Review : QL Cosmetic Eye Brow Cream (SPONSORED)

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Hello guys... ^^...

Yes, i have another review for you today! This time round it's not going to be super long winded coz i actually am only reviewing one product for a change :p. And that's :
QL Cosmetic Eyebrow Cream
Hey, i think this might be my very first brow product's review? I could be wrong, i have reviewed  probably hundreds of products in this blog so i can't really be sure-but the fact that i only started doing my brows last year (and i used to only use eyebrow mascara to make my brows brown to match  my hair), i'm pretty sure of that. I gotta warn you that i ain't no eyebrow master or anything, and i did get a hate comment about my eyebrow once *LOL*. I personally think eyebrows are very personal and everybody has different tastes in eyebrows so i hope we all can just get along, #teamthineyebrows #teamthickeyebrows... Okay?

Now about QL Cosmetic. This is actually a local brand that has started gaining more popularity lately (but they've actually been around since 2007! Or at least the company that is distributing this brand has been). I first encounter this brand about a year ago or so in a local beauty expo. I bought a few products from them (a lipstick and a blush on, i think) and i am quite impressed by the quality despite the very affordable price tag.

Now they have very kindly sent me one of their newer products, which is QL Cosmetic's Eyebrow Cream.
The eyebrow cream comes in a black and blue thin cardboard box 
With contact information and QL's social media accounts
Information and ingredient list
The shade is Dark Brown and i think they currently only have one shade
The eyebrow cream itself is quite uniquely shaped too. I personally never used any eyebrow creams before, i've only dealt with eyebrow pencils and eyebrow mascaras-but i know that most eyebrow creams comes in a pot/jar.
But QL Eyebrow Cream comes in a marker style packaging. It is sealed with clear plastic to ensure its newness
Although the cardboard packaging didn't impress me, the product itself is very nice looking-if i didn't know that it's from QL then i'd believe you if you tell me it's from a Korean brand!
The eyebrow cream has two ends-one which top you should pull to reveal a brush
And the other end where you twist to reveal the actual brow cream in the little container
This eyebrow cream is quite tiny and it has 1.5gr worth of product inside. The price is quite cheap too, only IDR 31.000-very affordable and suitable for the amount of product you get. I don't know about you, but i actually think the amount of product is very good since it is a cream product and it will harden over time-i do think it's better to have a smaller amount of product so you actually can finish it before it hardens!

Now, i'm not gonna lie to you-i was super intimidated by this product at first. Like i've mentioned earlier, i've only been using eyebrow pencils-and i'm not even that good yet! So i was really worried about this product, i also never used a brush to do my eyebrows before! But there's always a first for everything so i brave myself and just put it on... It's not as hard as i thought it's gonna be! Granted, i did have to use cotton buds to neaten my eyebrows coz i am so not used to brushes and i tend to overdraw it-but overall, i did much better than i thought i would-from the first time i used it!

The eyebrow cream itself is very creamy, very pigmented and easy to apply. One swipe and it would color your brow nicely. The shade is slightly too dark for me because i dye my hair quite light (i do hope QL will come out with more colors to suit lighter hair shades!) so i do have to wear eye makeup to compliment the eyebrows otherwise i would look shocked at all times *LOL*.
One thing that i really like about this eyebrow cream is how it is able to color and fill in my eyebrows immediately and tame my bushy eyebrows at the same time. This effect is not easy to achieve with eyebrow pencils because they cannot coat my jet black, thick eyebrows (i usually have to apply eyebrow mascara on top if i want a really nice result). I am still struggling a bit with this (i've only been using it a few times, mainly when i have a lot of time to get ready) but i believe that's just user's error and that i need more practice-once i've mastered this, doing my eyebrows should be a lot quicker since i only need to use one product and it's so pigmented!
With full (simple) makeup on
Another thing that i really like about it is... Once it's set-it's SET! It won't budge until you decided to take it off! I wore it for hours and when i got home i tested it by rubbing my eyebrows-they stay intact!!! They boast to be long lasting and i can safely say that they are not lying! You do need to let them dry (which doesn't take that long anyway) after you apply it because when it's not fully dried it is easily smudged.

I would probably say that this product is not for beginners since it takes quite a deft hand to maneuver  the brush-but it can be learnt through practice practice practice ofc! 

I heard that it's one of the (if not THE) first eyebrow cream from a local brand, that is very impressive! Maybe QL will come up with other firsts next, first highlighter maybe? I don't really know for sure if there are no local brands that has come up with highlighters tho... But if there are, i think i should know that!

Anyway, i think this is a very nice product! Very pigmented, creamy, affordable and the packaging is cute, compact and practical-it's perfect to bring traveling too!

The next time you're thinking of getting an eyebrow cream... Why not give this one a go? You might fall in love with this, if you do... No need to thank me *LOL*.

Thank you QL Cosmetic for sending me this product, i do have some of their other products that i'm doing mini reviews on my Instagram so if you're interested to learn more about QL products, don't for get to check my IG!

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