Clean-O-Matter 05 : Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Lotion

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Hey guys...

I just realized how much my blogging productivity dropped this year compared to last year *sigh*. Last year i even managed to challenge myself for a full month of blogging while this year i struggle to post even 20 posts a month-which might sounds a lot to you-but for an OCD like myself once i set such a high quantity at the first place, it makes me feel bad for not being able to maintain it. Pfffft... I know it's me just being weird, but what can i say... I'm always weird anyway hahahaha... Life's way busier this year i guess :p so less free time for me to blog all the time like a total nerd that i am!

So... I have planned to do this review for the longest time, the pictures has been in my draft forever (i wouldn't be too surprise if it's from last year HAHA) but as usual, it kept on being pushed back for other posts, but here it is at (a very long) last!
Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Lotion
Now, i have no idea why in the promotional picture the pump is blue when in real life it's more like sea-green, i'm wondering if they repackaged the bottle after a while with a different color? Anyway, it MIGHT already be discontinued *double sigh, OMG Korean cosmetics, you're really not giving me a break, don't you?* (But not the range, especially the cleansing foam is still very widely available) or replaced with the cream type (you can purchase it here, locally there's this seller, but i've never bought anything from Tokopedia before so i cannot recommend it) since i cannot find any store that's still selling the lotion type. But if you're considering to purchase the cream type (which i suspect to pretty much be similar with this one except with different consistency), it might help to read my review first :p!

I bought this cleansing lotion a long time ago in Malaysia at one of their counters while it was (and a lot of other products) on a HUGE sale. It was darn cheap but i obviously have no idea how much it was! (The cream type is selling for USD 5.72 on Amazon but local OS priced it at around whopping IDR 95.000-110.000) so i just grabbed it without thinking and am glad to say that i fell in love with it!

Even though my current favorite type of cleanser is the oil type (because it's very fast and efficient to remove makeups), but so far my ALL TIME favorite cleanser must be this cleansing lotion! Yes, it was THAT good!
I apologize for the horrible and blurry pictures, it was taken so long ago when i still haven't discovered a better way for product photo-taking! Most of the pictures turned out super blurry as well... But anyway, the cleansing lotion came in a plastic pump bottle type that is pretty sturdy and not cheap looking/feeling. The pump works well and able to pump the right amount of lotion, i usually use two pumps of the lotion to remove my makeup (i always use a different eye and lip makeup remover first and rub it all over my face before my second step of cleansing).
It's super blurry, i know... Sorry T.T
The lotion is white and has a thicker (not very runny) lotion consistency. It has what i believe to be Etude House's Baking Powder range's signature scent-slightly bitter but fresh. Many describes the scent as citrusy, and there's definitely a tangy scent to it-but somehow i believe the scent it mainly influenced by the baking powder in it. I accidentally got some on my mouth somehow (i really have no idea how!!) and man does it taste super bitter! LOL.

It felt like most other cleansing lotion while applied (but minus the hotness that some cleansing lotion causes on my skin), it was very soft and surprisingly gentle (i somehow associate baking powder with deep cleansing-which it is-but with harsh side effect. It didn't happen in this case, it was super mild). It also cleanse very thoroughly and fast.
My old eyeliner leaked badly and i purposefully cleaned it with my finger to show you the effectiveness of this cleansing lotion
I just doted a tiny amount of lotion and upon contact with it, the eyeliner started to dissolve! I haven't even done anything like rubbing or massaging yet!
Then i immediately wiped my finger with a tissue paper (i usually use a cotton pad to remove the lotion from my face though) and look! Completely clean!
When i first used it, i felt like there was nothing special from this Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Lotion, it works really well of course-but so is most other cleansing lotion (even the much cheaper drugstore ones) and it was very gentle to my skin, but that's about it. Until somewhere around half bottle when i realized how clean my pores became! Yes, it has the PORE Cleansing part on its name, but i was always quite skeptical with claims like this (of course that's before i started using haha)-i shouldn't be! It really works!!!

So during the time i was using this cleansing lotion (i used the same products as i always did so i knew it was this product that causes the extra cleanness!) i noticed how much clearer my pores were (as you might already know, i don't have a lot of skin problems but i do have a LOT of black/whiteheads) and i almost never get any acne! So, i was in love! (okay, i sound like i fell in love with products very easily, but i assure you that it's not the case, it's just that somehow i blog about products that i really love back to back!).

Oh yeah, i always wash my face with facial wash after removing my makeup, but if you're too lazy to do so i guess it'd be okay as long as you use a toner afterwards to check and get rid of any lingering grime! Sometimes after i go home and remove my makeup i would laze around before finally washing my face and putting on my skincare, this lotion didn't leave any extra greasy feeling behind!

Too bad this lotion doesn't seem to be available anymore, if if is then i would definitely repurchase it in bulk! I am quite curious if the cream type would have the same effect? Maybe i should try buying it from the Tokopedia seller while it's still available? (if you know a trusted OS who sells the cream type, please let me know! Thank you!)

If it's still available then i would definitely recommend this for anyone who're suffering from black/whiteheads (i think it'd work like a dream if combined with B.liv's Off with Those Heads!) and those who want to find a cleanser/makeup remover that really deep cleanse your skin. I can't think of anyone whom i won't recommend this to, but i also have no idea if it would work well on dry skin (i have very oily skin).

So far i haven't found any other cleanser (oil, cream, lotion, whatever!) that works as wonderful as this one, imma keep searching (isn't it frustrating when you really love a product then the brand immediately discontinued it?)... And this range also have other products like the BB Deep Cleansing Foam (that i tried a sample of, read my first impression of it here) that is still ongoing and easy to find in local OS and the actual baking powder. 

Have you ever tried anything from Etude House Baking Powder line? Do you like it?

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  1. Thanks for sharing dear !! last time i saw this at etude house outlet but nobody serve me , so i didnt buy it and i dont no it's good or not . :((

    mind follow me ? :-*
    -xiaohui ;

    1. Whattt! How come nobody served you?? Bad bad service, Etude House!

  2. Oh very good product I have the cleanser and is very good!