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Hello peeps and hello October!!!

As much as i hate how the year's passing by so fast, i can't help being happy that it's October, my most favorite month of the year. It's my birthday month, if you don't already know hahaha! Gonna be 32 in two days, i take comfort to the fact that it's another 8 years before i turn 40 (then i'd console myself that it's still another 10 to my 50th? I can see the pattern already *LOL*).

Of course, as i grow older, i don't exactly look forward to my birthdays anymore, but the month October still has it's special meaning to me-and i doubt it'll ever change. It's just very.... Special. I'm also still hoping that we can celebrate Halloween somehow (never did), although i say that every year and keep on letting it pass by as it is hahahaha.

Anyway, i am in Malang for a short vacation with my family as you read this (i decided that i don't want October to start without a new blog post, OCD still going strong here!) and as the post opener of October : an outfit post!
I really love the coordi i came up with that day! And i also love how the photos turned out! Hunny does better some days than the other :p (this is definitely one of the better days!)
It's pretty old, obviously-i still had my old hair without the ombre (but it looked awesome with the freshly touched up roots!) taken around March at Latte (which i still plan to review). We had a double family date with my friend LL!

Here's the FOTD/MOTD :
List of products used :

1. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB
2. SilkyGirl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 Way Foundation in 01 Fair
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
4. Clinique Palette (for eye shadows and blush on)
5. LT Pro Pencil Eyeliner
6. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
7. Oriflame Tender Care
8. Prestige Vinylwear Extreme Lipgloss (VWE-06 Plum Rush)
9. Esprique Precious Double Shine Powder
10. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
Feeling extra chio that day so extra cam-who piccies for ya too hahahaha
It was actually one of those lazy days when i didn't even wear mascara...
I was twirling around in my room trying to find the best position so my bangs' shadow won't shade my face too much, finally! I miss those comfortable, striking blue contact lenses, my current contacts keeps on irritating my eyes T.T
OK, back to business
Wah, i smiled so widely here, wonder if this was snapped before i was ready hahaha
My hair's still long now, but it was insanely long back then!
And i seriously love black and white
Wonder if i should go back to that type of haircut or stay with the current blunt style
Outfit Details :
Better Than Boys Top : Magnolia
Lace Midi Skirt : Gift from my mum (bought in Singapore)
Heels : Odioli
Mini Trunk : Forever New

Speaking of Forever New, i kept on getting e-mails from someone from their company asking me if i can link up my posts where i mentioned their stuffs to their webstore, i didn't even bother replying it (i don't reply to ridiculous requests -___-) but they kept on sending a similar one! So irritating! FYI, i actually love to share where i got my stuffs from (even link it up when i find the services very satisfactory-this applied to Online Shops mainly), but i don't find it acceptable for online stores/brands to ASK me to link up or review their stuffs when they don't even sponsor me! That's really rude okay (and this is not even the first time a brand/online shop ask me to do it)! 

Offering me discounts in order for a blog post is even ruder! LOL. WTF. I don't mean to be bitchy, but i actually get paid to do advertisement (meaning if you want me to specifically write a blog post for you, in certain angle or putting a banner on my blog), but even if you want me to review your product, i actually still accept non-paid reviews, just don't ask me to give you free advertisement after i spent my money buying your products, that's really very.... Disrespectful. How do you feel if i step into your store asking for free stuffs then telling you i'd mention you or something? 

Sorry, i got a bit carried away. I used to read bloggers rant about this before i started my blog and i guess i didn't really understand how much pain and heartache this kind of behaviour gave them, but now i do! Please please please, stop harassing me for a free ad! Especially for bigger brands, i'm sure you have budgets for advertisement, my rate is not even that expensive! LOL. 

OK, rant is done. I should blog about my mini escape from last time because now i have this mini escape to blog as well! LOL. Story of my life!
#Pink and my teeny tiny lil' LL hehe

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