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Helloooo ^^...

Valentine's Day is in a couple of hours, anyone looking forward for a nice date :D? And some nice pressies :D? I have a pressie for you! Well, a review-that can help you decide what makeup to buy next-that counts, right? Hahaha...

Today's review is courtesy of Rivera Cosmetics who collaborates with Surabaya Beauty Blogger and gave me a chance to try out some of their products. Yay!!!
Stunning package from Rivera Cosmetics :D
I'm pretty sure that if you happen to be 1. Indonesian and 2. a makeup junkie then you'd most probably (at least) heard about this brand before. I did but all i knew about Rivera was that it's one of our local brands, but other than that i didn't know much about it-and i also never tried anything from them prior to this, so... You must already know that i got very excited :D!
They sent me four products which i'm gonna go through one by one
You know the drill, i'm pretty detailed and there are four products to talk about so get comfortable coz it's gonna be pretty long!
First up : Rivera Two Way Cake with SPF 15 (14g) 
All of the products i got from Rivera comes in a metallic dark blue cardboard box
Information and ingredient list
I got the shade 04 Coral Beige which unfortunately seem to be one of the darker shades they have T.T, as you might already know... I have very pale skin so even reading from the shade's name i already knew it's going to be too dark for me. Information on their site stated that they have a few partners that sell their products online so i take the information on the pricing at their Tokopedia page. Rivera Two Way Cake is IDR 94.500 and available in four shades
Just like the cardboard box, all of the products i got also has uniform packaging and style. They all comes in a metallic dark blue case (similar to the box) with a unique shape-sharper looking in two sides and curvy in the other two
The compact has a very generous sized mirror (which is awesome) and a nice sponge-but i almost never use sponge to apply my powder anymore since i discovered the beauty of using kabuki brush haha
As i suspected, the shade is VERY dark >.<, it's at least 3 tones too dark for me
The Two Way Cake's swatch
You can clearly see the stark difference between my skin and the powder so... There's just no way that i can use the powder on my face as a normal face powder-so i resort on using it as a bronzer and even to contour my nose-it works well :D.

When i heard the word "two way cake", i always expect product to be heavy and most probably would be cakey when used on top of liquid base-but Rivera Two Way Cake is not heavy, i find it quite light, a little chalky (but nothing bothersome) and smooth. 

I can't give my opinion on the two way cake fully since i never used it on my full face-but i used it liberally all over my face as a bronzer and even on my nose (where i get SUPER oily and quick)-it stays on all day long without fading or getting cakey after i blot my face with oil blotter (most two way cakes tend to be quite cakey in some areas of my face after i blot) so i personally think this is a pretty nice two way cake, it seems to have a medium coverage without being heavy and i would continue using it as a bronzer. I also think i would like it as a normal powder if only the shade is slightly more friendly to my skin tone ^^.
Rivera Eye Shadow (4.5 gr)
Ofc, it comes in a similar metallic dark blue cardboard box as the powder-only much smaller in size
You can find MUI stamps on all of Rivera's products' box since all of their products are certified Halal, so Muslim ladies-worry not ^^!
Again, similar shaped casing, just more rectangular
I got the shade 06 Classic Espresso. Rivera eye shadows are sold at IDR 61.800 and available in 7 variants
Classic Espresso is quite neutral colored and can be used for every day look
I'm loving these kind of neutral shades lately, something that i never thought i'd ever say coz i am always drown to super bright, colorful candy shades!
Swatches, it has a very pale yellow shade, a warm (but not very dark) brown shade, a burnt orange shade and a pretty yellow gold shade. Every single shade has a bit of a sheen/shimmer to them, no matte shade here
Simple eye makeup using Rivera eyeshadows-please ignore the sloppily applied falsies, i'm simply terrible at applying falsies >.<, but i swear you can't tell when you see me in real life, it's just i literally put the camera lens in front of my eyes so you can see every flaw hahaha - This is under artifical light btw
Under natural sun light
Rivera eye shadow in Classic Espresso has four pretty, wearable and coordinated shades that complement each other well. It has a very buttery and smooth texture, when i touch them they feel very silky-they are quite powdery but had no fall off when i apply them on my eyes-even when i slap them on heavily.

