Thirty Two...

9:02:00 PM

Ooo When i was little, i used to think people in their 30s to be super old *LOL*, i am always young at heart (i don't think i ever grew up...) that i never thought that i'd one day be in my 30s (naive much? Or just plain oblivious) but well.. I am officially well into my 30s now (should i start saying that when i'm 35? I like to make myself feel older so when the time comes to get even older, it wouldn't be such a shock to my system) and i blew 32 candles on my birthday cake two days ago. Figuratively because i didn't blow any candles and i didn't have any cake (not a fan of cakes *LOL*).

But who cares, i don't think i look 32 anyway and that's all that matters, no :p
Of course, it's my birth... errr... birth month (yeah, i always insist to celebrate all month long ahahahaha) so must be extra indulgent to me okay, let me post all my selfieeeeee)
No seriously, i saw too many girls half my age that look older than that girl in the picture. Yes, i am praising myself, thank you very much i know you agree (LOLOLOL).

Do you know how i felt on my birthday? TIRED. Not from old age, mind you! But because i had the most brilliant idea of going out of town for a mini escape with my family for two days, just before my bday! I thought since i didn't have any plan whatsoever to celebrate in the D day (i didn't say i'm not gonna celebrate okay, i actually plan a rather extravagant celebration with my friends, but not yet!), it wouldn't be any harm. Went to a new park called "Predator Fun Park" which turned out to be very physical (i will be blogging about the place, dunno when. Too much trip posts lining up T.T), i woke up sore all over (need to restart the yoga class again ASAP!).

So yeah, i was super tired on my bday. I actually waited until the clock strikes 12 (and get bday kisses from le hubby) just because, then passed out cold hahaha.

Thank you to my dear friends who wished me a happy bday, for those of you who got confused with the date on my Facebook, again let me explain that the birthday listed there is hunny's *LOL*. I will be getting some bday wishes on the 10th (happens every year) LOL. 

My fave bday wish? From G :
LOLOLOL, for knowing what's inside my heart : it's my third 17th bday peeps! LOL. Also my cousin L who's all the way in the US (still) and still remembering to wish me a happy bday. Love ya loads XOXO!

Now... What did i get for my bday? As usual, it's already been posted in my Instagram hahahaha, but here it is :
A Michael Kors bag-that i obviously chose for myself. I've long given up hope on hunny being able to come up with awesome gifts (he manages once in a while, but i didn't want to risk anything this year hahaha) so i already knew i wanted a Kate Spade/Michael Kors bag that i can wear to our up and coming January trip. Yeah, i know i said i don't want to use branded bags for my trips anymore, but... I think it's going to be a very civilized trip *LOL* and it's in winter, plus the bag's color's not easily dirty like pastels so.... I hope it's going to be okay!

FYI, Michael Kors is considered a luxury brand in Asia (especially Indonesia, and the local counter's prices' approximately 3x the actual price in the USA), i think it's a mid brand in the US? Anyhoo, i loved this crossbody Selma type and snagged it ASAP when i saw a great deal in Lazada (tips : look for shops that would send you the complete package, dustbag-care card-plastic bag-paper bag to avoid counterfeits. And do your research, as good as a replica could be, i think there'd still be tell-tale signs and you can actually return the goods if you suspect it to be a replica). I also bagged a rather matching bag for my mum (whose bday's on the 14th). 

Really, October is such a fun month for me, full of celebration-but that also means crazy amount of spending!!! That's partly why i only asked for Michael Kors instead of... Givenchy or something *LOLOLOL*. 

I've also been shopping like a mad person since September, reasoning that it's my bday soon so i have to spoil myself... The reason valids every year and i will continue to buy whatever i want in October hahahaha #oops.

Anyway, we actually planned a date night to celebrate my bday, a usual one-catching a movie and some simple dinner (which is what we did mostly to celebrate our bdays since we got married), but this year our bdays (mine and hunny's bdays are 7 days apart exactly. I hate this 7 days when i'm "a year older" than him hahaha) fall on Saturdays and Little O's not very keen on the thought of spending Saturday night at home while his parents are having some fun times at the mall *LOL*. So.... We ended up having our very typical Saturday night....
Just the three of us ^^
More selfies coming your way...
Nail art by Kiki Coroline
Yep, i know the band aid was not a flattering accessory, but an open wound would be even worse okay! Scratched myself when i tried feeding the crocodile in the Predator Fun Park (of course i wasn't bitten, it was such a popular question i better intercept before any of you ask the same thing-if i was bitten i'd definitely lose a limb instead of getting scratches!)-more stories on the actual post okay. 

