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Hey guys *wave wave*!

As requested by Sabrina (wave wave some more to Sabsab), here's my August movies review! Another kinda quiet month for us (still no reliable nanny OMG)-movies wise, watched six movies in total.
It's just a movie that i saw fit to bring my Baby Boy to watch while there's nothing else worth watching was showing, i didn't have any expectation going in and well... It's just another so-so animation movie, although i did shed a little tear towards the end of the movie (which movie i didn't, though?).

Surly the squirrel has always been individualistic and selfish, and one day he destroyed the chance for the entire park population to gather enough food for winter which resulted him in being exiled. He and his rat buddy, Buddy *LOL* discovered a nut shop that he planned to rob (which turned out to be a front for human robbery *oh geez*), and at the same time the other squirrels Andie and Grayson were told to find a new source by the Racoon (sort of the head chief of the animals of the park)  ran into them and tried to bargain to help each other in getting the nuts (Surly being Surly, intended to cross them all the while, of course).

The movie's filled with star studded voices, i mean... Even Liam Neeson's doing the voice for Raccoon-for goodness sake! Aside from that and a few funny scenes here and there, i find the movie to be highly... so so. It's pretty entertaining for the little ones, and i didn't fall asleep or anything, but it's not something i would recommend you to watch. Maybe on DVD when you're really bored (or if you have young kids under 12). I can't remember much about this (which is always a good indication that it is not a must watch movie *LOL*) aside from the fact that it didn't impress me.

I've been anticipating this movie ever since i saw the trailer, you know me and horror movies... It seemed quite promising (plus it was based on true events which always adds an element of excitement for me) but... well... it's not horrible, not one of the worst horror movies i've watched lately but it's definitely not one of the best either.

A university professor and his team on students conducts an experiment on a highly disturbed young woman who's giving strong signs of possession (but of course, their experiments are highly scientific and they didn't believe in anything supernatural)-who they believe just have some sort of mental illness-that everything strange happening around a supposedly possessed person were caused by the person him/herself and not from demons or devils, and if they can drive the power/sickness out of the person then he/she can be cured. Of course, things started to go wrong...

Like i said, it's not a bad horror movie. It's not too slow that it became super boring, the casts (Sam Claflin and the strangely beautiful Olivia Cooke) are easy on the eyes, the plot is quite solid and it was indeed quite a decent horror movie. But that's about it. Decent. It didn't haunt me, didn't stick to my mind for days like a real good horror movies can (The Conjuring made me nervous for days!) and there were a few confusing scenes that i found hard to see the connection with the whole movie (admittedly it's nothing unusual for a horror movie). Die hard horror movie buffs like me would not be able to resist watching it, but it's not a must watch.

Ninja turtles are for boys when i was growing up and i had no interest whatsoever in them, and i still have no interest whatsoever in them NOW so i was quite disinterested in the movie (OMG WTF... Turtles who are ninjas, ZZZZZ) but now i have a little boy and my hunny is a big (huge) boy so of course i had to watch it-and i was quite surprised that i ended up liking it quite a lot! I still can't tell which one is which, of course, but i like Michaelangelo best (i had to confirm with hunny his name while writing this).

New York city is controlled by the evil Foot Clan-lead by Shredder, they have an iron grip on everything in the city-even the police and politician. April is a serious-journalist-wannabe stuck in a silly, fluffy news coverage job witnessed four unlikely vigilante rise against the evil-four teenage turtle mutants. They then had to work hand in hand, along with April's cameraman Vern Fenwick, to save the city from the clan's evil plan.

It's suprisingly exciting, entertaining and overall-a pretty wholesome family movie! Hunny and Baby Boy were thoroughly entertained, and i was too! Of course, i still find the idea of turtle mutant heroes silly, but i knew that going in so i was already mentally prepared for that and was able to block out my logic beforehand :p. It's a pretty great popcorn movie and quite recommended for both Ninja Turtles fans or not! (Btw, is it just me but Megan Fox seems to look more and more like a man @___@. I was definitely one of the stupid fools who fell to the stupid hoax about her being a transvestite hahaha, but she sure looks like one *___*).

4. The Expendables 3 
Now, this is obviously another boys' movie and i must say even though i quite enjoyed all of the previous Expendables movies (the first one better than the second, i think) i can't remember the storylines at all and i can't even remember the casts well aside from Sylverster Stallone! I even insisted that Jason Statham was not in the previous movies, which is obviously wrong... But! I must say i quite like this third installment! I find the storyline to be better written, has better additional casts (i mean, throwing on some seriously good actors like Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford in it? Clever move) and it's just better in every way. For me. 

