Review : Derma Brightening and Skin Tite Treatment at Emdee Clinic(COMPLIMENTARY)

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Hai hai :D!!

You might remember that i received a complimentary treatment voucher from Emdee clinic, one from their goodie bag and another one because i was the (unexpected) winner of their Instagram Tagging Competition (and i just received another voucher because i *again, unexpectedly* became one of their photo competition's finalists *LOL*), after much procrastinations (no thanks to Sabsab, Nessya and Cynthian who kept on rescheduling until i lost my patience and decided to go without them *glare*), i finally went to use them two weeks ago ^^. I went to their Manyar branch :
The Emdee Clinic
Ruko Manyar Garden
Jl. Nginden Semolo 101 kav 01 Surabaya
When i browse their website, i noticed that they have an online booking application, that's neat! I didn't dare to try it though because i was using the voucher and i thought i should call to make the appointment. 

To be honest with you, when i received treatment vouchers (instead of being sponsored) in the past i always pass it to others (my mum mostly) because i don't feel comfortable going to new clinics by myself >.<. But i am very curious about Emdee's treatments and since i had two vouchers and i recently (okay not me but IOMA's BA who analyzed his skin) convinced hunny to give face treatments a try, i decided to share my vouchers with him (ain't i a wonderful waifu? LOL) so that he can accompany me to Emdee, teehee!
One voucher for Derma treatment
And another one for MD Skin Tite
I actually ran into some problems trying to use the vouchers *sigh*. I don't know if you know this, but i HATE talking on the phone (i also hate phone rings) and i suffer from weird anxieties when i have to call to make appointments, i usually make my employee (she kinda doubles as mine and hunny's secretary hahaha) make appointments for me but since i was using the voucher *double sigh* i thought she might get confused so i forced myself to make the call myself. I called way ahead to check whether or not i should book a room-the staff who answered checked about the voucher (what kind of voucher i would be using, etc) and then told me that i could come right ahead on Monday and maybe call again a few hours before so that they can prepare themselves and i would not have to wait long. Everything seems peachy.

Until Monday morning. I called again and was answered by a different staff, i repeated what i said before and without asking what kind of voucher i would be using, this staff told me that i'd have to pay for consultation fee. I was quite confused because... Well, i already got a specific treatment's voucher, and it's stated to be FREE. I was also getting annoyed because her voice changed when i got confused, like i was being irritating or cheap for not wanting to pay *LOL*. Before i lost my temper, i quickly said "OK, i'll just check first." and hang up.

I contacted Emdee via Instagram, then i noticed that they told me to look for Ms. Yuni if i have questions about the vouchers, so i called their Billiton branch-and was promptly told that Ms. Yuni's in Manyar Garden that day *LOL*, so i called Manyar Garden again and ask for her directly. Ms. Yuni's very friendly and accommodating, not only she cleared the confusion and tell me that the treatment's 100% free-she event went and book the appointment for me herself, thank you so much for your help Ms. Yuni! 

I am not writing this to be a B okay, i am very grateful for the vouchers and their hospitality (especially to dr. Lenny and Ms. Yuni), i'm just the type of blogger that writes everything as it is-i don't sugarcoat things and i am brutally honest >.<, hopefully this can be taken as a constructive criticism-i think the staffs needs to be more communicative and maybe gets more information when Emdee's having this kind of promotions? And maybe told to be more patient, and not jump into conclusion or change the tone of their voice when they think the customer's in the wrong.

Because later on when hunny was paying for his mask, they still tried to put the consultation fee on the bill *LOL*, again Ms. Yuni was there to save the day. I am very impressed with the doctors, marketing and nurses that took care of us that day, but in order to be immaculate, i believe everything must start from the front office. If the front office's already confused and not-so-friendly, people would hardly bother to get to the doctors and all, right?

