Foodgasm 02 : JJ Royal Brasserie

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Hey guys!!!

I didn't plan to write another food-related post so fast after my first Foodgasm, but i just got back from Makassar yesterday after an exhausting but thoroughly fun big family gathering/cousin's wedding/culinary trip and i want to update my blog without having to think too much, plus the foodgasm file is getting longer (which file isn't, anyway...) so here i am... Attempting to introduce yet another food place for you! (To be completely honest i feel like i shouldn't try to describe food right now coz we just had a crazy 6 days full of nonstop eating in Makassar, just the thought of food is enough to make me start gagging now *sigh* but i'll try my best!)

This time though, the place is located in Jakarta (so in a way this is a part of my Jakarta trip series :p)-in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra World Mall to be exact. It's called JJ Royal Brasserie :
Baby Boy and in front of JJ Royal Braserie
Now, i am not too familiar with the word Brasserie, which apparently is a type of French restaurant-but i totally thought JJ Royal was more of a dessert place than a restaurant by the way it was decorated *LOL*, especially because i was attracted to get in because of the beautiful cakes they have on display at the front-but of course they actually serve main courses too. I've seen this place the first time we went to Lotte Avenue the year before but didn't get a chance to check it out (i was always attracted to its colorful and unique decor) so i'm very glad we finally did!
The place is located in the basement floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue, it's not too big and honestly the sitting arrangement became a bit tight and cramped because they put a lot of fancy (Victorian inspired) sofas there. Here's a line from their website that i think fully reflects their theme and decoration :

JJ Royal Brasserie offers an extraordinary experience when it comes to its distinctive eclectic "manga" inspired interior design and its comforting cosmopolitan cuisine.

Yeah, a manga inspired design for a French restaurant. Pretty unique, no?
They have some huge paintings on the left wall, depicting different ethnicities (Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian, amongst a few others) with a twist, they painted the ladies' faces in a manga style!
There's the biggest painting of all on the ceiling!
And all of the beautiful ladies were sipping coffees/teas, from JJ Royal of course *LOL* (i just realize i could be talking about the patrons from this line, so i have to clarify : I'm talking about the paintings! LOL)
And just like the first Foodgasm, i must apologize for the picture's quality... My hunny often leave his NX-300 at our apartment whenever we go out in Jakarta because he didn't expect to be taking pictures, so had to resort to using my Pinko again. I took pretty decent pictures, but Baby Boy's nanny took very blurry pics of us :(...
Us with my 'rents
This pic turned to be so blurry so i insisted to take another pic later
But hunny's always so embarrassed of me taking pics in publics zzzzzzzzzzz look at his annoying pose!!!
It's not like i deliberately want to put bad pics of him in this blog, but if he insists on posing like a stoned person then there's nothing that i can do, right?
My sweet Baby Boy is much more willing to take pics with me (at least most of the time) even though he also cannot help his wandering eyes *sigh*. Look at the sofa! I kept on asking hunny to take pics of the unique sofa and he finally (very reluctantly) did. My niece BB said that one of the rare things that could spark a fight between us is picture taking (i'm being the incessant camwhore that i am and his unwillingness to take endless pics of me), she's not wrong!
Last one, i think you have the idea of the ambience by now already!
Keeping with the manga theme, the coaster also depict a girl in a funky costume sipping on her drink
We just had lunch when we arrived, i was just attracted to the place and the pretty cakes so we only ordered some coffee and three pastries to split between us :P.
The iced coffee (can't expect me to remember what we ordered, right? Something like iced latte, or iced cappucino, stuffs liddat lah okay hahaha) was quite nice, nothing to complain about but nothing to rave about either-just okay i guess.
Now this cake i remember the name vividly, it's called the "Richie Rich"! Hahahaha. Makes you filthy rich when you have it? LOL
Love the aesthetic, the dollar bills and glittering dollar symbol's added to the attractiveness of this sweet cake
I don't have the biggest sweet tooth (and whatever sweet tooth i do have is reserved for cupcakes, rainbow cakes, red velvet and molten lava cake!) so... I'm not the best judge of cakes, really. It was pretty nice though, nothing that rocks my world :p. A tad too sweet for my liking. The next item, however...
The Red Velvet Cronut
Was absolutely divine! I only tried cronut once before in Harvest Patisserie and i didn't like it, Baby Boy is crazy about cronut though so we ordered this and it was not enough for us! LOL. Super yummy, not too sweet, not overwhelmingly creamy that is makes you sick after a few bites, in short... Just right! A must try if you ever find yourself in this place! I do admit that i love red velvet (although i cannot stand cheesecakes) so it might cloud my judgement a little bit :P.

Last but not least :
Ordered it because my mum is a huge fan of anything with caramel in it. It's just so so, i can't remember much about this cake. The macaron on top was also just so so. It might be everything else paled in comparison after the red velvet cronut *LOL*...

We didn't order any main dishes or savoury treats so i cannot comment on that, i do love the eclectic decor, friendly ambience and of course-the red velvet cronut (i cannot stop raving about it hahaha) so this is a place that i would definitely love to come back to. I'd love to try their savoury menus and main dishes, as well as having another red velvet cronut! Quite recommended!

I should stop now, i'm feeling very nauseated now (it's that time of the month)-gotta get some more much-needed-rest! Toodles!


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  1. Wow, I love the red velvet cronut, and also I am amazed by the photo with the chocolate delight and $100 notes in it! This is an epic cake. That place seems so cool, I love the big paintings on the walls!

    1. Yep, they totally got the aesthetic right! I love the paintings too!

  2. Whoa this place really looks very cool! I bet that manga collectors and fans alike will love the ambiance and interior design. The Richie Rich chocolate sure is amazing. How much is it? *drooling right now*

    1. It's not that expensive! I must admit that i cannot remember the price... But it's definitely under IDR 40.000 or USD 3.5!

  3. Whoa loving the ambiance of the place! I mean look at that Red Velvet Cronut (0.0) Thanks for sharing dear :)