Baby Boy's 7th Bday Party

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Another very backdated celebration post (when does it never)... Baby Boy turned 7 at 29th July, but the bday celebration was postponed until August 10th (because his bday fell on the same day with Eid, i truly don't think it's a good idea to have a bday celebration on Eid since most people would be out of town/country!)-and now after endless procrastination i finally get in the right mood to blog about it :p.
Say hi to the bday boy :D
So for the past four years (since his third bday) we've been celebrating his bday at school followed with private dinners with le family and close friends, and i honestly loved that because we only needed to prepare all of the "ingredients", you know... bday cake, souvenirs, food... while his teachers would take care of arranging the party and controlling the kids (seriously, i have mad respect especially for Play Group/Kindergarten teachers! Controlling that many screaming kids at one go...), that sounds pretty ideal, right? I am not much of a host, i am actually very shy (if you can believe it haha, but really! I'm extremely uncomfortable around strangers and hate being the center of attention!) you know :p...

But the trend for bdays at school started to dwindle down once your kid reach elementary (when he was in PG and Kindergarten i had to stock dozens of gifts because his friends would be having bday celebrations one after another!) school, if i had my way i'd skip the kiddies celebration altogether and just stick to family/close friends celebration, but Baby Boy kept on mentioning about McD/KFC/Wendy's bday party so *sigh* i relented.
Decided on Wendy's because it's the only fast food joint that still hosts bday parties at Galaxy Mall, the nearest mall to our home
We took the souvenir package from Wendy's and didn't plan on giving out separate hamper but Av mentioned hampers and being the OCD that i am-i decided to DIY some mini hampers... Did the whole thing by myself and only asked hunny to hot glue the ribbons... BIG mistake. He managed to screw even the simplest task T.T. I already marked the side where he should hot glue the ribbons with stickers, and yet he managed to hot glue the very opposite side for 35 out of 40 hampers FML
My rabbit-toothed Baby Boy. Why are his teeth sooo HUGE??? His milk teeth were tiny and quite perfect T.T before his crazy milk guzzling ways rotted them right off @_@
I saw a cute little boy wearing suspenders sometime ago and immediately was obsessed to dress Baby Boy the same way, so i did :D! I actually bought the suspenders for IDR 17.500 (that's less than USD 1.50 LOL) because he might only use it once or twice so what's the point in buying expensive ones? It's super cute anyway!
Brightly colored cake that made me eat a slice every single bloody day for weeks until it was finished (thank God we cut off half and gave it to my sis' family!!!) because it was just so DAMN good. My sis in law is a great baker *LOL*
I have a little confession on why the bday cake is Spiderman, Baby Boy doesn't even like Spiderman. Well, he does, mildly-just like he sort-of-like any other super heroes. But he doesn't care about Spiderman much, his current obsession's still the Transformers. We kinda coaxed him into agreeing with the Spiderman theme coz he insisted on having a character to accompany the MC @__@. A character that just stand around and do nothing already cost us extra, and "cooler" characters (like Iron Man that has lighted up costume) is twice as expensive! Since Baby Boy also isn't too into Iron Man (there's no Transformers costume, thank God) he didn't seem to mind that we ended up with Spiderman. I guess as long as there's a character then he's pretty happy already? LOL...

I was really worried whether or not anybody's gonna show up because we gave out the invitation (for his teachers and friends) two whole weeks before the d day (because we have to gave them out before the long Eid holiday!) and yeah... I was quite right. I'm guessing a lot of the kids' parents forgot (and also it's a bit hard when they're still so young, some of the parents might not want to bother to drive their kids all the way to GM if they live on the opposite part of the city) because in the end only around half of his school mates showed up (and only his Mandarin tutor showed up), i was quite glad i remembered to spread invitations to most of my friends/relatives that has kids so the party's not a total failure!
Baby Boy and his friend (and a new friend)
The invitation was at 5, but of course... Indonesians gotta be Indonesians... Most only started to arrive almost an hour later *LOL*.
Hunny stationed himself on the entrance and write down every kid's name on their party hats
Of course, mummy's friends were also invited. On top of the list was Aunty #Undecided and her hubby!
While the kids busy playing and screaming around, i was busy camwhoring with my BFFs... We had our own party hats too, of course. My dress was sponsored by Rosemary Online
Plonked one for #Undecided's hubby
To be completely honest with you... The whole party totally stressed me out. I hate very loud noises and random kids *LOL*, so i almost clawed my own face off trying to deal with so many screaming kids at once. Plus, i simply suck at playing host. I got really awkward and panic, i just wanted to hide T.T. It didn't help that my unbelievably annoying and controlling mom and sister kept on scolding me because i didn't run to every mother who's dropping their kid to the party. WTF. How am i suppose to know which one is which when so many strangers kept on poking their heads in and embarrassing me when i thought they were our guests and tried to welcome them. Seriously i hated it and i really don't think we're gonna ever do it again until Baby Boy's old enough to be the host of his own party. Before that, sorry Baby Boy, we're just gonna have private parties where your horrible mummy doesn't have to play host!