The pigmentation is not bad-it's certainly is not the most pigmented eye shadow (especially locally) that i've ever used-this can be a positive or negative thing depending on  your taste. If you are a makeup pro and want bold eyeshadow with crazy pigmentation from one swipe-i don't think you're gonna like this. But if you love simple makeup, or a beginner at makeup, or just looking for some neutral shades for light everyday use, then this eyeshadow quad is quite awesome!

I personally don't really find this eyeshadow to be buildable, so i wasn't able to create a bolder, more dramatic eye look with only these shades. I also find the brown shade (which i would normally use to define my crease) to not be dark enough to tie the eye makeup together so when i want a more defined eye makeup, i have to use a darker shade from other palettes.
This is how i like my eye makeup to look (when i can be bothered to use more than one shade, that is!) and this can only be achieved when i use a darker brown shade from other palette to define the crease
 The eye look using only Rivera eyeshadow (plus eyeliner and falsies :p) with full makeup
I like this eyeshadow quite a lot, i think the texture is beautiful, the shade lovely and perfect for simple everyday us. They have a lot of other shades and i think the pricing is quite reasonable too.
My fave product : Rivera Blush On (4.5g)
I got the shade 02 Blushing Rose. Rivera blush on is IDR 61.800 and available in 3 shades
Both the cardboard box and the casing of the blush on is identical to the eyeshadow so i often got confused on which one is which when i reach for them on my dressing table >.<
Blushing Rose is a beautiful peachy pink shade
With the word Rivera embossed on it 
The swatch. Oh, the blush on in completely matte, i'm so sorry about the glitter on my hand, i was swatching a few eyeshadow palettes and the glitter just wouldn't go away >.<
I hope you can see it in this pic, Blushing Rose gives the prettiest, subtle color on my cheeks!
Again, this blush on is not the most pigmented i've ever tried-but that's actually a very good thing because i am personally quite heavy handed when it comes to blush on-with this blush you can build it up and not look too crazy! The texture is quite dry but smooth and not powdery. It's easy to blend and not patchy like some overly pigmented blushers can be.

I absolutely love this blush on, it's just perfect for everyday use and can work with a lot of eyeshadow and lipstick shade since it's quite neutral and it has a good staying power too. If i can only recommend one product out of the four, it'd be this one. I personally cannot fault it in any way.
Last but not least : Rivera Lipstick
Although they only call it "Lipstick", you can see from the information on the box that it has a rich moisturizer because it's actually categorized as a Moisturizing Lipstick
Just like the other products, the lipstick has a unique, hard to explain shape >.<
I got the shade 17 Warm Latte. Unfortunately i cannot find the moisturizing lipsticks in any of their online partner so i cannot link it up and i also am not very sure of the price. According to the website, they have 25 shades (waaaaa. Most local brand don't have vast shade choices so it makes me excited!) and if the color chart can be trusted, there should be a lot of interesting and unusual shades too! 
The shade Warm Latte looks like a pretty nude light brown shade in the bullet, it looks a but pink in the photo but it's definitely more brown in real life
Swatched on my pale-skinned hand, it looks brown
But on my pale pink lips, it translate into a nudy, pinkish-brownish shade
As you can see from the hand swatch, the lipstick is quite sheer and not very pigmented. It's also quite glossy but not overly so. I actually love this type of lipstick as they are super hydrating and don't dry out my lips and it gives my lips a very healthy look. 

I have no idea if the other, darker shades are more pigmented as i've never tried anything else from Rivera-but strictly talking about this particular shade, i think it's a beautiful every day, neutral shade that would look good in most skin shades. Some nude shades can wash me out and make me super pale and sickly-not this one! It makes my lips look succulent and lovely :D.

Unfortunately even though i love the lipstick itself, i was quite frustrated with the packaging! I thought i got a faulty one because it keeps on sliding down while i was applying it, but then my friend Gita (who's also reviewing Rivera products for SBB) complains about the exact same problem! I hope Rivera would fix that because it's simply very annoying >.<, especially because this shade is very sheer and one need to go back and forth quite a bit for a more visible result.

But overall, i enjoyed all of Rivera products! I especially love the blush on and the lipstick (if only the twist mechanism works better!!!), i like the eyeshadow and the powder is nice too (even as a bronzer haha).
Other than the products that i've reviewed, they actually have quite a lot of other products like eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara. face shimmer powder, etc! You can check out their website (which i already linked) to learn more about their products.
Btw, they also have a quite extensive skin care line!

Thank you again Rivera Cosmetics for the chance to try out your lovely products ^^!

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