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Okay, i'm ready for another haul post *bracing self for the usual comments*. Good news, it's not that bad this time round, bad news? I thought i've periods where i stopped buying makeups-apparently those periods are very short and far in between FML. Majority of the stuffs featured here are related to beauty -___-.
First up, stuffs that Kathy helped me to order from some US websites :
Yep, i gave in to Colourpop temptations. Originally wanted to buy one or two, but evil Sabsab kept on egging me and i ended up with three. They have so many interesting shades that i'm not sure i'm anywhere near done. For this first round i got Dalia, Bichette and Leather. Damn, i love it when makeup has interesting shade names -___-
Cover Girl's Lip Lava. Always been interested to try out Cover Girl (which brand am i not interested in? That's the million dollar question, really) and i really, really.. Couldn't resist this when i saw the mesmerizing bling bling my eyes went bling bling and i was totally hynotized, before i know it i ordered it already -___-
Vice versa for Rimmel. Curious for the brand, then got enchanted when i saw the swatches zzz. I want to try out every single lippie in this worlddddd #hysterical #slapself
I've been wanting that Nivea lip butter for the longest time (coz it looks so lush!!!), i tried ordering it before but it was OOS or something, then i tried again with this value set. And then, as soon as i got this... I heard that it's now available in Indonesia (Jakarta though, i haven't seen any in Surabaya)??? Tsk. Total story of my life WTF
Softlips Cube. Any slightly cute lip balm, gotta have them! I've been seeing a lot of these Softlips circulating in IG and guess what... I totally forgot that i have one -___- i remember thinking i wanted one-when i already got one waiting in my stash -___-. But i definitely would get the Hello Kitty one too if i could!
OK, next!

So...? Eau de toilette set, it was on 50% off promo (a very often promo, btw) in Guardian and i kinda like these cheap and lasting fragrances for daily wear (i honestly have no desire to use my super expensive perfume collections every day, they're too heavy!), to run errands and all. Crazy cheap when on promo, each bottle would be like IDR 13.000 something *LOL*
Erm. Please tell me i'm not the only person who buys things in bulk just because you'd get a bonus? I mean.... I use those Pixy Cleansing Express a lot (to remove makeups when i'm too lazy to wash my face, but mainly to make a DIY daily brush cleanser-a formula i learnt from Phanie) so... I don't see the harm in buying this...
Spent the longest time trying to check if i already have this shade (the bonus only came in one shade) because i already have two Pixy lippies from this line and i obvi cannot remember the shades! This is why haul posts are important for me, so i can check back on what i've bought (and forgot)
The next item is actually sort of a beauty pouch subscription. You know, like the old beauty boxes subs that didn't last more than a year in Indonesia? I missed those surprise boxes so much *sigh*. Now the only ones left are the one local online shops do individually. This one is from an online shop that just started the service and i was lured in by the promo "Get a free lipgloss for the first few buyers!".

I'm not going to tell you the OS' name, i was actually a bit pissed because after i made the payment the owner was like "You're a blogger, right? Can you share it on your blog?". Say what???? You're asking me for a free promotion, after i spent my money on your stuffs? Eh. Call me a bitch, but that's really ridiculous okay. So i said no, and that's the answer to all of the other online shops/brands thinking the same thing. I don't work for free. I share if i want to, but if you ask me to then i'd definitely not share it (because that's actually very very rude okay!!!). You know i have no obligation whatsover for that, no? 

Plus, i think it's... Okay, i don't want to be too rude. How do i put this... It's not worth the price. At all. The promotional photos are so tempting, but what i got... It was bad *LOL*. If i knew what i was getting, i wouldn't pay half of the price.
The online shop's actually quite serious i think, they went and produce their own pouch-which is pretty nice! But they count in the price of the pouch in the value of the sub, so... LOL

Yup. That's all there is. And i chose one of the more expensive pouches (IDR 200.000). Without the extra lip gloss (which is only for the first few customers) i would only be getting an e.l.f Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick, one perfume vial and two sachet samples. WTF. LOLOLOLOL. The only full product's e.l.f, which is worth what... USD 2? WTF. A total waste of my money.
I also bought some stuffs from Essence and they also made me pissed. Thinking back, i guess i was having a bad shopping month *LOL*. One bad experience after another. So, i got the info that Essence was having a promotion from Nessya, she told me that everything was... What was it, 30% off? And if you buy IDR 200.000 worth of products, you can get a lucky dip as well. Sounds like such a great deal, no? I also really love Essence and i was going to Pasar Atum (they have counters in all the weird places) anyway so i decided to stop by and shop.