Anyway, that's all the criticism i have though, everything else's perfect ^^.
Ms Yuni already made sure that the receptionist got the appointment so that we actually got greeted by name by them ^^. We went to Ruko Manyar Garden branch because it's the closest one to our place, i think it's smaller than the Billiton branch?
Lobby area
Displays of their products
Hallway leading to the consultation room and stairs to the second floor
Like in most beauty clinics, we were asked to fill in these information card
Some basic info they need
Then we were asked to go and wait for the doctor in charge for a brief consultation.
We were attended by dr. Wina that day, thank you doc ^^! I showed dr. Wina the vouchers and she inspected my skin to see which treatment would be more suitable for me. I actually have no clue what either Skin Tite or Derma treatment consist of. dr Wina bounced my cheek a little bit (oh my chubby cheeks! LOL) and immediately told me that Derma Brightening seems like a good treatment for me (Skin Tight is a skin tightening treatment, so i guess my cheek bounces nicely enough that the good doctor didn't think i needed it yet hahahah #satisfied) since i do not have acnes (if i do then i think she'd suggested Derma Clarifying) nor my skin is dehydrated (which obviously would be a better candidate for Derma Hydrating).

Off to the second floor we went!
There's a small and simple waiting room area here too
Hallway leading to the facial and treatment rooms
Nurses' station
I have no idea what this room is, probably got to do with their hair/scalp treatments?
I asked earlier if they have a couple room, but they said their space's very limited so they have none-but they do have rooms that can be connected by opening the connecting door-so we got that room because my hunny's being a huge baby since he's never been to any face treatment ever before and quite terrified of pain #LOL (thank you for scaring him further the day before, #Undecided!).
My facial room
The comfortable treatment bed, it's important for the bed to be comfy you know-you might have to go through some pain so everything else must be relaxing hehehe
Sink, shelves and cupboard where i could store my bag in
The tools
And that's my silly hubby next door!
Emdee Clinic's interior and style seems to be very minimalistic and no-nonsense, i believe that's part of their strategy to keep the costs down so that they can provide their clients with their best prices. Their moto, afterall, is Affordable Skin Clinic! Everything is clean and neat though, who needs frills anyway? We all go there to get our skins treated , and that works just well for me!

