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How's everybody doing? I dunno if you notice but last week i was having a diligency streak, blogging pretty much every day, but then it suddenly came to a close around weekend *LOL*. I'm just too busy having fun in real life! As i type this we just got back from Suroboyo Carnival and Night Market (yes, on a Tuesday evening because i am not willing to brace the crowd on weekends! Tips for you has the time and wants to visit at your leisurely pace-come at weekdays!) which i will blog about... Right after i finish blogging about the rest of my Jakarta trip, then Museum Angkut AND Makassar, so... Not anytime soon *LOL*.

One more topic that i've been avoiding in this blog (which actually one of the most popular post types ever, damn y'all LOLOLOL) is haul. I dunno why, but i really feel so lazy to blog about my hauls lately despite the fact that it's actually one of the easiest topic to blog about. I'm suspecting it's got to do with me not wanting to face the truth about how far gone i am and there's no cure for me...

Anyway, i'm showing you my Bandung-Jakarta haul this time round (i have another two hauls waiting on the wing FML)...
Not so bad... right? Of course, i didn't include my clothing haul...
As usual because i am apparently a beauty blogger (i prefer the term Lifestyle Blogger, but hey... Beauty world has given me the best opportunities i would never have if i'm not a blogger-so i am proud to call myself a beauty blogger!), of course the beauty related items must be shown numero uno.

It's reallyy not bad right? I've dramatically reduced my beauty hauls lately, even though i totally overcompensate on clothes, shoes and accessories...
First, the items bought in Bandung :
Our fave Konjac Sponge EVER from Nicole's Natural
Nicole's Natural's konjac sponge was the very first konjac sponge we've tried and made us fell head over heels with konjac sponges that we don't think we can ever wash our face without them anymore *dramatic* *dramatic*! Since in Indonesia we can only get Nicole's Natural products in Bandung (but apparently you can online shop too via their website), we've tried various other brands after (i reviewed a Taiwanese made one here) but if i can choose then i'd still go for Nicole's Natural (although the Belle Madame is a very close dupe)-so when we decided to go to Bandung on June, our first destination in PVJ was Nicole's Natural. 

Funny thing is, Icel who's a native Bandungese (errr. No idea what's the correct term) and seems to spend a lot of her mall-going time in PVJ never heard about Nicole's Natural before >.<! The store is not exactly the easiest one to find, with PVJ's basement floors' setting, but it's still amazing that we (who go to Bandung once every few years) knew about it and she didn't hihihi...

