Our Mini Escape!

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Hellow mellow...

As promised, here it is at last... A mini diary of the mini escape our little family had... Back in March >.<!
I'm pretty sure Little O just had received his report card (or else he wouldn't get a school break in the middle of the week like this) and my parents were out of town, so we decided to spend some time just the three of us (weird as it might sounds, this is not very easy for us. My parents *well, my mum really* insists on coming with us wherever we go >.<-at least to places that doesn't require a flight! So whenever the opportunity presents itself, we make a run for it!).

Like always, the obvious choice for a short vacay falls is Batu, Malang. Plenty kiddies entertainment and cool weather, perfect for families with little children.

Before we even reached the freeway, nature call made fun of me (i dunno why i can't go before, at home. This always happens!) so we swung by McD and when i came out, father and son were busy munching hahaha.
Little O still has his bed face and the happy meal box was so creepy!

Nom nom nom
Then we resumed our journey...

Passengers' selfie
I love going to Batu during off peak seasons because it'll take like, 2 hours or so drive only to reach (it can go up to 6 hours with crazy jams) so we were still fresh and upbeat when we arrived!
Decided to go to Eco Green Park again because we're sick of Jatim Park already
Little O and his friend Oh from the happy meal. We do love Oh!!!
Although this is not a review of Eco Green Park (i already wrote one, you can read about it here), most of the pictures here were taken there because it is the highlight of this mini escape okay! (I just checked out the old post and realized that Little O was also wearing an orange tee back then!)

Hunny loves animals, he'd pet them all. And i find it so strange that he pets fishes too!
Wat de hell was he doing?
Oh, he was pointing out at how cute the sprouting fruit was. This is maja tree btw
It's so bittersweet when i compare Little O's pics at the same spot from two years ago and present time, he has grown so much!
Little O the destroyer *LOL*
Seriously the expression...
I thought the decoration of this store were interesting with all the bottles' bottoms
We just entered the insect area and why does this guy looked so happy? Because he got a little buddy there. Can you see it?
It's that little... cricket? I hate insects so you can probably tell how much i freaked when i realized that one of them escaped, who knows how much more did???
This little guy's so shiny though, it's metallic! Now that's fascinating. As in i'd like nail colors like that *LOL* #sorrynotsorry
Little O's not afraid of most (big) animals, but he's squeamish around bugs too, i had to force him to pose there because there were a lot of ants on the ground *LOL*
Okay.. The equally scary part for me, where the huge birds roam free T.T
Family selfie!
Another perk of going at low seasons : no queue for rides :D!
Little O loves playing with these water guns and bombs so we stayed there for quite a while
So mummy and daddy took a selfie hehehe
Reunited with the mini, dwarved goats. They're still as cute ever hahaha
And they got a LOT tamer!!!! They actually approached us for a pet, i remember they used to run away like crazy from humans when we first went there
Look at how content its face was!
Yep, they are definitely got used to humans now
This ugly white carpet also loved it when hunny pet it
To a point where it actually call out to hunny when he went to pet the other goats *LOL*. Must be a she, don't you think?
These two are rather cute
And doesn't mind a selfie
The ugly thing that kept in calling to hunny *LOL*
The plant that bears my name, but with an I. That's how most Indonesian writes my name anyway #annoyed
Strawberry House which most interesting part was the gigantic fake ones in the entrance
I mean, you can do this!
I'm always deadly terrified of rickety bridges, i know if it can hold hunny then it can definitely hold me, but i'm scaredddd i'm too heavy for thingssss
Hunny also loves birds, especially cockatoo
Snapped this pic (turkeys?) because i was fascinated with their blood red, evil looking eyes!
Lovey dovey
My handsome boy. The bird was in position but Little O's eyes were wandering as usual
Then he looked at the camera but the bird lost its focus, gahhh
Hunny shot this by accident but it looks so artsy so i decided to post it hahaha
He was actually snapping these guys. Love their soft pastel colors ^^
These two stood motionless FOR THE LONGEST TIME!!! Seriously, we stood there watching them for 10 minutes or something! Then a group of kids on a field trip came and scared them off. But then then posed again and held position! It was so strange!
I love almost all baby animals, they're so cute but baby birds are... well... ugly
This was actually Little O's third time to Eco Green Park (the second time he went with his school for a field trip) but he never got bored! He's easily obsessed like his mommy, and he actually asked when we're coming back when we're about to leave the place-but mummy's so bored of the place already OMG! The first time we went there it suddenly rained heavily that we had to skip some of the attractions including the upside down house, he loves it so much (he went in on the field trip) he bugged us about this house since we stepped into the park!