Let's take a look at our skin conditions before our respective treatments, shall we?
LOL, just like his son-this guy always pulls the weirdest, ugliest face when his pics are taken
His skin is a bit dry (used to be super dry, much better now that i out my hands down and start putting moisturizer everyday-or every time i remember anyway), with fine lines around his eye and forehead area (beware people with dry skin, you'll have wrinkles longgg before we oil tanks even have to worry about them MUAHAHAHAHAHA) and according to the skin analyzer, there are a lot of dead skin cells (which means he needs a good scrub) and bacteria activities which are invincible to the naked eye!
As for my skin...
It remaines the same, redness, uneven skin tone, old acne scars, humongous pores. And i have a lot of broken capillaries on my cheeks :(. And that red dot on top of my mole is another mole that i rip off from time to time -___- i can't help myself. Doctors keep on mistaking it for a zit *LOL*
Back to the treatment room, silly guy's immediately getting comfortable hahaha
First, the nurse who tended to him (remember i told you that in Emdee Clinic all the facials and treatments are done by nurses instead of beauticians) placed a cap on him after showing that the cap and sponge used are new (same thing was done by the nurse who tended to me, of course) and proceed to cleanse his face
Continued with toning. Behold, the most unflattering angle for me ever *LOL*
After our faces were cleaned thoroughly, they snapped close up pics of our skin, felt a bit like a mugshot hahaha.
I asked hunny to take pictures of every steps so i can blog about it, he did it seriously (whille squinting like crazy because without his thick bottle-butt glassed he is blind as a bat!)-even took a selfie with the piece of paper stuck on his face hahahaha
The dr. Wina came wheeling in the Skin Tite machine.
Since both treatments would be conducted by dr. Wina, i got to watch hunny went through with his procedure first.
dr. Wina checking his skin. Found some tiny lumps under his eye (i have one too :(...) that can be removed with cotter or laser treatments. Maybe we'll do it together some day, when i muster the courage to. I mean, i haven't even go to get my moles removed again like i always wanted to, too scared!
Skin Tite treatment began with application of cold gel on his face, he said it was reeeeallly cold hehehe
Then dr. Wina used the machine in upward and circular motion on his skin
From time to time, the nurse would hold this gun-like thing to check the temperature :D. dr. Wina told him to check his face in the mirror after doing one side so that he could see how the side that's already been treated is firmer and more uplifted!
The other side. I asked hunny if it hurts in any way and he said NOPE, there just some warming sensation. dr. Wina also kept on checking if it's too hot, but he was okay with the temperature. I also recorded a brief video of the treatment
I was quite shocked when i saw how red his face has became! No worries, it gos away very soon! Anyway, Skin Tite is a radio frequency treatment targeted to minimize and tighten pores (not that hunny has big pores anyway!) as well as to induce collagen formation/production (this part he definitely needs!)
After the step with the Skin Tite machine, the gel was cleansed off and the nurse put on some serum (i think, dr. Wina had started my own treatment by this stage so i was kinda distracted and stopped listening to what's going on in the room next door hahaha) and used the machine to make the serum got absorbed by his skin optimally
Please not that both Skin Tite and Derma treatments prices do not include mask yet, hunny was offered to have the mask by paying IDR 85.000 and he was being cheeky (i guess why not go through the whole she-bang, right?) so he said okay
Back to me now! Sometime during the treatment, dr. Lenni came and said hi (haiiii, doc!), i was quite embarrassed when she complimented my blog (so did Ms. Yunny hihihihi #shy) and also because i looked like a total mess with my house shirt and moon face in full display :p.
Machinary for Derma Brightening treatment
The machine has this very strong sucking motion, i felt like all of my black and whiteheads were sucked into it hehehe. It did felt kinda of rough, but not painful or unbearable. I honestly have no idea what this Derma Brightening thing do, but according to their website, Derma Brightening is a treatment using a microdermabration machine to achieve brighter skin, minimize pore size and hydrate skin level
More sucking hehehehe. You can see how red my skin became, but again-this goes away super fast!
After awhile the suction movement was accompanied with a cool liquid (i know, horrible way to explain, but i don't know how else to describe it) that comes out of the machine
Afterwards, dr. Wina did some extraction on my white and black heads, i don't think it would be as thorough as a facial, but it was nice to get most of them removed! Btw, my nostrils looked quite lopsided here *LOL*, that's because of the sucking motion of the machine before ya, not from bad plastic surgery *LOL* (FYI : nothing against plastic surgery, just never done them yet)
Like i mentioned before, this treatment also did not include mask-but the nurse informed me that i was given a complimentary mask by dr. Lenni, awwww thank you so much!
Hehehehe. Hunny loved the mask, he kept on mentioning that we should try to find this kind of mask to buy *LOL*. The mask variant was the skin relaxing one, and it really was relaxing (so much that hunny started snoring a few minutes in, like i suspected him would) and cooling. Skin felt really refreshed afterwards! After 15 minutes, the mask was removed and cleansed thoroughly and ended withj application of anti-irritation cream and sunblock. I was also advised not to use night cream for two days and substitute it with anti irritation cream istead.
Result :
Don't you think hunny's skin's definitely more lifted and tighter??? With ONE treatment! WOW!
I am not exaggerating okay, i was amazed at how soft, bouncy and supple his skin became! And nope, it's not a one night wonder-his skin is still at his best condition now-two weeks after (which means it has a real effect rather than just a shock factor that goes away within hours). His skin is definitely benefiting from Skin Tite and he loves the result too! So IDR 500.000 per treatment? I can't believe i am saying this, but it's worth it! This experience also made him more open to get treatments in the future!
What about me?
I was quite surprised when i saw my skin the mirror right after the treatment was done, i was expecting it to be red and raw because my skin's quite sensitive and always look super red after treatments, but it's actually look brighter, clearer and more radiant! Immediately! In the long run, i also feel like my pores are definitely getting smaller. What is this sorcery??? LOL. Oh, my skin also feels super soft and supple-it did became a bit dry the first few days (but no peeling happened) and goes back to normal in a week or so.

All and all, hunny and i are extremely pleased with the result of both treatments and would highly recommend them for you who feels like you can benefit from them!

Thank you Emdee clinic for having us (especially dr. Lenni, dr. Wina and Ms. Yuni for all the hospitality), i will be reviewing their facial treatment too since i have the voucher-couldn't come at a better time, i just had a slightly bad reaction with a sheet mask and i got lots of whiteheads as the result huhuhu!

Until next time!


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