South Korea Winter Trip : Day 5 (Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum)

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Hey guysss :D!

I'm currently got sucked into being another K-Drama viewer *GASP!!!!* thanks to my hunny *LOL*. I mentioned it in earlier post that we're watching Pinocchio at the moment, i didn't expect to be able to watch more than three episodes (not because *according to #Undecided* i have the attention span of a hamster!!! But because most K-Dramas stopped being funny and exciting after the third episodes and went full on to the whole dramatic "near meets", "third person in the relationship" "pretending to stop loving the other person" "get terminally ill" part, which i cannot stand hahaha) BUT we're onto 10th episode now and i'm still watching *sigh*. Anyway, it's pretty good, coming from a self-proclaimed anti K-Drama, it's something big! (EDIT : This post is written a while back, we've successfully finished watching the entire episodes :p)

And since we're at the right momentum, i'm going to continue our South Korea Trip (while listening to Pinocchio's OST WTF) Day 5 where we went to Gyeongbok Palace!
Fun times ^^
Actually we didn't go to Gyeongbok Palace until well later in the late afternoon, our schedule for the last full day as a tour group was full with various stores visits (turns out that if you join cheap tour packages *LOL, yes we're cheapos* then these stores must be visited because it's supported by Korean tourism department). It wasn't as bad as i thought it would be (i don't like gimmicky tourist stores where they shove super expensive stuffs on your nose and pretty much na until you buy something)-we went to a cosmetic duty free store (i bought KRW 80.000 worth of cosmetics here alone -___-, you can see them here), then to a ginseng store-where we made a fool out of ourselves -____-. 

We totally forgot that those kind of stores especially cater for tourists and they would provide attendants that speak in our specific languages. There's a bespectacled attendant that HD said looked like my nephew MT. CL starred at him for the longest time *giving his the creeps, i'm sure* and said "No lah, he doesn't." to which HD replied "He does! Put on a glasses on MT and you'll see!" so hunny lent MT his glasses and we all stared at MT, then to our amazement the attendant said in clear Indonesian "No, he doesn't." OMG OMG OMG!!!!! How effing embarrassing LOLOLOL.
OMG my fringe!!! I was obviously having one of my notorious bad fringe day!
We didn't buy anything from the ginseng store (only CL did) coz well... We're not into ginseng and the price's really choking #i'dratherbuybags *LOL* but we found a super photogenic wall next to the ginseng store hahaha.
Seriously nice wall, no???
Even roped Hana and Db to take this Instagram-worthy shot LOLOLOL WTF. I love how three of us looked at different directions at once hahahaha
One with my hunny bun
I even got a brief outfit shoot here hahahaha show you later!
Rare nice candid pic of Hana showing me to the bus
While we were walking to the bus, we stumbled into this fruit seller truck and i of course had to buy those huge strawberries!!!
Look at how happy i was, i even gave the camera my silly face #rare
OHHH i want them nowwwwww T.T *sobs*, i went absolutely nuts and spent hundreds thousands of rupiahs on strawberries (coz we can't find these huge and sweet ones in Indonesia!), i pretty much bought them back to back almost every day while we're in Seoul zzz
We also went to a red pine store (very recommended!!!!! We all felt much healthier after consuming it! Totally regret not buying more)  and amethyst store but of course picture taking were forbidden so nothing to show (or tell) happened-onto the next destination : lunch!
Hunny's hair looked really thin here, it's so much better now! Thanks to Mane n Tail+hair tonics!
Ready for lunch! Look at Jd's cute duck face starring at Baby Boy *LOL*
We're having lunch at this all-you-can-eat place
There's also meat for your shabu-shabu
But the buffet selection were quite extensive indeed
Buffet meals totally overwhelms me, so i learn to take a bite sized of everything so i can taste everything without getting sick
Hunny's plate, look how plain the color scheme is compared to mine hahahaha
Nom nom nom
Absolutely love the fried kimbab and... errr... was it fried sweet potatoes? And some sushi for Baby Boy
Finally heading to Gyeoungbok Palace
LOL, when it's too bright outside Baby Boy lost his eyes!!!
So gorgeous
Found a dolhareubang
And hunny immediately rushed to ask for a baby girl -___-. No, Db was not judging him, she was waiting for her turn to touch it to ask for a baby girl as well *LOL*. But seriously, hunny should ask ME (although i obviously would say NO) instead of it because i am the one who's refusing to give him any more babies -____-
Hunny snapped this because our little family's Chinese horoscope's pig!
The actual schedule was to visit the National Palace Museum (which i think i've been to on my previous visit to South Korea. It was very nice and now i realized why i found the palace to feel very different and we didn't really experience any palace-related trip. But my memory's a bit hazy because it's been a long time and i might mix it up with the Chinese palace *LOL*) but it was closed (on Monday? I forgot la) so we had to go to the National Folk Museum instead (still in the same area).
There was a sheep related exhibition (Korean also use the Chinese Zodiac so it was to celebrate the *back then* upcoming new year) but photography was not allowed.
No such rule applies on the main part of the museum though
Again, Marshmallow went a bit crazy in the slightly dim museum and snapped very blurry pics *sigh*. Here the wax figurines are depicting a traditional olden day Korean wedding. This is the bride's party
The bride and groom meet?
The groom's party's specially blurry haish
Amazing diorama of the fetching the bride ceremony
Palanquin used to fetch the bride (if i remember correctly >.<)
Tourists must be tourists la
Interactive scholar? Hehe
Hm. I'm not even sure what this was. A carriage for some important people?
Ancient sun parasol
Trying to figure our this traditional board game *we didn't* LOL
CL pretending to listen to the *dead?* earphone. But must look so much in pain, meh? LOL
The human medical doll used by ancient Korean doctors
Again, being a tourist *LOL*
It's a diorama of an ancient Korean doctor treating his patient
And he failed then off to this box you go >.<.
Errr. I saw a glimpse of it from afar and thought it was so pretty and colorful and wanted to snap a pic of with it, turned out it was a coffin and since we're way superstitious-CL didn't even want me to take a pic of the coffin itself. But it's okay lah, just the coffin anyway :p.
So sorry it's so blurry but i think you can still read the description about how they had exorcisms for smallpox because they had no cure back then
Here's the shaman doing the ritual
It was parents' 60th birthday or something at the back
Can't help it but looked straight at the LVs hehe
I also dunno why i bother taking a pic of this old fridge. We have plenty (still in use) in Indonesia *LOL*
Everyday tidbits
Okay, i'm not sure what these were... Talismans???
Look at how realistic the feast were!
One pic with Bebe
Then we're off to see the palaces' buldings...

