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Hi y'all!!!

Time for another backdated outfit post, from last October hahaha (outfit posts is definitely one of the rare posts where i don't really care about chronological order!). It's a lot more casual than how i'd usually dress and less girly too!
I love my hair color in this pic... I might need a retouch soon!
My FOTD's so simple (pretty much on auto pilot when i did it hahaha) that i don't feel the need to list the products used, it's very minimal as well-just BB Cream-powder-under eye concealer, eyeliner, blush on and some lippie!
You know, something like this. And how cute is my arrow necklace? I have another one in silver. It's from Forever 21 and i got it in clearance sale, was about IDR 10.000 or something (less than USD 1) LOL
It's pretty rare to see me in anything than skirts/dresses when i'm not traveling, no? I was in no mood to dress up too much that day since it's during weekday (but special enough because it was hunny's bday so i felt like i had to wear new clothes hahaha) so i went for comfort and practicality for once.
Outfit details :
Loose shirt : bought in Sogo Department Store (can't remember the brand... Something that i buy a lot when it's on sale)
Legging : Online
Bag : Bought in Taiwan
Shoes : New Look 

Tell you a little secret, i was busy covering the front of my crotch that day *LOLOLOL*. The reason was because the long shirt was not long enough to cover my crotch (because of the shape), i wore a tight short to give myself some extra cover but it didn't help! I should've worn a decent short now that i think about it, but i was probably in a hurry and i can never think when i'm rushed! One of my biggest fashion faux pas : camel toes hahaha
At least you can't see it in the pictures right, and i sling my bag to cover that part at all time anyway hahaha
I need to ramble a bit... I am soooo obsessed with Disney Tsum Tsum game, WTH's wrong with me (i even get a stiff neck and arm pains from playing too much WTF)? The first thing that i do when i wake up in the morning is to play it! Do you guys play too? If so, add my line @mgirl83 and let me know, so we can send each other hearts okay! LOL. I'm playing bingo right now, on sheet number 4! When i play bingo i get even more obsessed and in dire need of extra hearts!!!

On a totally unrelated matter, i saw on a high end Korean brand's FB page-they were having some selfie competition and i read angry comments about the winners being majority Chinese/having oriental face. Sigh. I thread this kind of topic carefully (because SARA is like a major taboo in Indonesia, SARA is short of suku, agama, ras, antar golongan or translated roughly into tribe, religion, race, between groups), but seriously.... I think the accusation is a bit rough.

I believe every brand has their own "look" and targets, it being a Korean brand-probably why the winners are mostly fair skinned and oriental looking, no? If i am being honest with you, i am also not very happy when a certain brand new local cosmetic brand (which image is very cutesy, if you're an Indonesian and a makeup addict i think you'd know what i'm talking about) is plainly favoring the non-Chinese, from their ambassadors down to their giveaway winners. Probably bitter because i kept on joining their GAs and kept on losing *LOL*, but hey... It's their perogative!

Unless they're blatantly crossing their own rules (ahem Kiehl. Ahem ahem, Jayanata), then we have no right to be angry when they pick a winner. If you think they're being racist or whatever, just don't join anymore of their GAs-or even stop supporting the brand altogether. And bitch about them with your friends, nobody cares-just don't attack them on their page, it just shows what a ridiculously sad loser you are. It's not like you have a case against them anyway. Just saying...

Okay, enough pointless ramblings... Talk to ya soon!


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  1. The arrow necklace looks so cute and the fact that the price is cheap makes me want to get it too! :) That's a nice catch, Mindy! It's great how you paired all these colorful pieces together and look striking in a good way. I like the prints on the leggings.

    1. Thank you Roch! I'm flattered hihihi