#Pink Ghost Stories : Halloween Special Numero Deux

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Hey guys...

My schedule's extremely full in the last week of October (well, it's been quite crazy all October, like always) but i'm determined to write another ghost story of mine, just in time for Halloween! (You can read the first Halloween Special here). Oh yeah, Happy Halloween! Hope you're having a creepy one! I spent my day in goth makeup (and people kept telling me i looked like a ghost even though it wasn't my attention, i was going for a creepy gypsy fortune teller look actually, which you can check out in my IG first!) creeping people at Goblin Marketz (and in SPI/PTC in general) miiiihihihihihi. That was fun.
As usual it's actually got nothing to do with Halloween, just another supernatural sort of story-i just forcefully make the link because it's Halloween and the perfect time for some scary stories alright!

Anyway... This story happened in my MIL's new house (cue scary song for those who stay around her place, you know who your are muahahahahaha). She moved to this new house a while ago (i cannot remember when, was it a year ago?) because her old place often got flooded during rainy season. As she's living alone (coz she refused our offers to get her a maid, and she also doesn't seem to enjoy other people's company #LOL. I dare to write this because she definitely doesn't read my blog and people who's likely to pass this to her certainly also don't read this blog/speak English hahaha), we advised her to sell the old house and get a new one at a better location (i.e, doesn't get flooded). After a long while, she finally listened.

The new neighborhood is made of closely built smaller houses, you know... The wall to wall kind of housing, the ones where you can hear your neighbor fighting and crying all night long (yes, this happens to her too hahaha) because your house's so close to each other and the walls are not thick enough to drown out the voices. It's definitely not a new neighborhood, but the house was new. At least the building was newly built by a small time, private contractor.
Picture just for creepy illustration, the real house is very modern and looks nothing like this of course hahaha
Now, the house is not very big, but definitely big enough for one person. Heck, it's big enough for five. It even got a second level. For some strange reasons, since the very first time i stepped into the house (before she even moved in), i always feel reluctant to go to the second floor. I thought it was sheer laziness that prevented me and didn't think much of it. Until hunny asked me if i also feel that the temperature in that house is very high, especially on the second floor. He also said that he dislike going to the second floor, and so was his mum (who's highly religious and always scoffs at supernatural things). He said it felt... Weird. Hot. Uncomfortable. We dismissed it as the result of the location of the housing (rather near a beach) and other natural causes.
But it was seriously, unnaturally hot at all times there
My MIL's not the healthiest person in the world (but she's definitely not sickly either), from time to time she'd ask hunny to take her to various doctors-and one that got our attention was the foot doctor. She complained of pain on her foot, but all the check up turned out fine-nothing that should cause her feet to hurt so much was found. The doctor gave her some medication, regardless, but the pain persisted.

Now, hunny and i... We're both Christian. I wouldn't say we're highly religious (i haven't been to the Church for the longest time... There's no excuse for this, and i feel guilty everyday. But the fact that we rarely have a real priest in our Surabaya Church contributes to the laziness, and since i couldn't concentrate on the "fillers", i feel like it's better that i pray at home everyday than pretending to go but actually am occupied with mobile games at all time. Remember, this is not an excuse, but it is a contributing reason, and i am trying to work on it-internally. So i really appreciate that nobody should leave any judgmental comments, thank you!), but we definitely not into clergyman or bomohs, or whatever. I even hate fortune tellers because i believe our future is in God's hand, and ours.

For some reasons though, there has always been some spiritual... guides (?) flocking to us. They would come out of nowhere and help us deal with well... Supernatural stuffs. I was a non-believer when it comes to supernatural stuffs, and i am still very skeptical-BUT, everyday there's a new things that simply cannot be explained by logic that makes me think... If you believe in God and afterlife, it only make sense that you believe there's life after death-and there's always the dark when there's light. And even though those guides don't always share the same faith as us, i 100% believe God sent them to us to look after us, as they did nothing but protect us from harm.

Hunny got to know this person who has the gift of understanding and communicating with non human entities. Honestly i still find it hard to believe as i am typing this (because i'm definitely the type that follows her brain instead of her heart haha), i'm forever at this stage of limbo, the in between. I don't 100% believe in whatever he says, but i also cannot dismiss it as a total nonsense.

When the elder gentleman with the gift (let's call him Mr. A) learnt about MIL's new house, he insisted on giving it a visit. He went straight to the second floor and within minutes, he asked to talk to hunny. He asked if we (actually i never met Mr. A, i'm uncomfortable around people with gifts, i dunno why! They freak me out hahaha) felt that the house was hot? Hunny said yes, but isn't it because it's facing the (West? East? Dunno. There's a theory that a house would be cool if it's facing one direction and vice versa)...? Mr. A said, NOPE. It's because the "guardians" in that house's vibes are hot (a guardian of a place should have a "cool" aura for you to be comfortable at your place) and more over, they're angry.
Mr. A said when the private contractor was building the new house, he did not ask for "permission". I dunno about other parts of the world, but in South East Asia, we're still very highly superstitious, and prior to build anything-there should always be a ritual to ask for permission (sort of a blessing) from the "tenant" from the other side (but i believe even in Western countries, people with religions *as in non Atheists* still get their new places blessed, so yep... I think it's rather similar to that) so the "guardians" were angry. It was their place first, after all.

Now, the creepy part. Mr. A suddenly ask (this is the part where i find it hard not to believe in his words, he always know things that he shouldn't. I know i know, skeptics would say that people with gifts are mostly charlatans, they actually draw the knowledge from you without you knowing. I get it, part of me is THAT skeptic. But there are just too many things that he shouldn't know, at all-that he does. So... I decided to keep an open mind) if MIL's feet hurts? Well. That's because one of the "guardians" has no feet and it's latching itself on MIL, wrapping its arms around her leg and she had to drag him around -____-.
Oh, and the other "guardian" has no eyes.
OK, he never said anything about fangs, but i like this picture so...
Images straight out of a horror movie, i suffered from shoulder pain for the longest time a while ago and i was so scared that a ghost was sitting on my shoulder WTF (Shutter style), #Undecided said "No BB, that's because you play Disney Tsum Tsum nonstop, which makes more sense *LOLOLOL*.

Anyway, this story has a happy ending because the "hot guardians" (sadly not in sexy kind of way) agreed to be relocated without asking for anything, they just want a wider space and be left alone.

But how scary it is to have an entity latching on you and actually cause you physical pain????? We didn't tell this to MIL since she's super skeptical and would probably told us off, but even she has to admit that the house suddenly feels cooler, welcoming, comfortable after Mr. A's visit! And oh, she's no longer scared of the second floor either.

And that marks the end of this ghost story! Do you want to hear more? I'll pen more down soon!
Do you like my outfit today? I asked Little O if i look creepy in this pic and he said it looks like i was in a coffin and that's really creepy hahaha

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