I asked the BA (now, that's really weird too. Essence is a drugstore brand and oversea they usually are available in drugstores/marts in small booths and no BA) about the promo and she said YES YES, still 30% off all items, plus lucky dip-so i went and choose some stuffs that i wanted and asked her to count the total. I was confused when she counted them all WITHOUT deducting the 30%, i was like "Aren't they on promo?" and she was like "All prices already after discounts!". Errrr... How about no???? I checked the price of the powder (IDR 60.000 or so) in their other counter in TP just a week earlier, and it was the exact same price without any promotion!

I didn't purse it further because the BA was very adamant, but i reached out to Essence international (i couldn't find any rep for Essence Indonesia) who informed me that there are no such promotion (so the BAs are making up fake promotions to lure customers in), they also said that they found out that Essence Indonesia is not following the price guide they established (they jacked it up so bad *LOL*) and they promised to investigate this, they might even close down Essence Indonesia if they continue breaking the rules. I dunno what happened next, are Essence still available in Surabaya? I have no desire to ever buy anything from them again, i prefer to buy in Singapore!

FYI, i posted about this in my social medias and i got a LOT of feedbacks from dissatisfied customers who also got tricked by the BAs.
I bought the Mattifying Powder that i love (read my review here) and also super shimmery 3D eyeshadows, they're beautiful i can't deny it!
Some uber cute colored lippie, the bullet's see through if i remember correctly :p
And a liquid eyeliner. I got the Kajal Pencil for free from the lucky dip (i actually got nail stickers but the BA told me to pick again. I think she was very friendly so that's probably why i didn't have the heart to insist about the promo/cancel my purchase. I was also worried if the price really was already after discount, but nope. I investigate. Definitely full price)
Let me slip in a supermarket haul that really shows you that i'm actually a housewife *LOL*. Autan's very important, mosquitoes sucks. Tooth paste obvi also v important, and Mylea Hair Tonic's hunny's current holy grail hair tonic-they're affordable, doesn't contain as much alcohol than most other drugstore hair tonics and they work! Veet, i hardly ever touch them anymore coz i've had SHR treatments at Bangkok Beauty and the Ponds was a free gift
Oh, i also bought Marcks' Venus because i heard they're pretty good, and i love Marcks' loose podwer so i know i would try this eventually-it was most probably on promo
Yeah... I went nuts on shoes as well that month. All footwears were from Odioli, they have installments! I'm usually quite stingy when it comes to shoes (anything more than IDR 400.000, i most probably won't purchase. Except if it's Skechers *LOL*), but when it's on installments... All rules go out the window! Most of them are pretty cheap anyway!
This super cute brogues (featured here) that's sadly very painful to wear *LOL*
Rose gold flats that's the only comfortable ones out of the four, love it!
This stunning black heels that i LOVE, but also quite painful to wear *LOL*
And this pretty metallic purple sandals, which i also love but hurts like hell. Since three out of four are so painful, i haven't worn them more than once (with the exception of the rose gold). I seriously love Odioli's stuffs, but i can't lie, they're not the most comfy so i dunno if i'd ever purchase more shoes from them. The rose gold is seriously comfy though so maybe from that brand only
Just some cheap bag that i like enough to have to purchase hahaha
I also fell in love at the first glance at this beauty set :
I didn't even know the brand, but i just googled and it seems like the brand's Econeco from Japan (but it was made in Taiwan or something). For someone like me, when the packaging is like this-it doesn't matter what the brand is, or if it's any good, i'd buy it anyway. Who cares if the products sucks, i just won't use it and admire it everyday. My fave beauty buy so far, and when i saw this, i want more.
(EDIT : Brand is actually Doshisha Cosmetics, Econeco is the illustrator and this line is a collaboration between the two)

