Review : Clarifying Facial at Emdee Clinic (Complimentary)

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Ummm... I went for this facial last May >.<, just before i left for our Singapore-Malaysia trip, i knew i wouldn't have time to blog about it before i left so i already made a draft and planned to write after i got back. Then i forgot @___@. My bad. I still remember all about the treatment though so no problem, i'll just recount them now hehe.

You might remember that somehow i was one of Emdee Clinic's finalists for their anniversary photo competition in Instagram, although i didn't win (the tally was by likes, and i'm never one to ask friends *let alone complete strangers. No, really!!! I get messages from random people asking me for vote for them sometimes, that is so... Not cool hahaha* to vote for me, that's why i usually don't join competitions that rely on likes, i really rather let my talent *i'm really talking about writing here* speaks for itself)-Emdee Clinic was very generous and gifted all of the finalists with a free treatment voucher.
This pic was actually taken after my first treatment in Emdee Clinic (it was a Derma Brightening one and you can read my review here), sorry for the flipped writings-it was taken with the selfie camera in my Ipad :p
The voucher that we received was one for a facial, i think there are Clarifying Facial and Whitening Facial (there might be more types, i can't remember), their doctor would choose the one that's the most suitable for your skin condition. 

Back in June my skin was okay, but i began developing massive amount of deep embedded, teeny-tiny white heads (that are still plaguing my face at the moment *sigh*) especially around my chin area. They are not visible to naked eyes, but when a certain lighting hit my skin right, you can see that my skin's not totally smooth as usual but invested with annoying tiny bumps :(.
My pale bare face :p
From approximately 5 cm from my face then you can see my large pores and how my nose's full of whiteheads zzz
I got black and white heads on my cheek as well, and you can see the white heads i was talking about around my chin. You can't see them unless i pull my skin like that, but you can feel them (i certainly feel them whenever i wash my face)
Unlike last time, booking process was a breeze and i was greeted warmly by their receptions-i even mixed up my dates (dunno why i kept on doing it back then! No worries, i don't do that anymore! Back to my normal, OCD self!) and failed to show up on my appointment (because i thought my appointment was on the next day OMG) but they help me to change the appointment time without any hitch.

I was immediately led to their solo treatment room (last time i had my treatment at a joint room where the door can be opened so you can still talk to your companion on the room next door) :
It's significantly bigger than the previous one
The comfy treatment bed
Peace yo
First i was asked to wait for a bit until their resident doctor (still dr. Wina, thank you doc!) come to check my skin out. She noticed right away the crazy, bumpy state of my skin and recommended Clarifying Facial for me.
Remember, all of of their facial and treatments are conducted by nurses instead of therapists/beautician. The steps were quite familiar for me (similar to other facials i've been before) which are cleansing, toning and steaming
Then the nurse applied this green thingy, it's a clarifying scrub which she left on for 10 minutes before taking off
Then, of course, the extraction
I've been to plenty of facials, i can say that it's more painful in some clinics than others. How did Emdee Clinic's facial extraction's pain level compared to others? It's totally fine. Nothing too unbearable. Of course, you can never expect extractions to be completely painless, that's just unrealistic! But this one is definitely on the normal range. I did shed some tears, which is very normal for me because i always teared during extraction (there are areas around my nose where if poked and prodded, my eyes automatically produce tears hahaha)

Now imma show you the result taken right after extraction process, my face was very red (and swollen) in certain areas but please do not be alarmed, this is a very normal result before being calmed down with facial masks.
The nurse was pretty thorough and got rid of most of black and white heads around my face, unfortunately i did notice she did not do a lot around my chin area. Like i said earlier, the white heads in my chin are deep embedded under my skin, they are only visible if the skin in that area is pulled taut. I know i probably should mention this to her, but i figured if i'm about to do a very honest review of this facial then i should let her carry on her own way.

Btw, the free facial voucher did not include mask-while i do agree that masks are important to tighten those pores that just been cleaned and to calm the skin down, i figured i could just apply the mask at home instead of paying the extra (yes, kiasu i know) just for a mask when i have tonnes of them back home, but lucky me! The nurse informed me that dr. Leni kindly gave me a complimentary mask too! Super kind of her, thank you dr Leni!
And done! Hehe. 

Emdee Clinic's basic facials are very affordable (it was IDR 90.000, if i remember correctly. Additional IDR 80.000 for the mask. Honestly i would very much prefer it if they already have a price for the full package because i do think it's essential to use mask after extraction. If you're like me and has loads of stocks of masks at home, then you might be able to get away with just the facial as long as you put the mask on immediately at home, but i really don't advise it coz if you want to experience the full benefit of a facial, you should end the facial with a mask from the clinic too), the result is pretty satisfactory (but i think you need to be more communicative with your nurse if you have certain concerns instead of keeping mum like i did) because my skin felt quite clear and soft after recovering (just took a day or two).

Now that makes me feel like i need to make an appointment for another facial *sigh*, my face is once again full of (thankfully rather invincible) white heads especially around my chin and cheeks, arghhhhh so frustrating T.T.

Anyway, i want to thank Emdee Clinic and especially dr. Leni for giving me the chance to try out their facial, i highly recommend their services for professional services with affordable prices-friendly for students' pockets too!

The Emdee Clinic  
Ruko Manyar Garden
 Jl. Nginden Semolo 101 kav 01 


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