To top all of the stress inducing situation, Wendy's water system had to LEAK and cause the floor near the sink to overflow-then the workers wiped it with WET mop. How much stupider can they be? They needed to dry the floor but instead they spread the wetness to a bigger scale. At one point Baby Boy was running around unnoticed the wet area and fell down HARD on his right arm. It was pretty bad that i worried he might fracture his arm!!! I was somewhere else like in USA i would 100% sue them WTF. Poor Baby Boy seems to always have the worst luck whenever there's a slightly bigger celebrations (and he always, ALWAYS ended up in tears in family functions/parties. WHY??? It's really annoying and people would always ended up scolding him), another reason to skip having this kind of party from now on.

I mean, it's okay that i didn't have a good time at parties like this, but at least the bday boy should be having the time of his life right? If he didn't, why bother at all? We could've done something much more fun like having a trio trip oversea to celebrate his bday *sigh* *yes i really hate big parties*. Anyway, after he's got over the pain on his arm, he finally seemed to start enjoying himself (but in my observation, he doesn't like to be in crowds either. He seemed to prefer sitting alone/with one or two friends *and he's actually extremely sociable and has many friends/make friends very easily* and avoid the bigger crowd. Seems like he's inheriting yet another trait of mine...)
Sitting like a boss. WTF
You can probably see from this pic that the adult guests were more than twice as much as the kids *LOL*
Again i'm gonna be honest here, i didn't pay the slightest attention to what's happening on the stage. I was busy mingling around my own guests (meaning my BFFs and close friends) and chat with them. Told ya i'm a horrible host (but i'm a pretty good organizer, you know... if it's work related or something like that) and i'm not even going to bother to pretend that i am anything but that.
LL's daughter being shy
L's daughter who hates strangers (even worse than me) and always seems to be on the verge of tears with his grandma
With L, my cousin a.k.a Me-Nail's ladyboss, who's also my current nail sponsor-and whenever she sees me she'd make me show off my nails. Okay, time for a self-plugin, my nails were painted with Crystal Nail number 53 :D
Av always looks mean, even while playing with her phone
Okay lah i better put one where she looks less mean coz i'm afraid she'd go after me :D
LL's little fam
Baby Boy's uncle (my hunny's big bro, can you see the resemblance? You should, although me and my friends all agree that hunny's 10x more handsome... I hope his bro'll never read this LOLOLOL) and his hilarious looking baby
#Pink and #Undecided with Kathy
L and #Undecided
Okay, let's go back to the stage
He finally seems to be enjoying himself ^^
Sorry, mummy's way of entertaining her friends is camwhoring with them :D.. That's MM and LN there, O totally forgot about the party *LOL*
Didn't i tell you Baby Boy's little cousin Will is HILARIOUS???
BB, Au and Nad (who's MM's niece)
Then mummy's guests moved to the front part of the restaurant to devour their meals *LOL*
LL and her little family had to leave earlier so we snap some pics first
Then the MC called the parents to the stage for the candle blowing and cutting the cake (in case you cannot tell, i was also uncomfortable doing this, that's how much i hate being the center of attention T.T so weird because i don't mind doing presentations/speeches!).
Happy bday, our Baby Boy who's so far from being a baby now
We will love you forever and it doesn't matter if you're 7 months, 7 years or seventy, you'll forever be my little Baby Boy
Coz nothing else matters in this whole wide world but you
Kathy snapped this pic of Baby Boy (oh yeah, i totally made her work LOLOLOL) and i thought he look super cute in it with his fringe hahaha
Baby Bond?
It was so much harder to capture the boys *LOL* none of the four pics hunny snapped didn't have more than half of the kids turning away from the cam
The party's coming to an end (oh thank God *LOL*)
Baby Boy and (the useless) Spiderman *LOL*
Baby Boy with his uncle's family (the other lady's my sis in law's sister)
With his Mandarin tutor's family
With grandma+grand uncle's family
With mummy, daddy, grand parents and aunty W
With mummy and daddy's close friends and BFFs
You might see in this pic that Baby Boy started crying in this pic. I can't remember why but i can remember being real annoyed (when it's happening in every functions then it starts to be REALLY annoying, especially because he doesn't cry much in every day life anymore)
We just gotta do what we gotta do :p
Cousins (and some extras LOL)
And then the party's finally really over! I finally started enjoying myself when the kids and non-BFF/family started to leave *LOL*. I know i am horrible, but i can't help the way i feel! The only reason why i agree to do this is for my baby of course! I'm glad we did it though, even if it just further confirms that i would prefer to skip playing host from now on! I love you more than anything, but can we have private parties from now on, pleaseeeee Baby? 


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  1. Your rabbit-toothed baby boy is so cute! Haha I think it's just normal for kids to have big teeth at the front and they will be soon replaced with adult teeth. When you're the host, it's difficult to eat because you gotta be entertaining the guests. I'm terrible at that. :) Happy birthday to your son!

    1. Thank you! Actually those rabbit teeth ARE adult teeth! His baby teeth were small and cute hahaha... Yes, i'm horrible at hosting!