Light, simple and with loads of glitters and shimmers hehehe, gotta be merry right?
Both top and cupcake skirt were bought in Kota Casablanca Mall in Jakarta (the top at a store, the skirt in a bazaar in their basement), Bonia bag, Coach leather bracelet
Matchy matchy shoes with hunny, and yeah our feet are ravaged by crazy mosquitos in Ayam Sri zzzz, i already used a beauty camera but it can only do so much *LOL*
My Fendi monster inspired slip on were bought in Bugis Street (Singapore) and when we spotted a rather matchy one for hunny in Wakai, we already had plan to get it-and when they had a Buy 1 Get 1 promo, we grabbed it FTL! Did you know Wakai's actually an Indonesian brand? I didn't! Until L told me yesterday. Totally thought it was a Japanese brand (the designer's Japanese though, i heard)! 

Yes, it's rather expensive for a local brand, but with the superb quality (hunny swore by his Wakais, he said they're the most comfortable shoes ever and they don't smell!), workmanship and the professionalism-i think they are worth every penny-on sale (don't kill me Wakai people! LOL). I'm actually very proud of them (Indonesian brand rocks!), to think that we actually shopped for Wakai in Singapore-and they also have more varieties (they have insoles sold separately!), which is weird.

Anyhoo... Like i said, we didn't do anything special that day. Went through different luxury brands' stores because i wanted to get myself (eh, with hunny's money hahaha) a new leather bracelet to add to my collection... But the one i wanted from Versus was no more and nothing else piqued my interest (well, i like the Salvatorre Ferragamo one, but i think i'll just purchase it online. The counter's price's just ridiculous) so i came home empty handed :(...  I also wanted to buy some Maybelline Baby Lips Neon on promo after thinking too long, without realizing that the month changed already since i saw the promo so it's back to regular price -___-. Too kiasu to pay full price for something i don't even need, so.... Again. No shopping for me #sad .

Then took Little O to the arcade :
While battling my drooping eyelids WTF, i was super tired and sleepy zzzzz... I also didn't feel very well (super gassy and bloated, which is normal for me after a trip-no matter how short the trip is) that i didn't even want to eat *sigh*. I told hunny i wanted soup (yes, soup for a bday dinner! Sounds so sad, but nothing else interests me that day, just some warm, creamy soup for my tum tum!) so we went to Pancious...
Hunny's unique looking iced Earl Gray
Borrowed them for photo props hehe
Also shared some nachos
And the creamy mushroom soup which was way too creamy and rich, i actually felt worse after eating it *LOL*
That's the boring day i called my bday! LOL. Was super tired when we got home, i could do nothing else but lie on the bed playing games and then slept like a baby through the night! Best sleep i've had in ages! 

Boring as it sounds, i still loved it! As long as i get to spend the day with the people who i love the most in the world (well, my parents included. And we're so bad with dates and bdays that my 'rents completely forgot it was my bday until Hunny informed them sometime midday hahaha), that's all that matters, i wouldn't trade it with anything else (oh, except maybe spending it with them somewhere cooler, on a trip hahaha).

And please, 33, don't come too soon. Let me freeze in time *LOL*.


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  1. Happy (belated?) birthday ce Mindy! Stay young (obvs!) and prosper :')
    Teruslah menghasilkan post haul yang spektakuler dan bikin kita-kita ini ngiler tak berkesudahan :D

    1. Thank you Nindy, jgn d suruh shopping terus donks... T.T

  2. happy birthday yaaa... :)

    iya MK termasuk mid lah ya, selevel coach sama kate spade gitu kalo disini. gak se high class kayak hermes dan LV ya.

    1. Thank youuu!!! Iya Man, masuk Indo udah jd luxury, dr 200 dollar jd 6.5 jt harga nya hahahaha kaco gak sih...

  3. Hppy birthday Mindy :) hahahaa semoga terus meracuni kita dengan postingan haul yang tidak berkesudahan lol, sehat dan bahagia selalu ya dear <3