I think the details were quite nice!
They even filled the trash cans and stuck them in the ceiling

The toilet bowl was so nasty looking hahahaha
Family upside down wefie
Asked hunny too cook me some food and he stood there wondering how to reach the stove *LOL*

I don't remember this area at all, either we had to pass it very fast to avoid the rain back then or it's a new section. They do have a new section (below), i'm just not sure if this area is part of that
Time for some 3D murals
I dare you to copy him!!! LOL. It's fake durians lah obvi :p
Mini excavator (that really works)
BUNNYYYY!!! Tell you something, i was crazy in love with bunnies when i was little
They are pretty tame and don't mind to be picked up
My hubby, everyone
Why did hunny looked in despair at the back? LOL
Hunny the foodie, immediately ordered some putu cakes
It was getting late in the afternoon so we decided to have a meal, Little O said he was still full but when we placed a bowl of noodles in front of him....
It disappeared FTL LOL. He has this selective fullness where he'd be full but not too full for certain kinds of foods hahaha
He definitely has a thing for water shooting, especially if the targets are people. See the pond below? Yeah, people can take a ride and become the aim of the shooters above. He can stay for hours shooting at people *LOL*, he's pretty accurate too :p
There was a bird show but i dunno why Little O's not very interested in them, hunny insisted on watching it though and Little O always ended up enjoying the shows (but still refuse whenever we ask him to watch). He even took part of the show and let the falcon took some raw meat placed on top of the cowboy hat :

Happened so fast we didn't have pic of the event hahaha
We're coming to the end of the park and Little O insisted on riding the lame educational ride there (dunno what's so interesting about it) but the attendant refused to turn the ride on for less than 5 people WTF it was so annoying GRRRR.
So we waited around at the deserted entrance for the longest time
Wandering around, hoping for some other visitor to appear
I even made hunny approached a visitor and asked if perhaps he'd take his child to ride with us so they'd turn on the ride... No luck >.<. When we almost gave up, another young family showed up and decided to get in, yay!
Selfie with my Baby
Sullen looking hunny (the seat swings back and forth)
Someone was so serious
Then we went to check into our room in Singhasari Resort, still the best hotel in Batu for me (but need more maintenance. Found the floor to be dusty in a few stays), one of the most expensive too obvi.
View from our hotel's room
Little O knows how to relax ^^
Lazying around with daddy
At dinner later, was craving for some satay!
Breakfast the next morning, look at his bed head hahahaha
Then we checked out and started our journey home. Halfway though, we stopped for a meal and realized THAT I LEFT MY FRIGGIN' WALLET in the hotel room's safe deposit box -___- WTFFFF. We had plans to go to Lawang with my 'rents later in the next week so i was thinking maybe we take it then? But hunny wasn't having it and decided to DRIVE BACK. That's what happens when you marry two super forgetful humans....
But it's okay, stupid stories are meant to be told to future generations!! So we just relaxed and drank some yummy yogurt! From Rumah Sosis (and decided to be kiasu and bought lots of stuffs there so the trip back was not in vain), must try if you go there!
That's the end of our mini escape (plan to have another one next month when my 'rents fly back to Banjarmasin *teehee*), hope you enjoyed the post!


PS : It's passed midnight so please wish my hunny a very happy bday!!!! Glad he finally caught up with me and be 32 too!

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  1. seru ya sekarang main2 di batu. inget2 jaman dulu gak ada apa2 di batu. hehe.

    1. Heeh skrg bykkk Man di Batu tmpt2 beginian hahaha

  2. so great pictures ^^