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Hello hello everybody :D!!!

Like i promised, i am going to follow up the result of the hair/scalp treatment at Erha Clinic two weeks ago as well as reviewing the products they have given me to help the fight against hair loss :D!
Hunny and i been using them all for the past two weeks!
Please note that all of the products were prescribed by a certified dermatologist for my skin and scalp condition, all of the products (except for the hair supplement) can only be bought with prescriptions (because they are professional skin clinic and take everything very seriously). If you're interested in them, please go to Erha Clinic and consult their doctors first! They would prescribe products and medications for YOUR skin or scalp condition.

Okay let's begin! Let's see closer what we have here first :
I got four products in total
First one is not even for scalp/hair, but it's an ointment to treat a patch of allergy at the back of my neck.
You can only get their prescribed products at their pharmacy to avoid any misuse
The ointment is encased in a very plain white jar with a small label. It's very skin/beauty clinic looking hehe (if you've bought products from skin or beauty clinics then you'd get what i mean!)
After the cap's off, there's another lid preventing the ointment to go everywhere
It's light orange in color (but colorless once you scoop some), have a strong medicinal scent and was a bit hard at the top like there's a wax layer or something, but after using it a few times i find the texture to be a lot softer and balmier, making it very easy to scoop out
Very balmy and a bit oily
I applied this ointment after my shower, it gave a very soothing, warming sensation (which is fantastic when it's itching like crazy!). I've used countless ointments in the past to medicate that particular allergy patch, but they all took a while to work and the patch always come back fast. Using Erha's medication, i noticed the difference as fast as the FIRST use. The rough, itchy patch immediately softened and stopped itching. The allergy patch disappeared within TWO days after i used it. I've stopped using after the patch's gone, and it makes no sign of reappearing so far! I also used this ointment on my finger and elbow where eczema sometimes attack, and it works just as well.
Remember the red, rounded patch i showed you last time?
No more!
Completely cleared out!
Remember that this is a medication to treat the allergy reaction, but it's not a cure! If i'm in contact with anything that causes this condition to happen again, then i'm sure the patch will come back (because you can't really cure allergies, can't you?) but now i have to medication to treat it!

Next-to the hair stuffs. I've been using the hair products on hunny and i except for the Follicore. I don't really feel like i need oral medication for my very mild problem so i made my hunny take them instead.
My scalp, two weeks ago
Hunny's scalp, two weeks ago-i made a mistake of snapping the picture while his hair was wet >.<. It appeared to be a lot fuller when wet *sigh*, i can't go back in time to retake-can't i??
Anyway. Let's talk about the supplement first : Follicore.
They gave me a dose for a month
One tablet to be taken at night before bed
As you can see, they're very generic looking!
FYI Follicore is a safe herbal anti hair loss supplement, it is registered in BPOM and can be purchased in Erha Apothecary (which is Erha's over the counter cosmetic store, i will tell you about it in another post) too without any prescription so you who feel like you need help to prevent hair loss can have access to them easily
Then there's also the hair tonic.
They also included a brush top to use if i face any problem reaching my scalp (coz my hair's so long) with only the spray
Again it comes in a very medical looking glass bottle
It's very tiny, but Erha's doctor already told me to use only 2-3 sprays after washing my hair directly on my scalp (on different spots every time because i have no bald spots)-over using it can actually make my blood pressure drop so it can be dangerous! With such a light usage, even though both hunny and i use this hair tonic almost every day, we haven't managed to make a lot of dent on it after two weeks! This would definitely last us at least two months!
Super simple method of usage, just spray! Then massage in for a few seconds
Last but not least, the shampoo.
Super plain white bottle with stickers indicating the content, it is also quite small-about the size of a facial wash bottle. This is also to be used very moderately, i am supposed to use it only once a week to clarify and treat my scalp so i've only been using it twice, hunny use it more often (every two days) because his hair loss is more significant
The shampoo is very watery, brown in color and has a very strong medicinal scent
Dr. Rahimah from Erha Clinic already told me that the shampoo would not be as nice to use as non-medicinal shampoos, and it really isn't *LOL*. Not only the scent is pretty bad (hunny actually gagged when he first used it *LOL*, what a drama King! I am bothered with the scent, but not so bothered that i began choking like him!), it hardly lathers (FYI all of Erha's products are paraben free) and my hair feels a bit stringy and sticky when i used it, still it is a medicine so we're definitely going to continue use it.
The lather is definitely minimum
Now remember, hair loss treatment is not something you can expect to work overnight, it takes time and persistence. If you have serious hair loss problem, i'd definitely suggest you to do both the hene laser treatment as well as using their products (after consulting with their doctor, of course)-and even get the scalp injection if needed. We've only been using all of the products for two weeks so the result in pictures are almost not apparent, but in person both hunny and i honestly feel like there's a difference. 

My hair loss is not gone or whatever, like all normal person-hair will fall no matter what you do (it is only natural) but i do feel that my hair's getting healthier, thicker and less brittle. As for hunny, we definitely see a lot of new hair growing!
Hunny's scalp. I snapped this when his hair is dry, the thinning spot's still very visible but the hair around it's getting thicker!
My scalp. I can't see my own scalp daily of course, so i'm quite pleasantly surprised when i see this pic because i feel like the gap between hair parting's getting smaller!
For easier comparison, here are the side by side pics :
The Before hair was wet so it looked blacker and thicker than it should be, but even so i feel that his hair looks significantly thicker (and fluffier) in the After pic!
Slightly smaller gap, don't you think?
Over all, we're both very satisfied with the result. Even just after two weeks, we can feel a difference already, imagine the result of continuous treatment? As for the hene laser, like dr. Rahimah already said, i can't feel/see any difference with only one treatment, but i do feel like my scalp's less oily (it's usually extremely oily to a very uncomfortable point) for at least a week afterwards.

I would definitely recommend people with serious hair loss problem to visit and try Erha Clinic's treatments because i feel that they really work, in fact i already told my hunny to recommend them to his elder brother hahaha.

Erha also kindly sent me some vouchers to use at their Apothecary, i already did and got some awesome stuffs *happy*. I will tell you about my visit to Erha Apothecary as well as some brief review on the products i got in another post. 



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