Since we already took a pic with Bebe and Sonny, i insisted to take a pic with the most handsome of them all : Tom *LOLOLOL*.
Girls only
KC was unhappy so he decided to do the same *LOLOLOL*
The boys with Hana and Mey
Hahahaha snapped these crazy duo took a pretend-post wed pic
It was getting late and nearing the Palace's closing time unfortunately, so we had to head out
Managed to snap some more pic along the way, of course
Haish these two *___*
Au's being her annoying self and kept on snapping. Whenever i asked her to take a pic, i'd ended up with 10-20 of the same photo. Sigh. And 20 of the crazy faces we made while scolding her. This is a very rare acceptable candid, Baby Boy looked so cute so i'm posting it. Db looks like a skinny koala at the back hahahah
Caught a glimpse of the guard change
Gigantic lock
After Gyeongbok Palace, we went to another (big one) duty free where i ended up getting my La Palette bag. Busy browsing and going around, the only pic that i have is this :
Bathroom selfie with Au
Dinner's next!
I somehow always accidentally caught hunny with weird expressions *LOL*
Beef stew (or at least i think it was :p)
Blurry pic but still posting it because i think Baby Boy looked exceptionally cute here *biased mother, please indulge*
Our last destination of the day was Myeongdong, where i dashed in and out of different cosmetic stores (sooo many of them i was going insane! I could stay in this place for a few days just exploring the stores *LOL* but unfortunately we had like 2 hours instead!) grabbing pretty much everything in sight so, not many pictures here too (but we went back for a little bit and i think i snapped some pic... Or at least i think i did).
Gotta snap one of these beautiful pastel rainbow cotton candies! I'm not much for candies and i was focusing on shopping instead so we didn't get any. Hunny and Baby Boy ended up snacking on a lot of different street snacks while waiting for me though! From ginko biloba (yes, as a snack!) to roasted squid to bbopgi!
Super crowded because it was on a weekend!
Wogh, i said not so many but i didn't expect to have only 2 pictures of Myeongdong *LOL*! That's all for day 5, went back to the hotel afterwards! Will speed up day 6 so please stay tune!


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