Got two variants, the white one for hunny and the black one for moi! According to the website they're IDR 55.000/each (i obviously can't remember). These were the only beauty items i bought in Bandung and everything else were purchased in Jakarta :p.
Shower gels... The Super Fruits one because it's only available in Watsons and we don't have Watsons in Surabaya (GRRRR) so i always go ga ga in Watsons wherever i go-including Jakarta, and the Palmolive one because we needed some shower gel to use in our apartment, but then my mum gave us her stock (how do you think i became such a hoarder?) of Shokubutsu shower creams (which didn't work for our skins-i plan to review it in the future :p) so we never used this in the end >.<
Facial wash/cleansers-the Himalaya Herbals one for the same reason as Palmolive above and then i found my previous facial wash that i left from my previous visit so i decided to use it up first, and the Clean & Clear one because i was too excited to see the third variant of the Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser (Apple) which is pretty rare in Surabaya (of course, i did find it in some stores as soon as we got back FML) so i didn't think twice to purchase it
PAC Brush Cleanser because it was on sale and it's pretty hard to get my hands on this item in Surabaya!
D'Eyeko Premium False Eyelashes set. I just wanted the falsies clip (i still have a few brand new falsies) because i still suck at applying falsies (even though i already followed Arum's advise on using better quality falsies glue... Yeah, problem definitely doesn't lay on the product but on the skill!) so i really wanted to get this clip-they also sell the clip on its own but there's only one stock left and it's all yellow and fugly already... In the end i decided to just get the set (it was round IDR 90.000 i think) because i'll get a use out of the falsies anyway (yes, i find it much easier to apply my falsies with that clip!)
Then got attracted to Za's stall (still in Watsons) and just realized that the brand is actually very affordable... I just wanted to get something from the brand (this is something that my fellow beauty addicts can understand...) and i bought enough decorative makeups already so i forced myself to buy something that i actually NEED, hence the concealer...
Always wanted to try out Yves Rocher products, and the Buy 1 Get 1 sign was too tempting to resist... And i hardly ever use gloss anymore FML
Eyesee falsies from Family Mart, i was desperate for some obligatory travel gifts for my girls so i bought these, but in the end i found better gifts so imma use'em for myself LOL
Still from Family Mart, got attracted to this Water in Lip (it's a lip balm lah) from Pucelle because i never knew Pucelle produced anything else than splash cologne, and new (at least for me) products means shopping trap for me. It's dirt cheap anyway...
As you can already see, 90% of my beauty haul consisted of drugstore products :D, i also bought some other beauty items online since most of the online stores are located in Jakarta, less than half (price of shipping fee) than the normal fee to send it to Surabaya? Oh yes, please!
Batiste Original Dry Shampoos from one of the cheapest online shop that sell them (that i found) but wouldn't ship to Surabaya zzz. Thank God i bought two because i promptly fell in love with it (review, or should i say gushes-here). I already bought two more bottles in different variant at a more expensive price than this (but at least they ship to my city!)
Haul from Beautystore Nicula, my current fave UK/USA drugstore online shop (they also sell more high end brands like Lime Crime, etc)-nothing i need.. Just some pretty stuffs i cannot resist. Lilac and Daisy Blush Duo from BH Cosmetics, L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette (can't remember the palette's name, sorry! Too lazy to check) because i fell in love with the swatches, and Wet N' Wild lipstick and blush on just because i really want to try out this product and Guardian (how come it's available in Guardian Bandung and Jakarta but not Surabaya??) sell them at twice the price of Nicula's
BH Cosmetics 12 pieces Color Fuse Brushes from Zatura Scg (now split into two different OS) that i ordered months ago, Zatura's POs are DAMN long but at least they're honest and the price's cheap-i am very patient when it comes to POs so... No problem for me
I seem to be getting addicted to brushes because even though (strangely) i couldn't find any clothes to buy in Forever 21, i picked up this pretty floral brush set (along with the blingy nail buffers) instead!
Moving on to non-beauty products!
Cute two tones tights with bear or it that i've always wanted (i actually prefer the kitten ones...) at that particular tight/stocking stall which i always shop at whenever i go to PVJ. Too bad their stocks seems to be lesser and lesser nowadays!
I also found a little stall selling the most dreamy, pastel colored headbands and accessories! I can actually DIY the headbands myself-but i'm too lazy for DIYs (i'll postpone it for years...) so... Even though i find them to be a little overpriced (IDR 60.000 for the mint roses ones, if i'm not mistaken-and a row of roses fell off before i even used it so in the end i still sort of "DIY" ing it LOL) i still couldn't resist them! I also love those beaded bracelets with charms that seems to be very on trend nowadays-but i am not willing to pay a fortune on them (i know its got to do with quality, etc etc, but for someone like me who's probably going to use it twice and then shove it to my massive collection's container, i'd rather find the cheaper alternative) and this stall has some pretty affordable selections so i got one. So obsessed with ethereal pastel, unicorn and floral accessories nowadays-there's one particular OS that sells the most dreamy ones but really... I don't think i'd ever spend a million on a (non precious material) charm. Ever. No matter how charming (pun intended) they are...
Got these colorful midi rings and bracelets at Stradivarius on a huge sale
An and awesome statement necklace with reasonable price (IDR 115.000, i think. OH, it's actually 105.000, i just realized that there's the price's sticker in the pic!) at Cache Cache (and it's not even on sale)-LL also bought one. And the two earrings were on sale
Can't resist feathers, especially pastel feathers!
Bought strawberry bag, pouch and headband (plus a necklace that i wore almost every day when we were in Jakarta) from Rumah Stroberi at dirt cheap prices
Moving on to stuffs i got in Jakarta :
Tights from Forever 21 and H&M
Funky shades, flower crown, matching earrings and necklace plus a writing necklace in Uniqlo (i also for once went ga ga at Uniqlo-i usually found their products too be too plain and basic)
Cute accessories from Claire's! I love everything at Claire's but they're so pricey! The Roar cufflink bracelet is from Katy Perry's Prism line and so much more expensive than my usual bracelets, but i do love Katy Perry...
Super bargain accessories from Bling
Edgy belt and jewel midi rings from H&M (my ultimate shopping destination in this trip-surprisingly. I found H&M to be more pricey than Forever 21 previously, but now with the Made in Indonesia products they became extremely affordable (and offers installments, FML. I never thought there'd come a day when i'd pay clothes in installment!)
Crazy cheap Forever 21 accessories, IDR 10.000 to IDR 30.000 only! (Most of them IDR 10.000!)
I am no brand snob so i buy accessories from designer brands, highstreet to the dirt cheap local accessories franchises! These are from Warna (which is not available in Surabaya)
And Naughty
More crazy sale accessories from Little Things She Needs
As usual, i don't want to show my clothing haul but i've been peer pressured to give a glimpse by my friends *LOL* so i posted this pic in IG :
And that's as much as you can get to see! LOL. I already wore two of the skirts (majority of the items that i bought were midi circle skirts, i am beyond obsessed!) and you can see them here and here

I hope you enjoyed seeing me lost control (again) :p, adios!

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  1. Those eyelashes, me also want :)


  2. uwaaaa eyelashesnya mauuu :)
    bagi sini boleh? ke bandung lempar ya hehe


    1. Hahaha, byk bener penggemar eyelashesnya ya :D

  3. I haven't done a haul this long. Whoa. You have bought too many items! :) How's the Water in Lip? Also, I want to know about the Yves Rocher you got. The pastel head bands and accessories would go best with pastel outfits.

    1. Hahaha, yeah-i always buy way too many items! Haven't tried the water in lip, would definitely review them in the future!