Barney (Sylvester Stallone) and his team came face to face with an unexpected enemy, an old friend/foe (Mel Gibson)-Stonebanks, who started The Expendables with Barney but then went dark until Barney was forced to eliminate him-or so he thought. Stonebanks made it his mission to end The Expendables, Barney-couldn't face the chance of his teammates being killed in this battle, decided to recruit new members for the team, younger, faster and more tech savvy. 

It's probably the mix of the old and the young which makes the humor even more hilarious in this movie. The jokes in the previous sequels were quite good too (i love it when the older generation can make fun of themselves and their age), but the ones in this third movie is in another level of hilarity. I may be wrong, but isn't Jason Statham a bit too young to be categorized in the ancient age group? He's only in his 40s and doesn't look that old (even though balding) *LOL*. It's quite recommended!  Great entertainment, and it's not a stupid action move. Fast, entertaining, funny-another great popcorn movie!

5. Guardians of the Galaxy
It's clear that August is a month filled with testoterone-dedicated movies, all those boyish action/fantasy movies... But i am not complaining! All three movies that hunny chose turned out to be the best three movies we've watched in the entire August and i think Guardians of the Galaxy is my fave! I must admit that this is yet another one that i was not interested in, i mean... green lady, star wars style people/outfit/weapons? So not my cup of tea! But i was wrong! I loved this one!

Peter Quill, who lost his mother at a young age (and never knew his father) was abducted from earth the day his mother passed away. 26 years later, he is now a professional (universal. Ha) thief. On his last assignment, he discovered an orb that made him the target of a manhunt conducted by the evil villain known as Ronan the Accuser (it took me forever to realize that he is played by my belove Lee Pace WTF). The unlikely hero then created a weird team (consists of him, the green lady, a huge angry dude, a weapon-genious raccoon and an innocent tree!) to fight off Ronan and his evil plan.

Yea.... The storyline didn't sound like something i would watch willingly *LOL*, but really! If you're a skeptic like me, you need to give this movie a chance! It's unexpectedly smart, hilarous (i never knew Chris Pratt much before but he is really funny!!!), exciting, fast paced, touching and thoroughly entertained! Watched this with my two boys and i was every bit as entertained as them! My fave character is Groot, and i never thought there'd come a day when i love a character played by Vin Diesel... But really! It's awesome, go watch it! I insist!

6. The White Haired Witch of the Lunar Kingdom 
I love Huang Xiaoming and i am in love with Fan Bing Bing, so a movie starring them should be great....right? NOPE. LOL. Just because i love both of the main leads doesn't mean they can develop a great chemistry on screen, i am sad to say. Actually this is yet another movie that i didn't think we'd watch but hunny being a fan of Chinese martial arts movies, decided that we should watch this anyway and we did. It's not the worst movie ever, but it's nothing great either.

It's essentially a love story between two opposites, a Taoist leader (Huang Xiaoming)-Zhuo Yihang and a rebel warrior/witch (Fan Bing Bing)-Jade Raksha fell in love with each other on an accidental meeting. They are living in a corrupt world at the twilight of the Ming Dynasty with the Jin army threatening a war and Yihang who delivered the red pill as a tribute to the dying Emperor was framed of murdering him-got dragged into the jail and then made a new plot to overthrown the corrupt government (the new Emperor is a little boy goaded by a sly eunuch) but it involves marrying into the enemy and having to turn his back on his old party and true love.

The movie was a bit... It's not BAD, but quite boring at parts and very flat. I didn't really understand why it was so flat and thought that the storyline is not for me , but after i read the review in the IMDb page i realized the writer is very spot on-the two lead has no chemistry together (for an in-depth review, read this)! Of course, their non-believable acts as lover is not the only downfall of the movie, i find it to also try to take too many elements, too many characters, too many storyline crammed into one that it's hard to keep track and finally root for anyone/care anymore. 

It's apparently a remake (from a classical novel) and the 1993 adaptation is kinda iconic (i'm not a fan of old Chinese martial art movies but even i remember Brigitte Lin as the white haired witch in the movie) so it might always be hard to do a decent remake, but this is a sad attempt at one. I would advise you to skip this movie even if you're a huge fan of either stars like me and maybe just watch it when it's showing on your TV Cable (should be soon).

And that's all for the movies i've watched in August! Only watched Lucy so far in September (i have very mixed feelings for this one) so far! What movies have you watched in August? Anything awesome?

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  1. lama juga ya the nut job ama the quiet ones baru masuk indo...
    emang tuh quiet ones kurang ok...

    1. Iyahh, maklum d indo kalo bukan box office film2 animasi+horror... masih untung bisa main dsini hihihi... Hooh kurang greget yaaa

  2. Thank you ceee... TMNT tyta bagus yaa... Tar kalau ada dvdce tak beline.. Hehe... :)

    1. You're welcome sabsab! Iya bagus koq, boleh tuh di tonton :D