What's inside. I don't remember how much it was anymore, it's pretty expensive (half a mill?) but i repeat, i don't care. I'd buy it if it's twice as expensive anyway
There are : lip gloss, powder, lip balm and blotting paper inside. Doshisha, TAKE ALL MY MONEY
More accessories from Av's online shop. And Oriflame's perfume. Did i ever tell you i love Oriflame perfumes? Yes, maybe 100x already *LOL*
We're almost done, i also bought a lot of stuffs from The Body Shop (this is back in March) :
I only shop in TBS when they're having their huge sale/when i get a lot of vouchers hahaha, so something like once or twice a year
Must be very cheap for me to get three shower gels at one go
First heard about their Body Sorbet from Phanie's blog too, i was immediately smitten... I mean, how delicious does a body sorbet sounds??? And it must be cooling too!
I probably tried to get to a certain amount to get a voucher because i don't normally buy expensive hand wash *cheapo*
Vanilla Brullee Bath Jelly, even though we don't even have a bath tub (there's one in my rents' room!), the BA said it can be used with bath lillies too, and i cannot resist anything Jelly (my fave word in the world. Jelly. Geeelllleeeee. Gelll... leeee... SOMEBODY STOP ME NOW WTF) >.<
I wanted the shimmer cube forever (but they're pretty pricey) and i also wanted to limited edition eye shadow palette since they came out (but i repeat, too expensive), they're finally on a huge sale (50% off?) so grabbed them FTL. Wanted to buy other shade of the shimmer cubes, but then they went back to normal price so i didn't. It's on sale again now, but buy 1 get 1 so... I dunno... Should i...?
Last but not least, this silly Fragrance Mist i found in Alfamart/Indomart in Batu *LOL* (i guess we don't need any more proof that i can shop ANYWHERE), it's dirt cheap and probably smells like ass (no matter, i'll use it as a room fragrance. I mean, if it's smells moderately ok. If really smells like ass then i'll pass to the maid or something. BUT THEN THE MAID WOULD SMELL LIKE ASS. Ok, just throw it away then *LOLOLOL*, but i'm sure it'd be at least good enough as a room refreshener hahahaha)
OKAYYYY, better stop nowwww. Of course, a lot more next *sigh*. Will these haul posts ever catch up with the actual shopping. Maybe not. Oh well. YOLO.
#Pink/The Haul Queen

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  1. pouch nya lucuu banget :3
    Haulnya banyak banget ci, byk brand baru yg baru ngeh hehehe
    sama aku juga kalau buat sehari-hari lebih suka fragrance yg dijual-jual di drugstore, mksdnya kalau cm buat di rumah gitu, disini tbs juga lg huge sale buy 2 get 1 apa ya and so do I, I only buy tbs when they have a huge sale *tapi sering sih perasaan hahaha

    1. Hehehe iya nihh, aq soalnya suka bgt nyobain segala macem brand, dan semakin parah sejak jd blogger *sigh* gmn nih... Hahaha iya, TBS suka disc n gede2an sih jd kalo belanja pas ga disc spt nya rugiii

  2. Bahahahaha ur maid will smell like an ass. OMG... I'm like ROTFL!!

    I bought Autan like continuously cos I seem to attract them I mean how come my friends didn't get bitten and I have it like everywhere WTH.

    Oh and I bough Pixy in bulk too 😝😝 cleansing gel, eye and lip makeup remover and cleansing express

    1. Khekhekhe, i guess i didn't think things through when i typed :p. I understand your pain, i also attract mosquitoes the most, i tot that'e becoz i'm fat (what's the connection? I dunno), but since you're so skinny then i'm sure that's not the case :p!

  3. Ce, si Essence itu emang kacrut harganya. Coba bandingin sama harga di web-nya deh, jauh banget :( Dulu aku beli katanya diskon 25%, lah tapi dibandingin sama web masih murah di web -_-" Ini web Indonesia yaa, bukan yang international.

    Di Surabaya tinggal di mana aja jadinya? Pokoknya kali pertama dan terakhir kalinya deh mampir konter Essence. Kalo pengen banget, mending ikut PO aja di SG atau yang buka PO Europe ;)

    1. Iya, kayaknya BA nya jg bs mainin harganya, org cuma pake sticker d tulis pake tangan d display gitu... Pokoknya kacau banget la Essence. Essence Indonesia ada websitenya tah? Aq baru tau... Engga tau ada dmn aja skrg, udah ga minat balik jg, mendingan beli pas lg traveling aja d

  4. banyak ya mbk, pengeenn, di rmh cuma ada bedak, kasihan yak *jiaaahhh

  5. Aku juga punya sepatu kayak sepatu pertama, tapi beda dikit. Beli di store di Tebet. Nyeseeeel belinya, sakit banget dipakai. :'(((((((

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you, i wish they're more comfy though hahaha

  7. the part about "the maid will smell like ass" ROFTL!!!

    seriously ce, kayaknya nama blogku lebih cocok buat dirimu..mantap2 semua belanjaanya hehehe..

    1. Kayaknya lbh cocok lg "missbelanjasegala.com" sha...

  8. Panteeesaaann pas liat harga kutek essence di guardian harganya ga nyantaaiii banget mahalnya, pdhl di SG biasanys cm 2 dollaran. Kampret juga bisa ngedongkrak harga gitu -___-"

    1. Iya kan, yg murah abis malah jd standard, males dah beli dsini

  9. cii parfummu yg 50+ isi full yg katanya jarang pake itu ga ada yg mau di garage sale kah? tertarik banget nih :D

    1. Hehe i don't sell my collections, dear...