Event Report : Diandra Clinic X Surabaya Beauty Blogger Meet Up

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Hello guys ^^...

Time to catch up with backdated event posts! I really should've posted this earlier, but i am running out of excuses so let's just get on with it okay >.<.

Two weeks ago we were invited by Diandra Clinic for a meet up especially arranged for Surabaya Beauty Bloggers by Womanblitz, and boy did we have fun!
With my fellow SBB (plus our friends Ikka and Claresta) and dr. Imelda from Diandra Clinic ^^
It was raining VERY heavily and we got lost quite a few times (thanks to the security's not very helpful directions *LOL*) so i arrived quite late, i sincerely apologize because i didn't intend to be late ofc, and i should be quite on time had i find the clinic right away!
The lobby was set up for our intimate soiree
Vannisa was the first to arrive, followed by Redha (whom i pretty much plucked from the street *LOL*. She was wandering quite aimlessly looking for the clinic when i saw her :P) and i-then the rest started to arrive too
Wefie first!
Lilies from Womanblitz (who you should start to be very familiar with in this blog. Love Lilies, she's a wonderful partner for me. We have so many projects and plans together, you're gonna see her plenty haha) opened up the event and introduced us to dr. Imelda.
Dr. Imelda is the epitome of femininity IMO. She's very calm, patient, soft spoken and motherly. She also oozes class and intelligence. Errr why do i sound like i have a woman crush in her *LOL*, but seriously, she's so smart-i'm in awe with the endless knowledge she seems to possess. And i admire her even more when she starts telling us about her and her background-don't get me wrong, i know plenty of aesthetic doctors from various clinics and i also admire lots of them-but there's something really different with dr. Imelda-especially on her view in beauty.

In this meet up, dr. Imelda shares with us about "Aging Process"-then we found out that she's actually a Master of Anti Aging, i seriously didn't even know such thing existed >.<. She explains on how most aesthetic clinics focus on Anti Aging in skin-deep value-while she digs much deeper than that. In Diandra Clinic, they believe that beauty starts from health and that includes Anti Aging-everything is about balance and health first instead of merely trying to make us beautiful just from our skin (so to speak), dr. Imelda is very passionate about making everybody beautiful starting from the inside. Dr. Imelda also stressed the fact that she is a DOCTOR. A real doctor, so health always comes first for her. If you are healthy, beauty is easy to attain.

That's why in Diandra Clinic, if you have problems to fix and you really want to commit to fix it, dr. Imelda would first ask you to get a thorough check up at the lab so she can analyze your body and hormones-it's amazing when she tells us how a lack of a certain hormones can affect so many things in you : your weight, your peace of mind, your health problems, and even your mental health. Only when everything is balance you will then be able to reach the goal you have. My favorite quote from her is probably "It's not what i CAN do but instead... tell me what is your problem and then i can tell you what i CAN do!", it's so refreshing when she shares that her loyal clients come to her not only for aesthetic problems, but even if they caught a flu!

Since there are so many things that dr. Imelda can du, nowadays whenever i hear about hormone imbalance, i remember dr. Imelda >.<. It's amazing that she is willing to help whatever your problem is. I was most interested when i heard she was first famous as a "skinny doctor" as in "weight loss doctor" and i considered asking her to be my weight loss sponsor *LOLOLOL* #jk (or am i?)-also how she helped her patients to get pregnant by first making sure their hormones are all balanced.

Diandra and Womanblitz also provided some sweet treats for us which are equally yummy in the eyes and in the tummy :D.
With 8 bloggers around, we were busier taking photos of this sweet corner than enjoying it ahaha
Seriously though, i was immediately drawn to the cupcakes coz as someone who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, it's cupcakes that i can never resist >.<
And next to the agenda is clinic tour where we got a peek in the treatment rooms, etc.
This treatment room is mainly for those IFV type of therapy, it is located in the first floor to accommodate their patients that suffered from stroke/etc and unable to go up the stairs
I heard many wonderful things about the IFV treatments, but i have to be honest... I'm not sure how much you can pay me to go for that. As someone who's deadly afraid of needles... It just sounds incredibly scary for me >.<
Then on the second floor there this room where patients that wants non-invasive facial procedures (like botox and filler) get their photos taken and the actual treatment located.
Another treatment room
dr. Imelda's super cozy office
Then on the third floor is where the treatment room mainly catering for facials is located
And another therapy room
Errr, just want to show you my #OOTD... Spot on with the dress code, don't you think :p?
Then we went back down to the first floor for some more chit chat, tea, photo session and it's a wrap! Btw, we actually lingered and chat more to pick dr. Imel's brain-i mean... whatever she says are so fascinating and enlightening for us. She also lets us share our problems and give advises on how to overcome the problems. It was such an intimate, friendly, educating session-thank you so much Diandra Clinic and Womanblitz for having us!
Lovely goodie bag from Diandra
As you can see in the photo, we got a treatment voucher from Diandra and i plan to have a facial next week with Redha! I will definitely keep you updated with my experience! 

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