look better than my BFF, right?

Then upload your look in your Instagram, tag me, use #PinksValentineMUC.

Okay, to make it easier to do, here's the must do list :
1. Recreate my signature look and upload in Instagram
2. Use #PinksValentineMUC and tag my account
3. Must follow my account and Surabaya Beauty Blogger's account
4. Extra point if you follow my YouTube channel
5. Last entry is on March 9th, 12 PM
6. Opens for Indonesians (or have Indonesian address)

Easy peasy, yes?

Now, let's see the prizes closer, shall we? But first let me share with you my disappointment with the beauty line in Japan's Daiso... I mean, i always dreamt about going to Japan's Daiso and see row after row of Daiso makeup. I imagine there'd be a LOT more variation than the ones in Singapore/Malaysia, coz after all-Daiso is from Japan, right?? Wrong. I went to the biggest Daiso in Tokyo, TWICE-once in 2016 and once in 2017, i also went to the one in Shibuya. But they have LESS products than Daiso Singapore/Malaysia, lots of the products are not complete and even the variants are sadder (except for maybe the makeup tools). That's very shocking for me...

I wonder if products in Japan get snatched up faster (by tourists like me haha) or because they actually sell better overseas since Japanese probably prefer higher end brands. I think they prefer to shop at places like Don Quixote or Matsumoto Kiyoshi if they're looking for more affordable brands? Or they mostly go for the expensive ones in the mall-that's probably more like it haha.

Okay okay, why am i yapping so much. Here are the products :
For base makeup : Skin Complete BB Cream in shade Beige. I dunno why but i like to buy a whole set of products for a complete makeup look (so you can do "Full Face Using Daiso Makeup" challenge haha) from base to lippie instead of buying all shades of lipsticks or something. I also think that some of the participants might just starting to wear makeup and would appreciate to have a complete set to play with? I actually have this BB Cream.. I think. I know i bought one for myself in Malaysia's Daiso but i can't remember the variant. I'm pretty sure it's this one, but i haven't try it yet
Everbilena Concealer. No idea what the full name is coz all's written in Japanese *LOL*. This product is also something that i have but haven't tried :p. I'm not very fussy with concealer, so i thought i'd give this a try-and now one of you can too!
Powder Foundation coz i can't find powders that don't contain foundation >.<. It's in Light Ecru... Whatever the hell that is
Eyebrow Gel (Brown). I think this is their new product coz i've been shopping at Daiso for years and am very familiar with most of them (they're not exactly very inventive and comes up with new collection every year or whatever), and i've never saw this before. I got one for myself too coz i love eyebrow mascaras. I saw a very cute eyebrow kit palette in Daiso Singapore last October-i thought i'd buy one for this MUC but i can't find it in Japan!
Ellefar Color Glitter Eyeshadow in Brown. Now this is a product that i have and LOVE. It's probably my favorite everyday eyeshadow palette, REALLY. They are shiny, shimmery (it's called glitter eyeshadow but they have no chunky glitters) and oh so pretty! I would just wear the light colors all over my lid, put on eyeliner and already happy with the way my eyes look! I also used the white one as a highlighter-it's da bomb! I dropped mine a while back and it's destroyed (they are quite fragile so be careful), i was heart broken and as soon as i go oversea and saw Daiso, i repurchase it and bought other colors. I also tried Daiso's other eyeshadows but none are as nice as this one so i decided to get this one for the MUC. Plus there was not very much choices available >.<
Ellefar Eye Black Liquid Liner. I am not a fact of this type of eyeliner, but sadly i don't think Daiso has a marker type of liquid eyeliner that i personally like, so this one has to do :p
Ellefar Princess (hey, i didn't realize Ellefar has a few different lines) Volume Mascara in Dark Brown. Again, i didn't realize this one is Dark Brown, i thought they only had black :(...
Daiso Cosmetics Value Pack Eyelashes in type e04-i chose this one because i want you to get more than one pair of falsies. Sadly the Harajuku Daiso also had very sad selection of falsies so i didn't have a lot to choose from! I remember spending half an hour ogling at the falsies selection in Parkway's (Singapore) Daiso because there are just so many to choose from! The irony...
Pon Pon Cheek in Cherry. This one is also their new collection. Grab this one because it's just crazy cute, no??? Would've grab one for myself if not for the fact that i don't go along with cream blusher! 
Last but not least : Lippie. I had the HARDEST time finding a lippie! I had to circle the makeup lane probably 5x before i spot a little tray with a handful of lippies with 3 different shades -___-. Daiso used to have quite a wide selection of lippies but now they seem to stop producing lippies?? I can only find this type (which we can't even see the shade inside and the sticker indicator in the bottom all looks the same!) in Daiso everywhere. WHY!!! Bring back lippies to Daiso!!!
And that's it! It's a wonder how i can type and type and type sometimes. I planned to do a quick announcement of this giveaway, but that didn't happen -___- obviously.
One more time, to tempt you :D
Oh well. I hope you'd join this MUC and make my day.

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